Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review

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Let’s review the brand new Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe.

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Here they are – the Nike Savaleos. It’s a more affordable Oly lifter when compared to the Romaleos 4 – but there’s even more differences, read on to find out …

This is Nike’s newest weightlifting shoe – and only its second shoe since the Nike Romaleos 4 came out last year.

How do the two compare? THat’s what we’ll talk about – and more.

Here are some of the styles we are going to look at:

Let’s take a look at this new shoe.

Nike Savaleos – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel – and see it in action live:

Bottom line? This shoe is a winner. It works for the intended purpose and it’s $80 cheaper than the Romaleos 4!

Nike Savaleos Sizing Advice

These shoes are sized similar to the Romaleos 4. They have a skinny, pointy toe – as compared to running shoes and cross-training shoes.

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With a pointy and narrow toe – I recommend you go 1/2 size up. That’s what worked for me.

I tested two sizes of this shoe – US Men’s 11 and 11.5. The 1/2 size up won.

I wear an 11 in the vast majority of shoes that I test – but the toe area is just too cramped in this shoe.

Therefore – I recommend you get the same size that fits you comfortably in the Romaleos 4 – and if in doubt you probably want to go 1/2 size up.

Nike Savaleos – Overview

One of Nike Savaleos’ best features is its flat, wide base with the same design as the Romaleos. This feature offers excellent stability to give you security when you are carrying heavyweights. It also has the durability and versatility of Metcon for cross-training. The Savaleos is lighter and multi-functional, making it perfect both for lifting and workouts.

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Here’s the Nike Savaleos. It’s lighter, has less drop, more cushion, and is quieter than it’s big brother – the Nike Romaleos 4.

Instead of two, Savaleos has a single fastening strap to minimize the weight of the shoe. It has a wide, stiff sole that guarantees contact with the ground, giving superior power transfer from the base and stability during lifting sessions. The Savaleos offers a lower drop of 12 – 15mm mm, which is lower than the Romaleos (at 19/20mm).

This makes it feel less extreme.

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This shoe has noticeably less drop as compared to the Romaleos 4.

Combine that with the lighter weight, and quieter sole – and you have a more versatile shoe than the Romaleos 4.

The Savaleos also features a Hand Stand Push Up (HSPU) clip to ensure you can do HSPU with minimum resistance against the wall. The wide strap, laces, and padded tongue provide a tight yet relaxed fit for the entire foot’s maximum support. The upper is lightweight and has holes for faster performance and breathability. The outsole of Savaleos is similar to the Romaleos, having slip-resistant rubber to guarantee grip.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (13)
Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPUs) won’t be a problem with this shoe. See that minimal drag knife edge? That will minimize friction against the wall.

There are some things we can’t show you in a photo. One of those is that this shoe is lighter too.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (18)
It’s lighter too.

It’s still heavy – because it’s a lifter, but you aren’t going to be running in it anyway.

It’s also quieter – with a lower-pitched sound with less “clatter”. Watch the YT review video above to hear. it.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (19)
The sole gives great grip, it’s flat with maximum contact area.

Nike Savaleos Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Nike Savaleos from Nike.

Whether you are new or not in training, you can now do weightlifting and crosstraining alternately with Nike Savaleos. This new shoe from Nike bridges the gap between weightlifting and WOD, and you can wear it every day. It is lightweight, durable, stable, and versatile.

Want more? Check out our comparison of the Savaleos Vs Romaleos.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (31)
Looking sharp in this colorway.

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Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review
Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review

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