Fringe Sport Pizza & Donut Bumper Set (10lb Pair) with an athlete 2
Exercise Equipment

Dad Bod Barbell Sale – Pizza and Donut Pair

It’s on. Fringe Sports Dad Bod Barbell sale features items such as the Pizza and Donut Pair. You are on a budget but also looking for quality and excellent equipment. You’ve come to the right place. Fringe Sport, the official supplier of the garage gym functional fitness movement, offers you the Dad Bod Barbell Sale. Take this opportunity to make your dream garage gym with quality but cheaper equipment in it. For a VERY LIMITED TIME : Pizza and Donut Pair – Overview Fringe Sport serves the lifter, the WODder, and everyone who wants to be better tomorrow. They deliver service, simplicity, speed, expertise, and value. People from Fringe Sport are also lifters who know what works and what does [Read more …]

Reebok Nano X2 - Womens left side
Cross Training Shoes

Latest Reebok Nano X2 Styles from Rogue

Need a shoe for CrossFit with some drop and cusion? Then the Latest Reebok Nano X2 Styles from Rogue might be right for you. The Reebok Nano X2 is a versatile cross-training shoe made for exercises like squats, box jumps, burpees, lifting, running, jumping, and more. It is named the “Official Shoe of You” and is equipped with improved and new features compared to its predecessor. Unlike other cross trainers (Metcon 7 and 8) this shoe has some drop, and cushion (But not too much – it’s still great for CrossFit): Reebok Nano X2 Review – Shoe for CrossFit See all the photos in our Reebok Nano X2 Review. The Nano X2 is a big change from the Nano X, [Read more …]

GORUCK Ruck Rain Cover lime worn by an athlete

Ruck Rain Cover

Keep your GORUCK rucksack dry as a bone with the new Ruck Rain Cover. It is unavoidable to ruck in the rain, especially if rucking is part of your lifestyle. But if you want to keep your water-resistant rucksack completely waterproof, using the Ruck Rain Cover is the solution. The GORUCK GR1, GR2, Bullet, and Rucker are NOT waterproof. They are “splash resistant” and can withstand some LIGHT rain. But, in an extended rainstorm – the contents of your rucksack will get wet (Trust me – I know!). Keep your ruck dry with the new rain cover: Ruck Rain Cover – Overview The Ruck Rain Cover adds an extra layer of protection when rucking or traveling in foreign places and [Read more …]

Rogue TAC Hat coyote main

Rogue TAC Hat

Let’s take a look at the Rogue TAC Hat. Tactical hats come with extensive practical, innovative, and battle-ready attributes that make a big difference while at work. They are not the same as the dad hat, baseball cap, or bucket hat. They are tougher with other features that separate them from other hats. What’s so special about this hat? It’s actually the EXCELLENT GORUCK TAC Hat – with permanent Rogue branding. These hats are tough, durable, comfortable, and look great too! Get it now , only from Rogue: Rogue TAC Hat – Overview The Rogue TAC Hat is a GORUCK Performance TAC Hat that is lightweight with a military-style tactical hat/baseball cap. It has the Rogue logo across the front, [Read more …]

Fringe Sport Lat & Lift Cable Pulley System with an athlete 5
Exercise Equipment

Fringe Sport – Affordable Lat & Lift Cable Pulley System

Switch up your workout with the new Affordable Lat & Lift Cable Pulley System from Fringe Sport. We know that a functional trainer is that one piece of equipment that can give you any cable work as well as auxiliary lifts like tricep push downs, lat pull downs, overhead extensions, and more. But we also know that a functional trainer can cost up to $2,500+, which is a considerable amount of money and will also need ample space in your garage. Fringe Sports provide a simple solution to this at a very affordable price. Make your home gym more versatile NOW: Affordable Lat & Lift Cable Pulley System – Overview Unlike other cable systems on the market, the Fringe Sport [Read more …]

Stance Socks - Klickers Crew main
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Stance Workout Socks

Having good workout shoes is only half the equation. Make for a more comfortable workout with these Workout Socks from Stance. Since 2009, Stance has emerged as one of the fastest growing sock manufacturers worldwide, with their “Uncommon Thread” earning popularity among leading pro athletes, musicians, artists, and more. Rogue carries a variety of styles: Workout Socks from Stance – Overview Stance socks are easy to love and will be your go-to running sock brand. They last forever, have the best designs, and don’t slip even during long runs. Stance carefully constructs each detail of their products, blending innovation and creativity for a next-level comfort that’s made to last. Stance revel in the unwavering trial-and-error that eventually leads to an [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Theragun Elite™ with an athlete 2
Exercise Equipment

Mobility Gear from Torque Fitness

Work on pre-hab or rehab with this Mobility Gear form Torque USA. The Theragun is a massage device that utilizes percussive massage therapy to cure muscle discomfort and reduce pain. Mobility devices aid with post-workout recovery and are used originally by professional athletes and physical therapists but have now become available to everyone. No matter whether you are needing prehab or rehab – check out these: Mobility Gear – Overview The Theragun line that includes the Theragun Pro, Theragun Elite, Theragun Prime, and Theragun Mini is the answer if you want a fast recovery from a strenuous workout. The massage guns use the vibration and force delivered by the device to bring pain relief, improved range of motion, decreased muscle [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Training Sandbags 80 used by an athlete
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GORUCK Sandbags

Get a great workout at home or outdoors with these Sandbags from GORUCK. Whether you just getting started with sandbag training or looking to furnish your home gym, the Simple Sandbags are an excellent tool. They are the toughest training sandbags and are streamlined to provide an efficient workout anytime, anywhere. GORUCK has pretty much any size sandbag you need: Sandbags from GORUCK – Overview These sandbags have two extra padded handles, so you can do hundreds of movements from deadlifts, cleans, & squats to push press and rows. The new, upgraded filler bags have a triple lock Velcro closure and double pass stitching at every seam. The seam up the middle also eases any prior pressure points. When you [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Pinnacle Plates with an athlete 5
Exercise Equipment

Pinnacle Plates

Put some style into your home gym with the new Pinnacle Plates from Rep Fitness. Quality bumper plates that look good too. Crumb bumper plates have the same design as the bumper plates, but crumb bumper plates are made of recycled rubber crumbs instead of virgin rubber. One of their advantages is they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even on surfaces such as grass and asphalt. Pinnacle plates – only from Rep: Pinnacle Plates – Overview The REP Pinnacle Plates are crumb rubber bumper plates highlighting a distinctive, embossed, Colorado-inspired mountain design. Crumb rubber has a softer bounce than typical bumpers and has greater durability over time. Bumpers are very versatile weight plates, making them suitable for Olympic [Read more …]

Rogue Band Handles with an athlete 5
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Rogue Band Handle for Monster Band

Here’s the new Rogue Band Handle for Monster Band from Rogue. The Rogue Band Handle is created to work with any Rogue Monster Band or identical elastic resistance bands, helping you maximize the benefits of your everyday band work. Because of the handle, you can do resistance exercises or gym-like workouts anywhere. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Band Handle for Monster Band – Overview Resistance bands with handles are low impact on the joints and are made to boost or add resistance to exercises and movements. They are used for warm-ups, full body workouts, rotational exercises, pressing and pulling movements, burning fat, muscular endurance, resistance, and strength training. Instead of using both sides [Read more …]