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Valentine’s Day Gifts for CrossFitters

Let’s take a look at some great gift ideas: Valentine’s Day Gifts for CrossFitters. Finding the perfect and the best Valentine’s Day gift for CrossFitters doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out the list that we gathered for you and see that there is a gift here that will make your athlete loved ones happy and satisfied. There’s still time – get these gifts NOW: Valentine’s Day Gifts for CrossFitters – Overview CrossFitters and athletes are not so hard to please. If they are into weightlifting and strength training, giving them an adjustable kettlebell will definitely make them jump for joy. If they love to run and are practicing a lot, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Premium is perfect [Read more …]

Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell - Stainless black
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Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell now available in Stainless Steel

Rogue just dropped a new version of the Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell – this one is made from stainless steel. Adding dumbbells to your workout is a form of strength training and is vital in building strong muscles and bones. They work and train all of your muscle groups, develop and maintain strength, and enhance day-to-day functioning. But as you grow stronger, you’ll need more pairs of heavier dumbbells which will require you more space. There are three ways to get these loadable dumbbells (all from Rogue): Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell – Overview Loadable dumbbells are the answer if you have a tight space in your gym or garage. With loadable dumbbells, you will not need to have several pairs [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 7 Total Orange Dark Smoke Grey Clear Emerald White quarter left
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Nike Metcon 7 New Colors from Rogue

Here’s the newest Nike Metcon 7 Colors – available from Rogue. The Nike Metcon 7 delivers rock-solid support for cross-training, comfort, and superior workout performance. It provides stability for heavy lifts and explosive movements while giving a stylish look. It now comes with new colorways both for men and women. Want it? Here are some of the styles you can get NOW from Rogue and Road Runner Sports: New Nike Metcon 7 Colors from Rogue – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth (with a different set of colors that came out earlier in the year. Here’s what we found: The super breathable upper from the Metcon 6 was disposed of, but the rope wrap still [Read more …]

Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag with a user 1
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Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag

Looking for an innovative sand bag workout? Here’s the new Rogue JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag from Rogue. Like a barbell and dumbbells, a sandbag adds resistance to your training and benefits strength athletes. Sandbag training can be done anywhere and is a great way to add variety to your routine. It is a tough training that will challenge you but will result in a stronger and leaner you. Ready to switch up your training with this unique sandbag? Get it at Rogue Fitness: Jerry Can Sandbag from Rogue – Overview The JC-100S Jerry Can Sandbag is a new take on a classic military design designed for the 2021 Rogue Invitational. This American-made model highlights a durable 1000D military-grade Cordura structure [Read more …]

Rogue War Bar - Stainless Steel with a user
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Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel

Here’s a new product from Rogue – the Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel. Technique Barbells are developed explicitly for warmups, beginners, technique practice, rehab work, and young athletes. Rogue offers different technique bars, including the 25mm and 28mm War Bars – Stainless Steel. Their are two options – 25 mm diameter (Women’s bar) and 28 mm diameter (Men’s bar): Rogue War Bar – Stainless Steel – Overview Overbuilt and manufactured in the USA, the Stainless Steel Rogue War Bar is a specialized technique bar not equipped for loading plates but better mimics the real weight training experience. The War Bar is a practical tool for any Olympic weightlifter to warm up before a workout. It is also an effective [Read more …]

Mark Bell's Slingshot bench press assistance device
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Sling Shot Gear from Rogue

Rogue is now selling the complete range of Sling Shot Gear – created by Mark Bell. Regardless of age, gender, or weight, Sling Shot empowers those who seek to better their lives through fitness. Sling Shot designs products and gears to help you achieve your fitness goals and help you become the best version of yourself. It is appropriate for lifters of all ages and strength levels. You can decide which Sling Shot® is best for you by your one-rep max. If your bench is less than 315 lbs, it is advised to start with the Reactive Sling Shot®. You can advance to the Original or Full Boar once you press 315 lbs raw. Original Sling Shot Take about a [Read more …]

NOBULL Trainer Black Neon Glitch pair
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Neon Glitch NOBULL Trainers

Here’s the newest style of NOBULL Trainers. NOBULL Trainer is a reliable athletic shoe for CrossFit workouts and lifting weights. From producing simple and minimalist colorways, it now comes with colorful styles that will add thrill and excitement to your everyday routine. They look HOT! And you can get them from Rogue Fitness: NOBULL Trainers – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth (with a more subdued color option). Here’s what we found during our review testing process: With the NOBULL Trainer, you can do anything from running, lifting, rope climbs, box jumps, and more. It has a seamless one-piece upper that is incredibly durable, breathable, and abrasion-resistant. The SuperFabric® is very tough, and it is [Read more …]

GORUCK GR2 Field Pocket - Carryology Kaidan inside

GORUCK GR2 Field Pocket Carryology Kaidan Review

Let’s take a look at the new GR2 Field Pocket – Carryology Kaidan. For a more systematic way of organizing your stuff and gear, GORUCK brings to you Field Pockets. They are very useful for organizing your stuff both inside and outside of your bag while keeping your things safe and in place. This is not your typical GR2 field pocket – it’s made of a special, light-weight, and tough material. We’ll tell you all about it, but know that you can get it now from GORUCK: GR2 Field Pocket – Carryology Kaidan – Overview Field Pockets are created to isolate your gear from the main part of your rucksack or any bag. They lay flat and have zippers parallel [Read more …]

Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer (Weight Stack) full front left
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New All-In-One Trainers from Force USA

Force USA has added two new equipment options. Check out the New G10 and G15 All-In-One Trainers. Because of its versatility, the functional trainer is one of the best pieces of strength equipment for your home gym. It provides you with unlimited exercises that work the arms, legs, back, chest, and shoulders. You can use it to perform bicep curls, shoulder press, upright rows, straight-arm pushdowns, any angle of chest press, cable squats, and leg raises. Here’s the new gear – available now: New G10 and G15 All-In-One Trainers – Overview The G10 and G15 All-In-One Trainers provide a full-body workout without filling up a whole room with individual machines. These trainers work best if you have a limited workout [Read more …]

Hyperice Vyper 2
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Hyperice Vyper 3 from Rogue

Let’s take a look at Hyperice Vyper 3. It’s now available from Rogue Fitness. Whatever kind of exercise you do, whether it’s dancing, running, cycling, or lifting, you can greatly benefit from a vibrating fitness roller. It is a great tool for warm-up or cool down and an easy and efficient way to increase circulation and reduce pain. There are two versions you can get now, from Rogue: Hyperice Vyper 3 – Overview Fitness rollers have become more effective because of vibration. This vibration helps prepare your muscles for a challenging workout or cool down after your yoga class. With a vibrating fitness roller, recovery is faster with increased blood flow and oxygen, so your muscles can get ready immediately. [Read more …]