REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench Review

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New for 2019, Rep Fitness has launched their latest product – the REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench (Rep Fitness).

This adjustable bench is our top pick for a full FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench for home and garage gyms.

The Rep AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench can adjust to a full 90 degrees
The Rep AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench can adjust to a full 90 degrees

This article will serve as our comprehensive review of this versatile piece of strength equipment.

Long term review update: This is a great bench – tough, versatile, incline adjustments are a breeze, and while it is a tad on the heavy side (because it is so beefy) it’s easy enough to move when you need to.

It has worked out as well as I’d hoped – and I highly recommend this bench as the most robust, versatile heavy duty bench for a home gym or garage gym.

And, because you get a choice of colors it makes a really nice visual addition for your home or garage gym.

The REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench is an excellent full FID bench option for your home gym or garage gym. The patented ZERO GAP feature means this is the best FID bench choice around.
The REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench is an excellent full FID bench option for your home gym or garage gym. The patented ZERO GAP feature means this is the best FID bench choice around.

But first, a quick recap of why we chose this bench for our garage gym:

  • 1,000 lb weight capacity – made from 11 gauge steel – this will be all the bench I’ll ever need.
  • A full FID bench – You can do Flat, Incline, and Decline with the optional decline leg accessory.
  • ZERO GAP – the patented ZERO GAP feature means you can adjust away all the pad gaps in any configuration (flat, incline, or decline).
  • Mobility – With wheels and a robust handle, it’s easy to move in the garage gym. I’m not blessed with garage space – things have to move frequently.
  • Fully adjustable – This bench goes from 0 degrees (flat) to a full 90 degrees – which is what I prefer for back-supported seated exercise. Some benches only go to 85 degrees in the upright position.
  • Easy adjustments – The back pad and seat pad adjustments are done via quick and easy pop pins. The ZERO GAP feature is similarly easy, but you can further tighten it down to eliminate any movement.

In short, I wanted one versatile, robust, but easy-to-use adjustable bench that can do it all – for now and the future.

This bench is also really affordable – currently costing Click to see price for the bench itself.

The REP AB-5000 with the decline leg accessory (Click to see price) is the best choice for most home and garage gyms.

And, if you aren’t sold on the decline feature – skip that optional accessory – you’ll still have an awesome flat and incline bench.

And, as an added bonus, it’s available in a variety of attractive colors.

Make mine red.

The REP AB-5000 Zero-Gap bench can be used as a ZERO GAP flat bench, thanks to their patent pending design.
The REP AB-5000 bench can be had in several different colors.

REP AB-5000 Shipping and Assembly

Here’s the REP AB-5000 as it arrived via UPS. Also shown is the package for the optional leg decline accessory.

The box claims a 45 kgs shipping weight – or about 99 lbs.

One person can move it, but it’s awkward.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness - comes in robust packaging.  Its shipping weight is about 45 Kgs, according to the labels.  Also shown is the optional decline leg accessory.

Inside the box, you can see that the frame and legs are wrapped in bubble wrap, and the seat and back pads are boxed separately.

There was no damage to any of the gear due to shipping.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench - the frame is mostly assembled and is in bubble wrap.  The back and seat pads are packaged separately in cardboard.

The back and seat pad are packed tightly in their individual boxes. There is a warning to not cut with a razor – and we agree you should use caution when opening – there is little room for error.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable bench - DO NOT use a razor on the individual back and seat pad containers - there is little room for error.

These benches are designed in the US, but made in China. Overall, the quality of the bench is great and you can see from the included paperwork that Rep does their best to ensure a smooth experience for the customer.

REP AB-5000 bench is fully assembled before leaving the factory - so you know it is gonna go together right. REP AB-5000 Quality Control checklist.

Assembly instructions consist of a simple single page , and only 14 bolts total are required. An allen key is included (this is used for the bolts connecting the back and seat pads to the frame), as is a multipurpose wrench.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable FID Bench - One page of assembly instructions - short and to the point. REP AB-5000 nuts and bolts needed for assembly.

Honestly though, it’s better to use a 3/4″ socket ratchet on the other bolts – which are used to connect the support feet to the frame.

Assembly time is about 20 minutes.

The biggest challenge is that the frame and support feet are beefy, heavy parts. Might be easier to have two people to put it together, but one person can get the job done.

