Best Folding Power Rack

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In this article we’re going to review the best folding power rack.

Why a folding power rack?

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
A folding power rack saves space in the garage – but lets you train heavy (and safely!)

This innovative gym equipment let’s you use your garage like a gym – or a garage – with ease.

There are some interesting options that let you make the most of your floorspace – and still keep the car inside the garage.

Here’s an example. Shown above is the PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack from Rep Fitness.

It is an exceptionally well built product, and has all the essential features we look for in the best folding power rack for a garage gym.

We’re going to look at these folding power racks from Rep Fitness, Rogue, and Force USA:

Rep Fitness Folding Squat Rack PR-4100 Need the ultimate in space savings? The PR-4100 is a wall mounted, folding rack. You can fold flat for a minimum of space. But it still provides a variety of workout options.
Rogue Monster Lite RML-3WC Folding Wall Mounted Power Rack Why fill up your garage when you can have a versatile, full featured folding power rack? This Rogue Fitness power rack is an innovative unit that makes the most of the space you have. 3x3" 11 gauge steel uprights. Available in various COLORS.
Rogue Monster RM-3W Folding Wall Mounted Power Rack Want a really beefy folding wall power rack? The RM-3W is a space efficient, wall-mounted version of Rogue's standard Monster RM-3 Rack. 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights (90" in height.) Black finish only
Rogue Monster Lite RML-3WC Power Rack (black) That great folding wall power rack from Rogue is also available in black - for a slight savings.
MyRack Folding Power Rack Force USA has released the industry's first 4 post folding power rack - this stable unit lets you train heavy, safely, and still have room in the garage. It's also very customizable with their MyRack accessories and attachments (Shown here with many optional accessories.)

Let’s talk about folding power racks for your garage gym.

Advantages of Folding Power Racks

What’s the big advantage of a folding power rack?

Efficient use of space.

Why have a full four-post rack taking up room all the time?

A folding power rack is there when you need it – and compactly stored when you don’t.

Rogue Fitness more or less invented this product space – but their competitors have brought new options to market.

And with more options and competition we have products that get better and better.

Squat Stands Versus Folding Power Rack

An alternative to a folding power rack are squat stands.

Here’s the Indy Squat Stand from Fringe Sport.

The advantages of these are that they are light and easy to move. Therefore they are super portable – want to work out in the driveway? Just move the squat stands.

They are cheaper than a rack – because there is less to them.

They *might* be the right solution for you, but maybe not.

Indy Squat Stands from Fringe Sport
Squat Stands are another option for not hogging up the whole garage – but they aren’t as stable or as versatile. They offer less safety options.

The downsides to squat stands (as compared to a folding wall rack):

They aren’t as stable.

You can’t mount a pull-up bar

They don’t have as many safety options.

And they don’t fold flat like some of these wall racks do.

(But, you can’t move your wall mounted folding rack easily.)

So decide what the key needs are for your training – and make your decision based on that.

Pull-Ups Bars and Folding Racks

Whatever option you go with, make sure it has a pull-up bar or chin-up bar.

Don’t miss out on one of the simplest and most effective exercises – the pull-up (or chin-up).

Equip your squat or power rack with a pull-up bar and you can use a wide range of exercises including: pull-ups, chin-ups, hangs, leg raises, etc.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
Having a pull-up bar on your squat rack makes a world of difference.

Being able to do these exercises is really one of the huge benefits of a rack.

We personally don’t recommend the “kipping” style of pull-ups – unless your rack is securely anchored to the floor. But, that’s OK – the strict version of pull-ups is a far better choice for nearly everyone.

Even better is a multi-grip pull-up bar – because that gives you a variety of grip options to keep the stress of your wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack / Power Rack from Rep Fitness

The PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack / Power Rack takes space savings to a whole new level.

This is a FOLDING wall mounted rack.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack specifications.

How flat? Pretty flat:

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
PR-4100 can be folded inwards (or outwards). This is the 21.5" deep model. The deeper model can fold outwards.

Please note there are two depths for this unit – 21.5" or 41" deep.

The uppers can fold inward or outward.

The PR-4100 comes with a single 1.25″ diameter pull-up bar (which is the equivalent of the “skinny” pull-up bar we highlighted on the other models.)

The PR-4100 has some other neat bells and whistles too.

For instance, it has Westside 1″ hole spacing.

This is allows for very fine adjustments to the barbell height – right where you need it – in the “benching” zone.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
Westside hole spacing – this let’s you fine tune the barbell height where it is most important.

For the most secure mounting, Rep recommends the use of wooden “stringers” – mount these across the studs in the wall – then mount the PR-4100 to these.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
Wooden stringers are a cost effective option to ensure a strong wall mount. No need to buy these from Rep – use any wood you have available.

The Pull-Up bar can be easily removed for when it is time to store the unit.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
The Pull-Up Bar is adjustable – and easy to remove when it is time to fold the unit flat.

This unit is very sturdy – because it’s got the two posts AND it’s connected to the wall

How sturdy? Using the optional PR-4000 Dip Handles you can do body weight dips.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
PR-4100 is plenty stable for options like dip handles. This is an additional cost option (these are the PR-4000 Dip Handles.)

Overall, the PR-4100 is one of our top choices for a compact squat rack in your garage.

