Fringe Sport 20kg Pumpkin Spice Barbell main
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Pumpkin Spice Bar from Fringe Sport

It’s that time of year – get your Pumpkin Spice Bar – from Fringe Sport (of course). Are you aiming for muscles and strength? Then the barbell is the key. Not only is it great for gaining strength and muscles, but it is also great for endurance work and in making significant gains. Performing compound exercises build the needed pressure and stress through various muscles and movement patterns. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Pumpkin Spice Bar – Overview The Pumpkin Spice Bar is born in the USA with American sourced steel. The story of the Pumpkin Spice Bar started when a local pumpkin farmer approached fringe Sport personnel with extra stock for the [Read more …]

Rogue USA Olympic Plates casted
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Rogue Olympic Plates – Made in the USA

Want made in the USA gym equipment? You can’t beat Rogue – check out their latest Rogue USA Olympic Plates. Olympic plates are known for their versatility, and they are more advantageous than standard plates. They are more stable on the weight lifting bar and are built to hold a greater total weight. Olympic Plates from Rogue are less likely to crack, chip, and have a superior finish with bold raised lettering and numbering. They are made in the USA with weight tolerance that is almost perfect. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue USA Olympic Plates – Overview Each Rogue USA Olympic Plate, from the 55LB increment to the 0.25LB change plate, highlights a [Read more …]

Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench in the gym
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Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench

Need a strong bench? Here’s the Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench. A competition bench is created to meet all competition specifications. It is an upper-body exercise that increases the strength of your chest, shoulders, and arms and is popular among bodybuilders and Crossfitters. It also improves bone health and gives you crazy strong triceps. The movement is consists of setting up, grabbing the bar, unracking, lowering the bar, and pressing. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench – Overview The Monster Lite Competition Bench offers a new patent-pending Rogue design, emphasizing 3×3” 11-gauge steel tubing (as well as 3/8″ and 1/4” flat plate where needed), completed in a medium gloss Black [Read more …]

Torque USA Customizable High Squat Rack with a user 1
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Power Racks and Squat Stands from Torque USA

There’s a new fitness manufacturer in town – Torque Fitness. Here’s their selection of Power Racks and Squat Stands. If you plan to do barbell training or lift weights in your home or garage gym, a squat or power rack is a must. A power rack and a squat rack also play a significant role when it comes to safe lifting. With a rack, you can also get a loaded barbell into a position and do almost every kind of movement. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Power Racks and Squat Stands from Torque – Overview Experts in the fitness equipment industry are the ones who founded Torque Fitness, and they design and produce [Read more …]

Assault Fitness AssaultRunner Elite quarter right
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AssaultRunner Pro Versus AssaultRunner Elite

There’s a new name in non-motorized, curved treadmills – it’s Assault Fitness. They’ve got two models: AssaultRunner Pro and Elite. AssaultRunner is made to simulate on-road running, burns more calories than an average motorized treadmill, and is constructed with extreme training in mind. It is the premier manual treadmill built to sustain over 150,000 miles of intense running and is also one of the lightest treadmills on the market. What’s the differences between these two models? That’s what we’re going to talk about: AssaultRunner Pro Versus Elite – Overview Assault Fitness has been a leader in producing equipment for the elite fitness world for over 20 years. All Assault products are created to take a beating and are easy to [Read more …]

Rogue LB Competition Plates - 2021 Games with an athlete 4
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Rogue LB Competition Plates – CrossFit Games 2021

Want to own a piece of history? Here’s your chance. Rogue’s selling at a discount the Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021. Competition Bumper Plates are plates used for Olympic lifting on a professional level. They are slimmer but more durable and undeniably more costly than basic bumpers. Rogue offers different kinds of Competition Bumper Plates used in the CrossFit Games 2021. But these aren’t just any bumpers – these are competition quality and they were used at the CrossFit Games 2021. They are marked in pounds (LB) not kilograms. That’s pretty neat. These likely won’t last long, but here is where you can get them. Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021 – Overview The Rogue [Read more …]

King Kong Apparel ZONE28 Duffel with a user
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Meal Prep on the Go with the ZONE28 Duffel

Let’s look at King Kong Apparel’s solutions for Meal Prep on the Go. Meal prep bags have become popular with those who go to the gym to eat healthily and do not want to go beyond their budget. These meal prep bags are carry-case insulated lunch bags to keep your food fresh even after several hours. King Kong Apparel made bags not only for carrying meal prep but even your gym clothes and some work stuff. Here are some of the styles that are available now: Meal Prep on the Go – Overview King Kong Apparel makes the best quality and most functional gym bags and even re-invented the expectations of the gym bag. Most of their backpacks and duffel [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Endless Rope Trainer commercial quality
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Endless Rope Trainer from Torque Fitness

Looking for an innovative upper-body workout that simulates climbing a rope? You might want to try the Endless Rope Trainer from Torque USA. The Endless Rope Trainer is an excellent and functional way of training your core, back, and arms. Just as the name implies, the rope comes endlessly as you pull the rope, and it demands strength and cardiovascular endurance to keep going. It works your upper body muscles, and when done at the correct intensity, it can also be a great cardio workout. Take your rope climbing game to the next level: Endless Rope Trainer – Overview Torque’s Endless Rope utilizes innovative magnetic force resistance to allow competitive bi-directional movements, guaranteeing a limitless rope trainer challenge. Designed for [Read more …]

Rep Fitness FB-3000 Flat Bench with a user 2
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REP Games Sale 2021

It’s time for the REP Games Sale. Coinciding with the CrossFit Games 2021 – this big REP Fitness sale runs through August 2nd. If you are looking for affordable but high-quality pieces of equipment, you have come to the right place at the right time. Rep Fitness’ price is generally economical and they are even offering now a seven-day sale on some of their gym equipment that you can add to your home gym. Here is some of the gear that is on sale now: REP Games Sale – Overview Rep Fitness produces high-value fitness equipment backed with the guarantee of trust, expertise, and innovation. They aim to be the head in fitness innovation worldwide, and their team works hard, [Read more …]

Nike Dri-FIT Mat Fraser HWPO Training T-Shirt details
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Dri-FIT Workout Clothes from Rogue

Let’s look at the selection of Dri-FIT Workout Clothes offered by Rogue. Moisture-wicking fabrics can improve your workouts as it allows moisture to move from your body to your clothes’ exterior quickly. This can help your sweat evaporate from your clothes and keep you dry because of the capillary spaces highlighted within the material. When you’re dry and feel dry, you can do more and maximize your workout. Here are some of the styles that are available nowd: Dri-FIT Workout Clothes from Rogue – Overview Moisture-wicking fabrics lead to more comfortable workouts no matter how extreme it is. They keep you dry when you sweat and keep you cool during the summer. They are also breathable, and while sweat flows [Read more …]