Force USA Black Friday Sale – Gym Equipment

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Will Force USA Have a Black Friday sale for 2020?

They are offering 0% Financing

Very few of the gym equipment manufacturers have any stock or inventory to spare… so if you see something you want or need – buy it!

You can see Force USA’s in stock items here:

Force USA Force USA makes some awesome stuff - like functional trainers, cable machines, leg press units, and much more. They also have barbells, benches, and the basics you need to build a home gym.

Force USA Black Friday 2019

Force USA has a black friday sale for 2019 going on now (and through Cyber Monday).

Force USA is a manufacturer of innovative gym equipment – for your home gym, garage gym, or commercial gym.

They design their equipment in the USA – and it is packed with features.

It is manufactured overseas – and that lets them offer great “bang for the buck.”

Here’s an example:

The G12 combo machine from Force USA has everything you need for a great strength training home gym.

Shown above is the G12 functional trainer/smith machine/power rack combo.

It is literally EVERYTHING you need for your home or garage gym – in one incredible unit.

What’s even better – they are currently offering 0% financing as part of their black friday 2019 promotion.

Combine that with discount coupon code FAM5 for 5% off your order – this is the highest level of discount Force USA offers – and it is exclusively for readers of this website.

They’ve also got a line of home/garage gym power racks – the MyRack.

Black Friday MyRack from ForceUSA

Here’s some of the great gym equipment that Force USA has to offer:

Monster G3 Power Rack, Functional Trainer & Smith Machine Combo This setup from Force USA combines multiple needs – it’s a Functional Trainer with plate loaded weights – a full featured power rack – and a smith machine. This would be a great option for a space constrained garage gym.
Monster G6 Power Rack, Functional Trainer & Smith Machine Combo This setup has it all – Functional Trainer with dual 221lb weight stacks – a full featured power rack – leg press – pullup station – and a smith machine. Is this expensive? Not really when you consider that it gives you literally EVERYTHING you need for a home gym. And it is in one convenient footprint.
Force USA Monster G9 - Commercial Combo Machine Step up to the G9 - which is a plate loaded machine and you add commercial strength and durability. It's also available with three different color access - black, blue, or red. It's a plate loaded machine - which saves cost - but it also has a vertical leg press and dip station.
Force USA Monster G12 - Commercial Combo Machine Need a commercial gym version of the Power Rack/Smith Machine/Functional Trainer combo? Then look at the Force USA G12. This is wider than the G6 and more robust - it is made to be used by dozens or hundreds of gym-goers per day.
Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Machine The Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press & Hack Squat is specifically engineered to develop lower body strength and solid legs. Combines a leg press and a hack squat into one compact leg strength training machine. Compatible with bands.
Force USA Compact Leg Press The Compact Leg Press combines a standing leg press machine and a calf raise machine into one compact unit - great for garage and home gyms. 44" long and 37" wide when assembled.

Let’s take a tour of some of this great gym equipment.

Combo Machines From Force USA – Black Friday

One of the things we like best about Force is that they are “one stop shopping.”

Their combo machines combine every modern strength training device you need – in a footprint that will fit in your home or garage.

And at a totally reasonable price – especially if you add up the expense of acquiring individual pieces of equipment to do the same.

Let’s take a look at the Monster G12.

Monster G12 - with Red accents
Monster G12 – All-in-One Commercial Strength Training Machine (in Red)

Force USA describes this as a “All-In-One Commercial Strength Training Machine.”

Why? Because this one piece of equipment provides:

  • Power Rack – Safely lift heavy barbells with the features you need in a power rack – including spotter arms for safety and J-cups/J-Hooks for raising the barbell to the proper height.
  • Functional Trainer – With dual 201 lb weight stacks, and height adjustable pulleys you can work any sports or functional specific movement from just about any angle – unilateral or bilateral.
  • Smith Machine – While the smith machine has fallen out of favor for many in strength training – it’s here if you need it (or want it.)
  • Vertical Leg Press – The leg press is a great way to work out your lower body with a minimum of stress on your back and shoulder joints. The G12 includes a vertical leg press.
  • Pull-Up Bar – The multi-grip pull-up bar/chin-up bars let you take advantage of one of the most underrated strength exercises. The chin-up or pull-up is a movement that should be in everyone’s routine.
  • Dip Station – Likewise, the dip is an under-appreciated exercise. Some consider it to be the “squat of the upper body.”
  • Land Mine Attachment – The G12 even includes a land mine attachment – just add a barbell and you’ve got a great core/rotational workout.
  • Suspension Training – The G12 has stirrups for suspension training (Like TRX, etc.) You do need to add the resistance bands separately.

By the way, have you priced out a functional trainer? That piece of equipment alone could cost you half or more of what the G12 costs!

That’s what we mean when we say “best bang for your buck.”

Those are the major features, but there’s a whole bunch of extras too:

  • Olympic Sized Weight Plate holders – With 6 plate storage holders you’ll have plenty of room for your free weights.
  • Barbell storage – Easily store your barbell vertically in the attached bar holder.
  • Knee support for Lat Pull Down – There’s a knee support roller so you can perform heavy lat pulldowns without fighting to stay seated.
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles – Dip in comfort thanks to the multiple grip options.
  • J-hooks with Rubberized Inserts – protect the knurl on your barbells thanks to the plastic lined J-hooks (also sometimes called J-cups.)
  • Safety Spotting Arms with Rubberized Inserts – Similarly, you won’t damage your barbell if you have to set it down on the safety spotter arms – they are lined with rubber.

Here’s a video:

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G12 too rich for your budget?

Force USA has many other options too – and don’t forget they are offering 0% financing for Black Friday 2019.

The G6 is another possible option:

The ForceUSA G6 gives you all of the benefits of a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Leg Press, Chin Up Station, Dip Station, Core Trainer, and Suspension Trainer.
The ForceUSA G6 gives you all of the benefits of a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Leg Press, Chin Up Station, Dip Station, Core Trainer, and Suspension Trainer.

Force USA Black Friday Sale – In Summary

Force USA makes innovative fitness and gym gear.

These are not copycat products – selling the same designs that the other guys do.

It is well designed (in the USA), and manufactured overseas – which means it offers great “bang for your buck”.

Their Black Friday 2019 special is 0% financing – and you can stack that with our exclusive FAM5 discount code for 5% off your order.

Force USA Compact Leg Press
Force USA makes a great compact leg press machine – with a minimal footprint it has a max weight capacity of 660 lbs – and you can use bands for even more resistance.

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The G12 combo machine from Force USA has everything you need for a great strength training home gym.