assault bike versus rower - which is better?

Assault Bike versus Rower – Which is Better?

NEW FOR 2022! Check out Black Friday Sales for 2022 – Rogue, Rep, and more!. Which is a better for functional fitness conditioning and metcon workouts; the assault bike or the indoor rower? The rower is a great piece of equipment – get a low-impact, full body workout – and it can be as intense (or not) as you desire. But, the assault bike (or air bike, or fan bike) is a great metcon workout too. We’re going to review the pros and cons of both of these pieces of equipment in this article. This is assault bike vs rower. Here’s some of the gear we’ll be highlighting during this discussion: No matter which you choose, Rogue Fitness has the [Read more …]

The Do-Win Classic Lifter from Rogue Fitness - Good looks and performance in a weightlifting shoe.
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Do-Win Classic Lifter from Rogue – Shoe Review

Let’s review the Do-Win Classic Lifter weightlifting shoe from Rogue Fitness. This is a traditionally styled lifter, using traditional materials like suede, mesh, and leather – no plastic here. It’s good looking (check out that heel crafted from layers of stacked leather – and it’s got a good price too. Here’s the shoes we’ll be looking at in this review: All right, let’s take a look. Do-Win Classic Lifter – Review on YouTube Why read when you can watch? Check out the Do-Win Classic Lifter review from our YouTube channel: This is a great, no-frills lifter. It made an appearance in our roundup of the best oly lifters for 2020. Do-Win Classic Lifter – Fit and Sizing How do these [Read more …]