Under Armour Womens UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes cq5dam-210319_SS22_Run_FlowSync_AA_C07_0036_SCRN-v
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UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes for Women

Get up off the couch and out on the road with the new Women’s UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes from Under Armour. Under Armour has launched its first running shoe made specifically for women. The UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoe is designed for her form, speed, and rhythm to empower her journey to compete. From UA, and built just for women’s running shoe needs: Women’s UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoes – Overview Traditional women’s running shoes usually fall short of the flexibility, fit and arch support women need because they are derived from a man’s-designed shoe. To address this issue, UA created the UA Flow Synchronicity Running Shoe—made for women, by women. An all-female UA design team resolved to alter [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Kabuki Kadillac Bar with an athlete 1
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Kabuki Kadillac Bar

Get a good grip with the new Kabuki Kadillac Bar. – get it from Rogue Fitness. The Kabuki Kadillac Bar is a multi-grip bar meticulously made with a camber angle adapted from the prominent Duffalo Bar. If you are looking for the best multi-grip bar, the Kadillac bar is the best option. Find out why. Check out these bars from Kabuki Strength: Kabuki Kadillac Bar – Overview Multi-grip bar or football bar is a prominent piece of equipment utilized in strength training. It is used for numerous pressing and pulling exercises like the bench press. It enhances training diversity and is ideal for those with shoulder/upper extremity problems. The bar is a great training tool that encourages the proper form [Read more …]

rogue zeus custom bumpers custom text and logos collection
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Custom Bumper Plates from Rogue

Got a home gym or garage gym. It’s YOUR gym – so make it look like your YOUR Gym with these Rogue Color Training 2.0 Zeus Custom Bumpers. What’s cool about this? You can put a custom LOGO and TEXT on the plates! The Rogue Color Training 2.0 is a heavy-duty dead-blow bumper plate updated with new artwork and a gloss-matte-gloss finish. Now you can even customize your 2.0 plates with your own style, custom logo, custom text, or add a Rogue design through the ZEUS customization tools. Only from Rogue: Rogue Color Training 2.0 Zeus Custom Bumpers – Overview Using the ZEUS customization tools in the purchase area, you can now order the Color LB Training Plates 2.0 with [Read more …]

Rogue Fitness Big Ass Fan® Black Jack outdoor
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Commercial Gym Fans

Do you have a commercial gym, CrossFit box, or other training facility? Save on A/C by having one of these Big Ass Fans. Need a fan for your garage home or facility that can handle whatever heat you throw at it? Try these powerful and compelling fans from Big Ass Fans. Stay cool in any conditions (indoors or outdoors) with these fans: Garage Gym Big Ass Fan Roundup – Overview The fans featured in this article are all developed and manufactured by Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based company that’s been a well-known innovator in large-scale industrial fans and lighting for 20 years. These energy-efficient units are great for large-scale gyms and weight rooms, just as for factories and dairy barns. [Read more …]

Rogue Reflex Hack Squat- Linear Bearing red
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Commercial Gym Leg Machines from Reflex

Are you a commercial gym owner or owner of a CrossFit box? Consider adding one of these excellent Leg Machines from Reflex (now owned by Rogue). A leg press machine is a simple and easy-to-use machine that targets your lower body. With it, you can lift a weighted platform at a 45-degree angle upwards or away from you. Leg exercise is an excellent way to gain lower body strength and different muscles in the legs. Reflex leg machines are now available exclusively via Rogue: Leg Machines – Reflex Commercial Gym Equipment from Rogue – Overview The leg press machine is safe and easy to use as it has a safety brake to stop the weighted platform from hitting you if [Read more …]