Nike cross training shoe for 2018 - the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

Nike has released not one, but two cross training shoes in the Metcon line for 2018. Let’s talk about the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2. It’s now available online via Rogue Fitness. Having more choices is great, but how does the Nike DSX Flyknit 2 stack up versus the Nike Metcon 4? And which one is the best shoe for you? Let’s find out… Click to See The Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 Price on the Rogue Fitness Website Nike’s cross training shoes for 2018 are known as the “Metcon” line. They are all intended to be versatile workout shoes – specifically for CrossFit-style, functional fitness training. Neither is a pure weightlifting shoe, but rather durable and versatile training shoes [Read more …]

Find out what's new with the Nike Metcon 4 - What have they improved over the Nike Metcon 3?

Nike Metcon 4 vs Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoe

Nike’s best cross training shoe for 2018 – the Nike Metcon 4 – is now available online via Rogue Fitness. The Nike Metcon 4 is designed to be a CrossFit training shoe. How does the Nike Metcon 4 stack up versus the Nike Metcon 3? Let’s find out… Nike Metcon 5 Release Date? Nike has released no information about a possible upcoming Nike Metcon 5 training shoe. However, if they do, you can expect it will likely be available in December of 2018 or in January 2019. Considering that the Nike Metcon 4 just came out in January of 2018, we’re definitely months away from the next shoe at best. And, the Nike Metcon 4 is excellent – you might [Read more …]

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Weightlifting Shoes vs Cross Training Shoes

The difference between weightlifting shoes and cross training shoes Lifting heavy requires the right footwear. Many people lift using normal sneakers or running shoes – and that’s a big mistake. Running shoes have way too much padding and cushion. While this makes them great for the repeated, jarring impact of running, it doesn’t make them very good for hoisting hundreds of pounds above your head or on your back. But while functional fitness training like CrossFit does have a lot of weightlifting, it’s not exclusively about lifting weights. The WOD incorporates a lot more variety of training: sprints, rope climbs, box jumps, burpees, rope skipping, and so much more. We’re also going to look at options that are more versatile [Read more …]