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Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Let’s take a look at Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells. If you want a single piece of equipment that gives you the ability to use various weight settings, then all you need is an adjustable handheld weight. It is versatile and convenient with advantages more profitable than a fixed weight. Get Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells from Rogue Fitness: Adjustable Handheld Weight Roundup – Overview By changing the dial, pin, or lever, adjustable handheld weights are very convenient, and you can easily change multiple weight plates. This makes them space-efficient and perfect for small apartments and packed gyms. Compared to massive and expensive machines and equipment, adjustable handheld weights are more economical while still giving you a full-body workout and the same [Read more …]

Adidas Adipower III Weightlifting Shoes left side
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Adidas Adipower III Weightlifting Shoes

Get serious with your oly lifts with the new Adipower III Weightlifting Shoes from Adidas. Weightlifting shoes are different from running shoes and other shoes. They are made to maximize the force you can produce into the ground while lifting a heavy weight. With this, weightlifting shoes are heavier and more extensive, with a flat, stiff sole and a heel raised between .5” to 1” for stability. Get the Adipower III from Rogue Fitness: Adidas Adipower III Weightlifting Shoes – Overview Developed for athletes at the London Olympic Games, the Adidas Adipower series continues its evolution by making AdiPower III. It represents the most technical weightlifting shoe Adidas has ever built. The precision-built, load-bearing structure of the AdiPower III is [Read more …]

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Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK

Get a workout at the beach with these innovative Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK. Workout with sand kettlebells is a form of functional training and employs numerous muscle groups with dynamic movements that build strength and help with activities done in daily life. Sand kettlebells won’t harm your floors when dropped, are easy to use and store, and can be used in the garage or backyard. Only from GORUCK: Sand Kettlebells – Overview The Sand Kettlebells from GORUCK are developed to overcome constant abuse from workouts. They have overbuilt construction and a multi-step closure system providing versatile at-home training. These kettlebells also have an endurance-focused design and heavy-duty padded handles that let the weight swing and turn in your hand with [Read more …]