TYR CXT-1 Turf Trainer right side
Cross Training Shoes

Training Shoes from TYR

Let’s take a look at all the Training Shoes from TYR. Whether you are powerlifting, doing CrossFit, or just messing around in the gym – they’ve got a shoe for you. TYR is dedicated to developing a culture of greatness, both in and out of the water. The company remains committed to creating the industry’s most durable, uniquely designed swimsuits, equipment, caps, and goggles. TYR has been specializing in athletic apparel for almost 40 years and has also started developing a line of superior cross-training and weightlifting shoes. Training shoes from TYR: Training Shoes from TYR – Overview Training shoes are worn not only for CrossFit, cardio, and other high-impact activities but also for weightlifting. They are versatile shoes that [Read more …]

TRX YBELL Pro Series with an athlete 2
Exercise Equipment

YBELL – Stackable Weights from TRX

Let’s take a look at YBELL. To enhance its ecosystem, TRX has acquired YBELL, a fitness equipment corporation recognized for creating a kettlebell-dumbbell hybrid. This gives fitness aficionados, personal trainers, and gym owners greater access to a range of functional training equipment and discipline. TRX presents an education syllabus highlighting a YBell certification and YBell content on its TRX Training Club app. The YBELL – a very versatile hand held weight for your home gym (from TRX): YBELL – Overview TRX is a global leader in functional training equipment and education, and with the addition of YBELL, it now brings more functionality to its line of training equipment. The YBell integrates a dumbbell, kettlebell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand [Read more …]

GORUCK GR0 (Hot Pink) worn by an athlete

GR0 in Hot Pink

Here’s the GR0 in Hot Pink. Are you a Barbie girl in a fitness world? Then this rucksack is for you to support both your girly personality and competitive nature. It comes in hot pink with the same high-quality materials, construction, and functionality as the other colors. GR0 in Hot Pink – get it while you can: GR0 in Hot Pink – Overview GR0 is identical to GR1 except that GR0 has a smaller frame at 16L. It is a pack-light favorite and one of the original three rucks utilized for minimalist EDC (everyday carry). With its size, GR0 can still efficiently and confidently protect a laptop up to 13″. The bombproof laptop compartment next to your back is extra-reinforced [Read more …]

GORUCK Rough Runners worn by an athlete 11

Rough Runners – Running Shoes from GORUCK

Get your run on with these new Rough Runners – Running Shoes from GORUCK. Rough Runner shoes are made to honor the original Rough Runner, Teddy Roosevelt. They are very supportive and built for the brutal life and more complex path. Road Runner shoes have a lightweight mesh upper, versatile road-to-trail outsole, EVA midsole, anatomically molded TPU heel counter, and more. The new running shoe from GORUCK: Rough Runners – Running Shoes from GORUCK – Overview Feel the difference in your run from heel strike to toe-off with the custom-formulated EVA of the Rough Runners. It provides cushioning and rebound with better durability than other running shoes. The Gradient Density™ signifies that the EVA has more bounce under the balls [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Mammoth Belt Squat with an athlete 6
Exercise Equipment

Mammoth Belt Squat from Fringe Sport

Build a big squat with the Mammoth Belt Squat from Fringe Sport. Optimize your leg and glute gains while reducing strain on your back and shoulders with the Sport Mammoth Belt Squat—the ultimate lower-body workout equipment. With it, you can avoid potential injury because it lets you maintain proper form, focus on the muscle groups you want to target, and achieve the desired glute and leg engagement. The Mammoth Belt Squat – from Fringe Sport: Mammoth Belt Squat from Fringe Sport – Overview Redefine your lower-body workouts with the Fringe Sport Mammoth Belt Squat. This machine allows you to hit your squat PRs and build solid and big legs without back pain and other restrictions. Whether it’s bodybuilding, strength training, [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Alpine Weightlifting Bar - 15 kg with an athlete 3
Exercise Equipment

New Barbells for Women from Rep Fitness

Let’s take a look at the New Barbells for Women from Rep Fitness. Are you new to weightlifting and want to start it light? Try these new women’s barbells from Rep Fitness. REP is a team of fitness and strength-sport enthusiasts that makes home and commercial equipment and specializes in strength and conditioning equipment. New for 2023, from Rep Fitness: New Barbells for Women from Rep Fitness – Overview There is no classification for fitness equipment, but there is when it comes to barbells. But even if they are categorized by gender, they can still be used by anyone interchangeably. Women who are strong enough can definitely use a full-sized bar. Men’s and women’s barbells differ in weight and length, [Read more …]