Guide to the Rogue Cerakote Colors Olympic Barbells

Bearing bar vs Bushing Bar
Need help understanding the lingo for Olympic barbells? Check out our barbell guide.

Did you know that Rogue Olympic barbells are available with Cerakote – a thin-film ceramic coating that offers amazing durability, protection, and a choice of colors? Cerakote is also popular in the gun industry – because of the range of colors that can be used, but also because of the amazing durability of this thin-film coating.

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Why Cerakote?
Cerakote has a number of advantages over traditional coatings. Cerakote is resistant to wear, abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. It was originally developed in the 1980s for use on firearms – where a very thin coating is desirable due to the tight tolerance on the moving parts of a firearm. Here’s some more Cerakote facts:

  • Thin-film – How thin? Typically, just 0.001-inch thick. Perfectly fine for surfaces with knurling, which is obviously an important attribute for a barbell.
  • Adheres to a wide range of materials – steel, aluminum, stainless steel but also plastics or polymers, and wood.
  • Grip – Cerakote offers excellent grip – which is important in a barbell.
  • Cerakote is usually applied with a spray gun, and then oven cured.
  • Cerakote is significantly more resistant to corrosion than chrome or zinc – and only bested by very expensive stainless steel.
  • Available in a variety of colors

Cerakote Colors

What custom cerakote colors are available? Here they are as shown on a Rogue Ohio Bar – An excellent dual-purpose bar that has great whip for Oly lifting, but enough stiffness for serious powerlifting as well. This option shows a colored shaft, with black Cerakote sleeves.
Rogue Cerakote Olympic Barbell with Black Sleeves - color options
Rogue Cerakote Olympic Barbell with Black Sleeves - color options

The second option is a colored shaft with chrome sleeves. Chrome has excellent durability to wear and abrasion, and the sleeves see a lot of wear and tear – as you can imagine.
Rogue Olympic Barbell Cerakote with Chrome Sleeves
Rogue Olympic Barbell Cerakote with Chrome Sleeves

And for a very limited time – Rogue has a cool looking black on black with red bushings model available of the Ohio and Bella bars. This was a MBF Exclusive, but there’s a few still left. Find it in Rogue’s Hot Deals section.

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Rogue Ohio bar with black on black cerakote, and red bushings - an MBF exclusive that is still available.  Get them while they last.

What sort of barbell do you need?
Rogue offers Cerakote on the following barbell models:

Which bar is right for you? It depends on the style of training you intend to do. Check out our guide to Rogue Olympic Barbells for an understanding of the key attributes of each type of bar.

There’s also a special Pink Edition for the Ohio Bar and Bella Bar, with proceeds from the sales being donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.
Rogue Ohio Bar Cerakote - Special Pink Edition - proceeds donate to cancer research fund

The bars also have Rogue branding in the center. To say it looks good is an understatement.
Rogue Cerakote Ohio Bar showing Rogue Branding

Once you’ve decided which barbell is the right choice for you, head on over to the Rogue Fitness site, and find out a bit more. A quality barbell is an investment – it will last for years and pay dividends in your training. But take a moment to make the right decisions. We hope that we’ve helped in that process.

Click to See The Rogue Color Barbell Options and Prices on the Rogue Website

Rogue Operator Bar – Camouflage

Rogue Camoflage Patterns - Rogue Operator Bar with Cerakote
And how’s this for cool – the Rogue Operator Bar 3.0 in two different camouflage patterns. Good whip, Olympic (20KG) bushing bar – and it looks great. Available in two custom patterns – Tek Grey Camo or Tiger Stripe Woodland Camo. Made in the USA.

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Rogue Operator Bar in Camo

In Summary – Rogue Cerakote Olympic Barbells

To some, a barbell is a barbell. But for others, they want an option that not just works, but looks good doing it. And the Rogue Cerakote line of barbells bring that to the table.

You may want to review our guide to garage gym power racks, guide to ideal weightlifting barbells, or our guide to Olympic weight plates as well.

Why Rogue Fitness Products?
We’re a Rogue Fitness affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend Rogue. It’s because their equipment is tough, durable, well-made, and made in America. Their equipment looks good, and works even better. Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. And that’s why we love them.

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