Rogue Fitness – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2018

Rogue’s biggest sale for 2017 is over. Matte Black Friday and Cyber Monday ran from Nov. 20-27, 2017. Hopefully you got to partake of some of the great deals they offered – Hot Deals, MBF Exclusives, Hundo Pricing, 5 Ship for $5, and much more. You can be sure we’ll share details about Matte Black Friday 2018 as soon as we can.

In the meanwhile, if you missed it, you can check out Rogue’s Hot Deals, which run year round:

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About Rogue Fitness Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018

Matte Black Friday (MBF) is what Rogue calls their annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. It’s by far their biggest sale of the year. Last year the sale ran from Monday, November 20, 2017 through Sunday, November 26th, 2017, and Cyber Monday was on Monday, November 27th, 2017. Similar deals were offered through cyber monday, but the event was initially advertised as ending on Sunday evening.

About Rogue Fitness

Here at Fit At Midlife, we would like to highlight an exceptional fitness equipment manufacturer: Rogue Fitness. What is Rogue Fitness? Rogue Fitness is an American manufacturer and distributor of strength and conditioning equipment, including weightlifting bars, plates, racks and every conceivable piece of fitness related equipment you might need. They are known for their American made, high quality products that will last a lifetime. The equipment they manufacture is used extensively by professional gyms, CrossFit boxes, individuals with garage gyms, military bases and units, collegiate teams, and professional sports teams.

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Founded in Toledo, Ohio, by founder Bill Henniger in 2007 they have grown immensely over the years. Initially they resold mostly other manufacturer’s equipment, but eventually focused on designing, building, and selling their own exclusive designs as well. This all started from Bill Henniger’s desire to outfit his own CrossFit affiliated gym, and he had trouble finding good equipment. Bill’s solution? Design and build it better himself. Today they do this out of their massive manufacturing center located in Columbus Ohio.

Rogue Fitness Matte Black Friday 2018 Sale

Rogue Fitness 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale- Matte Black Friday Sale

Rogue Fitness runs deals and specials throughout the year – but their version of Black Friday, known as Matte Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is their biggest sale of the year, typically. As we uncover details of the specials and bargains to be found, we’ll share them here. Be sure to check back often.

Rogue’s Black Friday sale is by far their biggest sale of the year – and historically the more you buy, the more you save. Just one example of this is their Hundo Pricing. What’s that? To put it simply – the more weight you purchase the cheaper the price per pound becomes. More weight means a bigger discount.

Some other deals and discounts that have been featured in years past:

  • 5 items ship for $5 – Order 5 participating items – pay only $5 shipping.
  • Hot Deals – Great deals on limited supply items – once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • MBF Exclusives – New items or custom items we made specifically for Matte Black Friday (MBF). As an example, in 2017 there were special cerakote and bushing color combinations of the Ohio bar (red and black).
  • Hundo Pricing – As explained above, the more weight you buy, the bigger the discount. If you’re looking to buy plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells, there’s no better time than Black Friday
  • Discounts on many items.

As a Rogue Fitness affiliate, we look forward to highlighting the best equipment value for your dollar – and providing the information you need to make decisions about purchasing equipment. Please note that as an affiliate, if you click through our links, we will receive compensation for purchases. This compensation does not affect in any way the price you pay.

Stay tuned for details on Rogue Fitness’ annual 2018 Matte Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and specials.

While we wait to find out what discounts and deals Matte Black Friday 2018 will be, check out Rogue’s Hot Deals. These are time limited specials and deals on a timer – when they’re done , they’re done.

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Rogue Fitness annual black friday and cyber monday sale is known as Matte Black Friday.  We are awaiting details for the 2018 edition of Matte Black Friday

When Does Rogue Fitness Have Sales?

Rogue Fitness has sales and special deals throughout the year. For example: 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day (special discounts and deals for verified US service members and veterans).

In addition, they have several ongoing specials, such as Hundo Pricing, Hot Deals (time limited special offers), 3 Ships Free, and more.

But their biggest sale of the year is the combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday event known as Matte Black Friday. Details for this year’s Matte Black Friday 2018 have not yet been released. Stay tuned for details.

When Is The Rogue Garage Sale?

When is the Rogue Garage Sale 2018?
The Rogue Garage Sale doesn’t happen on a fixed basis – therefore you should stay tuned in for news on their Facebook page or Twitter feed to find out when the 2018 garage sale (if there is one) will happen. The 2018 sale will be the 10th annual Rogue Garage Sale.

Here’s another big event that people are always on the lookout for – the annual Rogue Garage Sale. This sale happens on an variable basis – for 2017 it occurred on July 15, but for 2016 it happened in April.

What is the Rogue Garage Sale? It’s a very limited time onsite event (they do not ship these items, nor are they listed online) where they clear out all sorts of stuff from the warehouse. In years past they’ve offered: Rogue equipment including barbells, plates, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxes, benches, dumbbells, racks & more. Rogue furniture including desks, office chairs, conference tables, bookshelves, picnic tables, shop tables, workstations, & more. They even sold refrigerators and microwaves!

Where is the Rogue Garage Sale? Last year it occurred at the warehouse: 2781 Westbelt Drive Ste B Columbus, OH.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Rogue Garage Sale? In 2017, cash and credit cards were accepted.

How long is the Rogue Garage Sale? It’s a 2 hour event, normally running 9am- 11am.

Lastly, understand this is a limited time event. It ran from 9am – 11am in 2017, and because it’s a clearing of unwanted equipment – it’s first come, first serve, and very limited quantities.

Live too far from Columbus to make it to the garage sale? You can always check out closeout items at Rogue. This includes items they are no longer going to carry, and you can also find used games gear. And best of all, unlike the garage sale, these items are available to ship.

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American Made

Rogue Fitness features many products, but their most innovative and high quality items are designed and made in America.

Rogue Abmat - Made in the USA - a product of Rogue Fitness

Innovative Products

Many of Rogue’s designs are unique and innovative. But most of all they are amazingly high quality – robust and usable.

Rogue Fitness Glute Floor device - a good alternative to a bulky, full-size GHD (Glute Ham Device)
Rogue Fitness - Bar with bumper plates - excellent for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting

Rogue – Not Just Equipment, An Ethos

Rogue Fitness is not just an equipment provider, but it’s a mindset and an ethos. We are proud to be part of the extended Rogue Fitness family. As an example, Rogue is currently offering exclusive deals for verified US Military veterans on Friday, November 10, 2017 and Saturday, November 11, 2017.

Rogue Fitness - Style and fashion
Rogue Fitness - Rogue Apparel Pullover with American flag Rogue logo

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Old Saint Rogue drags his sled - brining Matte Black Friday deals for all the Crossfit boys and girls - 2017 Black Friday Sale

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