GORUCK Sales – Christmas In July 2018

GORUCK's Rucker 2.0 - a purpose built rucksack - no laptop compartment, more padding in the straps , and compatible with GORUCK Expert ruck plates.

GORUCK’s Christmas in July 2018 sale (XIJ) is live – but hurry – it is going to end soon! This is a really big sale – rucks, plates, apparel, and more. Here’s just some of the deals.

GORUCK has added Events to the sale.

Please note that you must enter a discount code for the GORUCK event of your choice. Here’s the discount codes:

It looks like many of the gear deals are still ongoing as well, but these are limited by quantity – so you better act soon if you want to take advantage of these:

The really big news is certain colors of GR1 being on sale – that item is rarely on sale. It’s also been announced that the GR2 34L size is being discontinued – so this is your last chance to get one.

You really should click through to see all of the deals, there’s just too many to list.

See GORUCK X-MAS In July 2018 Sale

GORUCK is a great company – they are the driving force behind rucking not just as exercise, but as a movement. Their equipment is rugged, durable, made in America, and a lot of it is backed by their legendary lifetime warranty.

People want to know – when does GORUCK have sales? We’ll answer that question here.

Does GORUCK have discount codes and coupons?

GORUCK frequently issues discount or coupon codes, and has special sales, such as Christmas in July (XIJ) or Black Friday.

But, they also have an ongoing discount of 25% off your total order of gear and events for :

  • Military (Active Duty, Active Reserve, National Guard)
  • Veterans
  • Police – including Air Marshals, Fish and Wildlife officers, and much more
  • Firefighters and EMTs
  • Government employees
  • Students – College, University, etc.

The best part is that this is a standing offer – it never expires and is applicable to your entire order!

GORUCK calls this their Earned Service Discount

GORUCK Christmas in July Sale 2017

GORUCK has an annual sale in July, deemed the GORUCK Christmas in July sale. It normally runs the week of July 4th.

GORUCK’s Christmas in July sale for 2018 should be starting at any time now. How will you know? Check the GORUCK home page.
The GORUCK Bullet is a streamlined, 10L capacity dayruck - great for every day carry (EDC)

For 2017, there were some great deals, such as:

  • Discounts on the Bullet Ruck and Rucker
  • A new piece of gear: the GR3 – their biggest ruck yet at 45L capacity. It also had great pre-order discounts.
  • Various discounts on apparel and other accessories

GORUCK Black Friday Sale

GORUCK, like a lot of other retailers, has a really big sale in November for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

GORUCK Black Friday 2017 featured a lot of great deals, such as:
GORUCK Echo - 16L capacity and 16.5" in height, it's smaller than the GR1 21L and a great choice for those 5'10" or less in height, or who want a minimal bag for EDC

  • $50 off the GR1 backpack
  • Up to almost $100 off the GR2.
  • Discounts on the Echo – GORUCK’s smaller (16L) ruck.
  • New colors for several pieces of gear
  • Great discounts on accessories such as the wire dopp

What will GORUCK do for Black Friday 2018? We won’t know until later in the year, so be sure to check back again.

GORUCK America Patch - Christmas in July

GORUCK Father’s Day Sale 2018

For Father’s Day 2018 GORUCK held a special sale. What was on sale?

  • Buy a $100 e-gift card, get a free Light event,
  • Camo bullet rucks for $119,
  • The slick (non-molle) GR3 (their largest (45L) ruck!) for $90 off,
  • discounts on the Kit Bag,
  • and discounts on apparel.

Does GORUCK Have a Memorial Day Sale?

GORUCK does not have a Memorial Day sale. In the US, Memorial Day is for remembering those that have given their lives in the defense of freedom in the military.

While some retailers may have these sales, for a veteran friendly and military friendly business such as GORUCK it is not considered a special occasion to sell products.

Why GORUCK Products?
We’re a GORUCK affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend GORUCK. It’s because their equipment is innovative, built to last, and made in America. They are the driving force behind rucking not just as exercise, but as a way to make people better. And that’s why we love them.

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GORUCK 30 lb ruck plate

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