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Speed Bag

Alan Kahn’s – The King of the speed bag has his own website – and it’s chock full of great information. If you enjoy punching the speed bag the Speed Bag Bible is indispensable.

The Speed Demon XT is an amazing, innovative product. Fully integrated with your iPhone or iPad, it let’s you quantify your speed bag workout. Are you getting better and faster? With this device you can tell for sure. This is also great for competitions both formal and informal.

Strength Training

Starting Strength is the program we recommend for all aspiring strength trainers – whether you’ve never lifted a weight in your life, or you have for years, I’ll bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know in this program’s recommendations. The secret is that it’s not just a routine for novices, it’s a framework to understand how the body adapts to strength training, from novice level, to intermediate, to advanced.