Here’s the back and seat pads, after un-packaging.

The pad material is flawless, no cuts, nicks, or marks.

The back and seat pad have a very firm feel – which is what I prefer.

REP AB-5000 Back and Seat Pads

The material covering the pads has a very nice textured feel to it – feels like it is the right amount of “grip” you want in a bench. Here’s a close-up.

Previously I was using an old Bodymaster commercial bench – and it’s much more slick.

REP AB-5000 Back Pad Close up - note the grippy textured finish.  The padding is quite firm - which is good.

Rep has done most of the hard work for us. You can see that the frame of the bench is mostly complete.

REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench frame comes mostly assembled - just attach the feet and the pads

Here’s that 3/4″ socket and ratchet used to attach the support feet.

There are two nicks in the red power coat that you can see on the left hand “cage” around the wheel.

That was the only flaw in an otherwise well done powder coat job.

REP AB-5000 Support feet attached

Once the support feet are installed (2 nuts and bolts each for a total of 4), we just need to attach the back and seat pad.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench Frame with Support Feet attached.

The seat pad is attached using 4 bolts and washers, tighted via allen key (included).

You will need to use the ZERO GAP adjustment mechanism to move the seat pad back and forth to fully tighten both sets of bolts.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable bench with the seat pad attached. REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench - Seat Pad close-up showing the Zero Gap adjustment knob.

Next step is to raise the incline in order to attach the back pad.

There are 6 bolts and washers used for the back pad – tighten with the included allen key.

REP AB-5000 it is easiest to attach the back pad if you raise the incline first.

And here’s the finished product, showing Flat, 45 degree, and 90 degree (fully upright) configurations.

All with ZERO GAP.

REP AB-5000 with Zero Gap - a great FID bench that is the best option for any home gym or garage gym.

Now, let’s attach the leg decline accessory so we can get full FID capability.

Here’s the parts that are included.

The AB-5000/5100 Leg Attachment - parts before they are assembled.

Here’s where they attach.

Here is where the AB-5000/5100 Leg Attachment will connect to the AB-5000 adjustable bench.

The firm foam leg rollers are easily attached and secured using collars with set screws. A small allen key is needed to tighten these.

REP AB-5000 Leg Attachment leg rollers are firm foam rollers connected on an axle and secured via collars with set screws.

Here’s the bench with the leg attachment fully assembled.

REP AB-5000/5100 Leg Attachment fully assembled and connected to the AB-5000 Adjustable Bench

And here it is in decline mode – with ZERO GAP.

REP AB-5000 Adjustable FID Bench in decline mode using the optional leg attachment accessory.

For more assembly tips, here’s some pointers straight from the source – Rep Fitness:

Rep Fitness AB-5000 Bench – Performance

Ok, so that’s how it is put together and what it looks like.

But, how well does it work?

I’m happy to say it works great. It is a very stable bench, in all positions.

So far, I’ve used it for bench press, decline sit-ups, and chest supported DB rows.

Having the handle and wheels is perfect for what I need, and the pop-pin adjustment of the incline is quick and easy.

After several weeks of using this bench – I conclude that it is an excellent piece of equipment. It let’s me do multiple things with one piece of equipment – and that is exactly what I wanted.

Is the Rep AB-5000 Bench too heavy?

I will say this is a heavy bench – the handle and wheels are absolutely required when it comes time to move the bench.

You tilt it up using the handle, and if you lift it nearly vertical, it’s a breeze to move.

I will typically roll it out of the way when using my power rack for squats, OHP, etc.

Still think it’s too heavy?

Pretend you are doing some sort of landmine exercise…

I also wish there was less of a spread between the 90 degree and 75 degree incline settings. Given how the bench is setup, it seems like they could easily split the difference and make a 82 degree notch – or something like that.

Rep AB-5000 Bench Wobble?

Some buyers of the AB-5000 bench have complained about bench wobble.

Mine doesn’t do this – nor should yours.

But, if it does, check this video from Rep Fitness:

Rep AB-5000 FID Bench – In Summary

Rep Fitness has brought a versatile, robust, and affordable FID bench option to the market with the REP AB-5000.

It is our recommended choice for home gyms and garage gyms that need the maximum in flexibility from their equipment, and don’t want to make compromises.

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The REP AB-5000 Zero-Gap bench can be used as a ZERO GAP flat bench, thanks to their patent pending design.