Best Power Rack For Limited Space

Rogue Monster Lite RML-3WC Power Rack - Custom Color Edition - - great space saving technology for your garage gym.

Need to keep a car (or two) in the garage? Then you need the ultimate in space saving technology.

And that’s the Rogue Monster Lite RML-3WC Power Rack (Rogue Fitness: Click to see price), as shown here.

This innovative power rack design is mounted on the wall, and can fold nearly flat – reclaiming a lot of space.

Far from flimsy, it’s from the Rogue Monster Lite (RML) line and the uprights are 3″x3″ 11-gauge steel. How tall? 90 3/8 inches, or about 7.5 feet, which means it should fit easily into any standard sized garage.

It’s also available in 21.5″ or 41.5″ depth (the distance the uprights will be from the wall. OK, so it “folds flat.” How flat? 5″ (for the 21.5″ depth model). We’d recommend the 41.5″ depth, to give a bit more breathing room, in case you need a spotter behind the uprights – but note that the 41.5″ depth rack doesn’t fold as compactly as the 21.5″ model.

It also comes with a pair of J-Cups (these hold the barbell) and a Quick Attach Pull-Up Bar and is compatible with all the standard Monster Lite (ML) accessories, if you want to add attachments.

Since having a power rack is all about safety, we’d consider these a required purchase: SAML-24 Monster Lite Safety Spotter Arms (Pair) (Rogue Fitness: Click to see price).

They are built tough, but feature a plastic insert along the top to protect the knurling on your Olympic bars.

Rogue SAML-24-MONSTER-LITE-SAFETY-SPOTTER-ARMS - These are compatible with any Rogue Monster Lite rack

Half the fun of the garage gym is the customizations you can do – to make it your own space.

This power rack is available in 11 different colors (shown in Rogue Red above). Head on over to the Rogue page for this item, and check out the options.

Want yours in black? You can save about $50 by getting the non custom color version – known as the Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack (Rogue: Click to see price).

This is also a great image highlighting the features of these racks, and showing just how flat this unit can fold:

Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Power Rack - great space saving technology for your garage gym.

Be aware that this model lists the stringers as optional, but if you are mounting to the average garage wall with 16″ on center studs – you need the stringers.

Let’s look at one more unique option – a four post folding power rack.

MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA

The first folding four post rack on the market is the MyRack Folding Power Rack.

MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA
MyRack Folding Power Rack – fully set up.

What’s the benefits of a four post design?

It supports more weight, and has more options for customization.

It does take up more floor space though – but not that much!

The footprint when folded is: 20″ Depth x 52″ Width x 84″ Height

That’s a height that will fit in most garages too.

When fully setup, it is 41″ Depth x 49″ Width x 86″ Height.

It also carries a lifetime structural warranty.

MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA - with optional accessories
Plenty of available options make this rack very versatile.

Advantages of the MyRack Folding Power Rack

How is this different from all the other folding power racks on the market?

You don’t attach it to the wall.

As compared to wall mounted folding racks, you get these advantages:

  • No need to mount stringers on the wall,
  • More interior working space,
  • holds twice the weight – this rack can support up to 2,000 lbs.,
  • A multi-grip pull-up/chin-up bar (as opposed to a single grip angle),
  • More options – like weight plate storage

But, that’s just a start – it’s also super customizable and lets you use many of the MyRack attachments and accessories.

This folding power rack is far more versatile than the others on the market.

The base unit is forged with precision welded, laser cut 12 gauge steel, and weights 176 lbs.

You’ll also notice that this rack has Westside style hole spacing – with 1″ increments in the “bench zone” for the perfect adjustment while benching.

Numbered holes make it easy to adjust
The MyRack has numbered holes – making for quick and easy adjustment. It also features "Westside" style spacing – with 1" increments in the bench press zone.

And how about that multi-grip pull-up bar?

Pullups – whether done with bodyweight or with extra weight – are an underutilized strength builder.

The multiple grip angles ensure you can switch things up – and keep the strain off your elbows and shoulders.

MyRack Folding Power Rack – Attachments and Accessories

Here’s where the MyRack Folding Power Rack really shines – it provides more customizations.

Here it is with all of the optional accessories.

We’ve got band pegs, safety straps, safety pins, weight plate holder arms, J hooks, dip handles, spotter arms, land mine, and more.

There’s even a monolift.

You’d never guess that was a folding power rack.

The Force USA MyRack folding power rack has a plethora of available attachments.
The ability to use many attachments and accessories with this rack make it the most customizable folding power rack on the market.

We’d recommend the MyRack for the most versatile workout options, provided you can give up a little more floor space.

Best Folding Power Rack – In Summary

There are two basic kinds of folding power racks – wall mounted and 4 post.

A wall mounted folding rack will take a minimum of space (when folded.)

A 4 post folding rack will give you more versatility – and weight capacity. But, the tradeoff is that it takes a little more floorspace.

No matter which option you go with – get a pull-up bar, j-cups/j-hooks, and safety spotter arms to go with the unit.

If you can add more accessories on top of those – that’s all gravy.

The extra option will give you more workout variety – and greater options to progress.

Rep Fitness PR-4100 Folding Rack
Bench safely – with spotter arms.

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