Fringe sport's Summer Swolestice sale will be July 16th - July 23rd, 2018 and will include some crazy steep discounts on great functional fitness equipment such as barbells, weights, and much, much more.

Fringe Sport Summer Sale – Summer Swolestice

Starting Monday, July 16th, Fringe Sport has some great summer discounts via their Summer Swolestice sale. What is Summer Swolestice? It’s a Christmas in July style sale – way deep discounts on all sorts of stuff. What’s on sale now? OneFitWonder Black Bumper Plates Set and Pairs – 10-35% Off Heavy Duty Trap Bar – $100 Off Iron Weight Plates – 5-25% Off 50 Foot Battle Ropes – 20-25% Off Steel Jerk Block Sets – $200 Off Steel Parallette Set – $45 OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells – 10-15% Off … and even more. There will also be a daily Lightning Deal – deep discounts on limited quantities announced every day at 12 PM CT. Shop Fringe Sport Summer Swolestice Sale Now [Read more …]

Tying shoes before running - how to get started running

How To Get Started With Running for Fitness

You don’t have to be a marathoner to benefit from a run. Running and jogging can be done anywhere. The only equipment that you need is a pair of sneakers. We’re not suggesting that you stop going to the gym, but we do think that running for fitness provides benefits that you can’t get from strength training alone. What Are The Health Benefits Of Running For Fitness? Jogging is good for your health in a number of ways. One of the most persuasive reasons to run for fitness is that the exercise can help you live longer [1]. In a study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers looked at disability and mortality among adults who were [Read more …]

The Rogue Echo Bike combines heavy-duty steel, precision engineering, and convenient customization to forge a stronger, sturdier fan bike.

Guide to the Best Air Bikes for Fitness

What is an Air Bike? An air bike, also called a fan bike, is an upright, stationary bicycle for indoor fitness use. It is different than traditional stationary bikes in that it uses air resistance to provide a limitless range of work. When you pedal, you are moving a fan. The harder you pedal, the more air resistance is provided. An air bike also incorporates your upper-body through the use of push and pull handles. This turns something that is traditionally just a lower-body workout into a low-impact, total body workout. What is an Assault Bike? You may hear of an assault bike or air assault bike. This is an air bike made by Assault Fitness, called the Assault AirBike. [Read more …]

GORUCK GR1 rucksack in multicam color

GORUCK Sales – Christmas In July 2018

GORUCK’s Christmas in July 2018 sale (XIJ) is live – but hurry – it is going to end soon! This is a really big sale – rucks, plates, apparel, and more. Here’s just some of the deals. GORUCK has added Events to the sale. Please note that you must enter a discount code for the GORUCK event of your choice. Here’s the discount codes: 40% off Challenge Event – use the code CHALLENGE40 40% off Survival Event – use the code SURVIVAL40 15% off Firearms Training – use the code FIREARMS15 15% off the Star Course – use code STAR15 – Star Course is a very challenging 50 miler. It looks like many of the gear deals are still ongoing [Read more …]