MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA

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We’re going to take a close look at an innovative new product from Force USA: the MyRack Folding Power Rack.

Need a folding power rack?

It’s a great idea. A folding power rack will let you lift heavy with stability – and more importantly, safety.

With a folding power rack you’ll get space back in the garage – to use it for the things you normally use a garage for.

Haven’t heard of Force USA? You will soon – they are an up and coming force in the gym equipment industry – providing innovate equipment at bargain prices.

MyRack Folding Power Rack Force USA has released the industry's first 4 post folding power rack - this stable unit lets you train heavy, safely, and still have room in the garage. It's also infinitely customizable with their MyRack accessories and attachments.

Let’s take a closer look.

How a Folding Power Rack Works

First of all, you might be wondering – how does this fold up?

Here’s the sequence. First, you drop the crossover pull-up bar.

NOTE: It is recommended that you bolt this unit to the floor. But you can do that for the support “feet” on the base unit – which means the folding sides can still be moved easily and quickly.

You’d also have to remove any optional accessories or attachments first.

MyRack Folding Power Rack - Step 1 - drop the crossmember
Step 1: Drop the crossmember for the multi-grip pull-up bar.

Then, fold in one side of the unit.

MyRack Folding Power Rack - Step 2
Step 2: Release a pop-pin, and fold one side of the rack.

The final step – fold in the other side of the unit.

MyRack Folding Power Rack - fully folded
Release another pop-pin, and fold the other side of the unit. When fully folded, the MyRack takes a minimum of floorspace.

That’s pretty easy.

The footprint when folded is: 20″ Depth x 52″ Width x 84″ Height

That’s a height that will fit in most garages too.

When fully setup, it is 41″ Depth x 49″ Width x 86″ Height.

It also carries a lifetime structural warranty.

Advantages of the MyRack Folding Power Rack

How is this different from all the other folding power racks on the market?

You don’t attach it to the wall.

As compared to wall mounted folding racks, you get these advantages:

  • No need to mount stringers on the wall
  • More interior working space,
  • holds twice the weight – this rack can support up to 2,000 lbs.

But, that’s just a start – it’s also super customizable and lets you use many of the MyRack attachments and accessories.

This folding power rack is far more versatile than the others on the market.

First, let’s take another look at it fully setup.

MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA
MyRack Folding Power Rack – fully set up.

The base unit is forged with precision welded, laser cut 12 gauge steel.

You’ll also notice that this rack has Westside style hole spacing – with 1″ increments in the “bench zone” for the perfect adjustment while benching.

Numbered holes make it easy to adjust
The MyRack has numbered holes – making for quick and easy adjustment. It also features "Westside" style spacing – with 1" increments in the bench press zone.

And how about that multi-grip pull-up bar?

Pullups – whether done with bodyweight or with extra weight – are an underutilized strength builder.

The multiple grip angles ensure you can switch things up – and keep the strain off your elbows and shoulders.

MyRack Attachments and Accessories

Here’s where the MyRack Folding Power Rack really shines – customizations.

Here it is with some optional accessories.

We’ve got band pegs, safety straps, safety pins, weight plate holder arms, J hooks, dip handles, spotter arms, land mine, and more.

There’s even a monolift.

The Force USA MyRack folding power rack has a plethora of available attachments.
The ability to use many attachments and accessories with this rack make it the most customizable folding power rack on the market.
MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA - with optional accessories
Plenty of available options make this rack very versatile.

Here’s a video that shows the MyRack Folding Power Rack in action:

MyRack Attachments from Force USA

Let’s take a tour of the options that are compatible with the MyRack Folding Power Rack.

First of all, these are Force’s standard MyRack accessories – so they will also work with the modular MyRack power rack.

First of all, you need some J-hooks or J-Cups. These are the “holders” for the barbell. We recommend the deluxe J-Hooks – as they have the highest weight rating (over 2,000 lbs.)

Deluke J-Hook for the Force USA MyRack system
The deluxe J-Hook has a very high weight rating – and nylon coating to prevent damage to your barbell.

But even if you get the standard J-Hooks – they are both Nylong coated to prevent damage to the knurl on your barbell.

Standard J-Hooks from Force USA for MyRack system
The standard j-hooks support less weight (ONLY 1,760 lbs!) but also have a nylon coating.

If you are serious into powerlifting style squats – you can get the monolift attachment. What’s the benefit of this? You can get under a REALLY HEAVY barbell without having to “walk it out” of the rack – which is an energy drain and can be dangerous.

MyRack Monolift Attachment
The Monolift attachment let’s you get under a heavy squat barbell without having to "walk it out".

After you have a way to get the barbell into the proper starting position, we recommend you focus on safety.

With the MyRack Folding Power Rack you have your choice of safeties.

We always recommend spotter arms.

Why? Because you can easily use them for bench presses – which are actually one of the most dangerous exercises to perform alone.

MyRack Safety Spotter Arms
Bench safely with spotter arms

But you can also mount box tube safeties inside the rack – which will work too.

Box Tube Safeties for MyRack
Box Tube Safeties go inside the rack – and these are nylon lined, so they are safe for your barbell’s knurl too.

Here’s one more bar friendly safety option – straps.

MyRack Safety Slings
MyRack Safety Slings/Straps let you set down a heavy barbell. They can support 1,000 lbs.

One of the big benefits of a 4 post power rack – it gives you somewhere to store all those weight plates you’ll be lifting.

And this is one thing you CANNOT do with those 2 post wall mounted folding racks.

So skip the messy stack of weights on the floor, and use these weight plate holders.

MyRack Weight Plate Holders
Get those weights off the floor – and on the rack with weight plate holders.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

A landmine attachment gives you a lot of exercise variations.

What good is a landmine?

It’s a tube or pivot sleeve in which you place one end of an Olympic barbell.

You can then move the weight freely in just about any direction.

This gives you more range of motion and natural movement patterns (functional fitness).

MyRack Landmine Attachment
The Landmine gives you freedom of motion for a variety of barbell exercises.

There’s dip handles too.

Some people call dips the “squat of the upper body.”

Perform them with heavy weight and you’ll find out why.

MyRack Dip Handles
The "V" design of these dip handles let you find the perfect width for your grip.

If you ain’t dippin’, you’re trippin’.

Lastly, band training can add a whole new dimension to your workout.

And step one to using bands? You gotta have somewhere to mount them – which bring us to band pegs.

MyRack Band Pegs
Bands add a new dimension of resistance to your workout. If Westside endorses it – you know it’s gotta work.

Why band training?

The bands add accommodating resistance. It makes the TOP of the movement much harder than normal.

That means more work for your muscles – which means bigger strengh gains.

If you need more info on that – look up “Louie Simmons” and “Westside”.

MyRack used with band pegs
Here’s where the band pegs go.

MyRack Folding Power Rack – In Summary

The MyRack Folding Power Rack from Force USA is the most versatile folding power rack.

It is a 4 post design – unlike the competition’s folding racks – which mount to the wall.

A 4 post folding rack is more versatile – and supports more options and accessories.

It also supports much more weight – up to 2,000 lbs – which is probably enough for you.

But it should be bolted to the floor – which will add some time in setup and teardown.

Overall, we recommend the MyRack Folding Power Rack that need the maximum of versatility in the minimum of garage gym floor space.

Now that you’ve decided on a rack – pick out a good weight bench from Force USA because that is just as important for safe and serious training.

The Force USA MyRack folding power rack has a plethora of available attachments.
The ability to use many attachments and accessories with this rack make it the most customizable folding power rack on the market.

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    Is one grip better than another when exercising ?.
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