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Exercise Equipment

Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale 2022

Looking to better equip your home or garage gym? The Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale 2022 is now on! Celebrate how hard you work in the office and the gym with the Labor Day Sale 2022. Rep Fitness joins thousands of establishments as they offer great sale on equipment like weighted benches, functional trainers, plates, and barbells at up to 35% discount. Get savings on all these items – and more – only at Rep Fitness: Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale 2022 – Overview Rep Fitness is dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality fitness equipment for home or commercial use. They are a home and commercial equipment supplier specializing in strength and conditioning equipment in Denver, Colorado. Their goal [Read more …]

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Cross Training Shoes

New NOBULL CrossFit Trainer+

NOBULL’s Trainer shoe has been a staple of the CrossFit crowd for years. And here’s the first big update – the new NOBULL CrossFit Trainer+ is now available. When putting in the work, the NOBULL CrossFit Trainer is the best choice for HIIT workouts, CrossFit® shoes, or weight training. It is built to weather your most difficult workouts and is constructed with the components a training shoe should have. With the new Trainer+, let’s see how it will make your training better and more efficient. Get the NOBULL Trainer+ from Rogue: NOBULL CrossFit Trainer+ – Overview The same seamless, one-piece construction of NOBULL CrossFit Trainer with added features and attributes make up the new NOBULL CrossFit Trainer+ for extra comfort, [Read more …]

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AbMat Barbell Bomb Landmine

Turn your barbell into a functional trainer style workout with the new AbMat Barbell Bomb. It’s like a “Landmine” device – which is anlso an option of course. The design of the Barbell Bomb is created by AbMat with Gut Wrench and inventors Eric Chessen and Ryan Pitts. They adapt their earliest product with a flawless spheroid shape and grippy exterior to guarantee the attachment holds its position. The Barbell Bomb spins flawlessly without needing a rack, wall, or weight plate. Get it from Rogue: AbMat Barbell Bomb The Barbell Bomb is a lightbulb-shaped sleeve that slides firmly onto the end of any traditional barbell, producing the same functionality as a standard landmine attachment. It is a lightweight (4 oz.) [Read more …]

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Tactical Caps

Here’s the selectoin of Tactical Caps from Rogue Fitness. Tactical caps are innovative, practical, and always action-ready for whatever the outdoors throws at you. The materials used in tactical caps are more rigid than traditional hats to endure harsh weather and elements. Take a look at some of them. Protect your dome with some customizable style: GORUCK Tac Hat Review I’ll be honest – the GORUCK Tac Hat is my favorite (it’s available from Rogue). It’s got what you expect in a tactical cap – a big Velcro patch spot up front. But it’s also super lightweight and still super tough too. Tactical Caps from Rogue – Overview Everything about a tactical cap is tactical—from the materials used to its [Read more …]

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Yoga Clothes from Reebok

Need yoga clothes? Check out the Yoga Clothes from Reebok. What you wear on any given occasion has a direct influence on you and your activity. It is the same when you are working out—the right outfit will help you move freely, feel comfortable, and achieve your fitness goals. The right outfit is a must if you aim for efficient and productive workouts. Yoga clothing, from Reebok: Yoga Clothes from Reebok – Overview While the style of yoga clothes is a matter of personal preference, their features and benefits should be thoroughly considered. Yoga pants should be breathable and flexible, and a sports bra should offer enough support to nail new balancing poses. Yoga clothes, particularly yoga pants, provide comfort, [Read more …]

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Tribe WOD Gym Hammers

Switch things up in the gym with the Tribe WOD Gym Hammers. A sledgehammer is a great tool to develop strength and power while also improving wrist stability and strengthening the forearms and grip. It also helps enhance your flexibility and engages your core while providing outstanding balance training to improve your posture. Go crazy: Tribe WOD Gym Hammers – Overview Additionally, sledgehammers enable you to use the whole range, multiple-joint movements concentrating on acceleration, skill, coordination, agility, and mental grit. With or without a tire, you can use them as a total body workout and can also be used as a warm-up exercise. Tribe WOD, the maker of gym hammers, believes in the power of self-betterment through fitness. They [Read more …]

Rogue Ghost Calibrated Plates Kg 50kg
Exercise Equipment

Rogue Fitness Sale – Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout

For a limited time, Rogue Fitness is having a Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout Sale. Looking for economical yet quality Olympic plates? Look no further as Rogue is offering a Closeout Sale on these Ghost Olympic Plates. All sales are final, no returns: Ghost Olympic Plates Closeout Sale – Overview Olympic plates have the edge over traditional plates. They are ideal for a home gym if you plan to build one because they don’t take up too much space. These free weights are also more versatile, and the materials are of high quality. Another reason why they are more advantageous than standard plates is because they can hold more weight and are more stable on the bar. Though more expensive than [Read more …]

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Cross Training Shoes

Nike Romaleos 4 New Color

Here’s the newest Nike Romaleos 4 style – available from Rogue Fitness. Nike is not only known for running shoes but also for Oly weightlifting shoes. Romaleos 4 is a solid weightlifting shoe made to enhance performance, stability, and comfort. Want it? Here’s the newest style you can get now from Rogue: Nike Romaleos 4 Olympic Weightlifting Shoe Review – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. Here’s what we found: The Romaleos 4 is a narrow, pointy shoe – just like the earlier version, the Metcon 3 XD. It is an Oly lifter, so it has a sky-high heel raise at 20mm to allow a deep squat position while minimizing the ankle flexibility needed. The [Read more …]

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Cross Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 8 Preorder

Road Runner Sports now has the Nike Metcon 8 available for order – and shipping as of September 1st. After more than a year, the new addition to the Metcon family is finally here. Metcon 8 comes with some updates and improvements from its predecessors to tackle more workouts. Find out all about this great CrossFit shoe in our Nike Metcon 8 Review. Order these Men’s and Women’s styles of the Nike Metcon 8 from Road Runner Sports or Rogue Fitness NOW: Nike Metcon 8 Pre-Order – Overview The new Metcon 8 is locked and packed with the newest technology and is a must-have cross-trainer for the gym and even outside of the gym. New to Metcon 8 is the [Read more …]

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Nike Metcon 8 Release Date

Want to see the new, upcoming Nike Metcon 8? Find out all about this great CrossFit shoe in our Nike Metcon 8 Review. When will the Nike Metcon 8 be released? – It appears the shoe will be available by September 1st. What we do know is that it is a mild-refresh of the Nike Metcon 7. There are many obvious similarities here in the new shoe… just take a look. I’m going to predict this shoe is going to be nearly identical to the Nike Metcon 7 – so while we wait to get this one, check out our Nike Metcon 7 Review. Nike Metcon 8 Mens – Black/White Nike Metcon 8 Men’s – Blue/Black Nike Metcon 8 – [Read more …]