Reebok Lifter PR II qaurter front view
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Reebok Lifter PR II

Still squatting in running shoes? You need to quit that. The right way to do it is with Oly lifters – but they are expensive. Here’s a bargain option to get an Oly lifter – the Reebok Lifter PR II. The new Reebok Lifter PR II is an entry-level weightlifting shoe and offers both affordability and performance. It has the support, shock absorption, cushioning, and stability a good weightlifting shoe possesses. Get it now, only from Rogue: Reebok Lifter PR II – Overview All the best design of the original Lifter PR is kept and maintained in this version but with some key updates. It now has a new tread design improving its traction to minimize slipping and maximize performance. [Read more …]

Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower with an athlete 3
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CT-1X2 Cable Tower from Rogue Fitness

Let’s take a look at Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower. A cable machine is suitable and safe for everyone. It involves pushing and pulling the handles connected to weighted cables and provides numerous movements. It also facilitates proper lifting technique and builds muscles safely. Get that incredible Rogue quality: Rogue CT-1X2 Cable Tower – Overview A cable machine provides consistent resistance to your muscles, which helps build strong and lean muscles. Using a cable machine allows you to do exercises such as rows, bicep curls, chest presses, lat pull-downs, etc. It lets you swing your arms in different directions and has different resistance levels. It also works your body from different angles, challenging you in new and different ways for better [Read more …]

Force USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer right front
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Pro Multi Trainer from Force USA

Here’s the newest gym machines from Force USA. Check out the Pro Multi Trainer x15 from Force USA. A functional trainer is designed to provide you with many possibilities for functional and strength training. You can add attachments such as curl bars, tricep ropes, straight bars, sport-specific handles, and lat pulldown bars to do limitless exercises. These attachments provide you with a wide range of movements to work targeted muscle groups. Get it now, only from FORCE USA: Pro Multi Trainer from Force USA – Overview If you have the Pro Multi Trainers from Force USA, you will not need anything else. The X15 and X20 are the ideal Multi Trainer for your home, athletic facility, commercial gym, or training [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Animal Print Bumper Plates 35lb
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Animal Print Bumper Plates

Here’s a wild-looking oly plate for your garage gym: the Animal Print Bumper Plates from Rep Fitness. Bumper plates are quieter than metal plates and are created not to harm the bar, floor, and surroundings when dropped. They have a weighted steel center protected by a thick, solid rubber coating, making them perfect for training that involves dropping the plates from overhead or shoulder height, like Olympic weightlifting, cross-training, and HIIT workouts. Get yours now, only from Rep Fitness: Animal Print Bumper Plates – Overview Bring nature to your home gym with Rep Fitness’ Animal Print Bumper Plates. These bumper plates have a patent-pending design with animal prints like zebra, tiger, snake, giraffe, and leopard. They are highly reliable and [Read more …]

Torque Fitness F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer (20% Off) with athletes
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Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale

Let’s take a look at Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale. Torque USA is bringing you the biggest sale this spring—The Spring Into Shape Sale. You can now get your equipment delivered right to your home or garage gym for free! Get these deals, and more, while they last in the Spring Into Shape Sale, only from Torque: Torque USA Spring Into Shape Sale – Overview You can now customize your garage/home gym with more equipment at a lower price. From bumper plates to squat racks, we’ve got you covered for various exercises without leaving your house. All these pieces of equipment are in-stock and ready to ship on the same day you order. Get up to 50% off when [Read more …]

Rogue Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor with an athlete
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Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors

Put some numbers to your training with heart rate training. The only essential ingredient? A heart rate monitor. Check out these Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors from Rogue Fitness. A heart rate monitor is an excellent tool to monitor heart rate in real-time during training. Athletes and those who always workout will benefit mainly from a heart rate monitor by using the data gathered for effective and safe exercise. Get any of these NOW, from Rogue: Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors – Overview Heart rate monitors are user-friendly and utilize wireless technology that transfers heart rate data from a chest strap to a wrist monitor you wear. You can use your heart rate information to distinguish your fitness status, which [Read more …]

Rogue SLM-6 Monster Weight Stack Slinger with an athlete 3
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Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks

Have a Monster or Monster-Lite power rack from Rogue? Make it more versatile with the Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks. Weight stack slingers are necessary to utilize a series of wheels, pulleys, and levers to offer the resistance required for a workout. Compared to conventional free weights, weight stack slingers provide more benefits by adjusting how much to lift based on your fitness level. Get it now from Rogue: Weight Stack Slingers for Rogue Power Racks – Overview Using weight stack slingers allows you to target a specific muscle or muscle group, making this perfect for anyone who wants to concentrate on a particular area to tone and build muscle. It also decreases the error and helps you [Read more …]

Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip Bar with an athlete 10
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New Rogue Multi-Grip Bars

Get a better grip on the barbell with these innovative new Rogue Multi-Grip Bars. Also known as Swiss bars, multi-grip bars come in different styles and weights and have numerous neutral grip options. With them, you can modify your hands to take a close grip, medium-grip, or wide grip—all are neutral, with your palms facing each other. Get it brand-new from Rogue: New Rogue Multi-Grip Bars – Overview Multi-grip bars challenge your muscles with multiple options to hold them, relieving some undesirable discomfort and strain that can hurt your workouts and restrict daily ventures. Multi-grip bars are easy on your shoulders and save them from unpleasant pain experienced repeatedly with a conventional barbell. They are versatile and are ideal for [Read more …]

Mens Nike Pegasus Trail 3 quarter view
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Nike Trail Running Shoes for Men

Hit the trail in style and comfort with the newest Nike Trail Running Shoes for Men. Rocky trails and uneven terrain require a technical type of shoe that will help you go through them without hurting your feet and yourself. They provide a new challenge and bring your training to the next level, provided you are geared with the proper shoe. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at, made by Nike – but you can get them from Road Runner Sports: Nike Trail Running Shoes for Men – Overview Trail running provides you with many benefits you can’t get from road running. But trail running is more challenging than road running and requires a shoe [Read more …]