Nike Metcon 8 Review

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We’ll be reviewing the Nike Metcon 8 in this article. It’s here – the most anticipated CrossFit shoe launch every year is the Nike Metcon series.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 67
Here’s the Nike Metcon 8. It’s a cross training shoe, perfect for CrossFit-style workouts. Why? It’s very firm and stable for heavy weightlifting – yet a lot more athletic than your average lifting shoe. The M8 is an evolutionary improvement over the Nike Metcon 7. Not that much has changed, to be honest – but that’s Ok because the M7 was a good shoe to begin with!

The Metcon series was introduced in 2015 and has since evolved to be one of the most sought-after series for cross-training shoes. Now in its eighth iteration, let’s see how it changed and improved from its predecessors.

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Let’s dive-in and take a look at this phenomenal cross training shoe.

Nike Metcon 8 Review

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 61
What do we expect in a shoe for CrossFit? Low drop (heel to toe drop) and it has to work for lifting heavy barbell weights. These shoes are definitely cross trainers and not running shoes!
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 47
This shoe is low-profile , with minimal heel-to-toe drop. It’s about 4mm, just like all previous Nike Metcon shoes. Please also note that although the shoe bears the phrase “hyperlift” – that concept is GONE. If you want to increase the drop – you can try dropping the real hyperlifts from the M6 into this shoe…
Nike Metcon 6 AMP Metallic Shoe Review (16) Hyperlift
This is the Metcon 6. It came with a hyperlift for each shoe. Combined with the removable midsole and the hyperlift shim underneath – this gives a total 12mm heel to toe drop.

To be crystal clear – the term “Hyperlift” is now stricly marketing fluff. There is no shim included with these shoes.

I think people will have mixed feelings on this – those that used the Hyperlift shims really appreciated that it made the shoes for comfortable and effective for squats, wall-balls, and more.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 29
It’s says “Hyperlift” – but it’s just a marketing term. THERE ARE NO REMOVABLE SHIMS INCLUDED WITH THIS SHOE, unlike the Metcon 6!

The Nike Metcon 7 didn’t have the Hyperlift shims either. What else might be missing from the Metcon 8? The flywire from the 7 is also gone.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 35
Laces no longer incorporate FlyWire. That’s OK – you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Ok, so FlyWire and Hyperlift shims are a thing of the past. Let’s focus on the positive.

This is one hell of a solid lifting shoe.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 57
It all starts here. The flat, all-rubber outsole has minimal tread – for the ultimate in grip on the gym floor.

These have great grip, with minimal tread depth.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 31
The outsole is super-solid. It’s also a noisy shoe – like every Metcon in existence. By noisy, I mean that the super-stiff heel will clip-clop on any hard surface – like the gym floor, tile floors, wood floors, etc.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 27
The rope wrap lives on. That’s the part where the tough outsole rubber wraps up around at the midfoot. Use this to grip ropes when you climb, and you won’t shred the upper.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 23
Here’s a closeup of the rope wrap.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 52
Sizing – this is a narrow shoe. I ordered 1/2 size up – as I have done for every iteration of the Nike Metcon series , and it fits me well.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 26
The new upper is reasonable and tough. It’s not super ventilated like the M6 was.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 34
Another difference from the M7 – the tab to protect the laces is a little less easy to use. They removed the lower hook and loop (velcro) that kept this tab temporarily in place while you tied the laces.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 42
If you liked the M7, the M8 is gonna feel so similar there is probably no point in upgrading. That said, if you are looking to replace an older pair of shoes -this is a good CrossFit shoe to get.

Nike Metcon 8 Versus Nike Metcon 7

Let’s compare the two shoes – side by side. The Nike Metcon 7 was launched in 2021.

Let’s compare the Nike Metcon 8 with it’s predecessor from last year – the Nike Metcon 7. This is Nike Metcon 8 versus Nike Metcon 7.

Nike Metcon 8 Versus Nike Metcon 7
Nike Metcon 8 Versus Nike Metcon 7 – Fight!

Key differences – Lace tab is lacking the lower velcro, FlyWire is gone.

Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 16
You see how on the M7 you had the lower velcro to keep the lace tab in place? That’s gone on the M8. Probably makes it a cheaper shoe to build.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 15
Hasta la vista FlyWire. It was on the M7, but is nowhere to be found on the M8.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 17
FlyWire is MIA on the Nike Metcon 8.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 09
The tongue is thicker and offers more padding on the M8.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 12
Let’s talk about what is the same. The outsole is equivalent on both shoes. That’s the Nike Metcon 7 on the top, Nike Metcon 8 on the bottom.
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 05
No differences in the heel.
Nike Metcon 8 Versus Nike Metcon 7
Nike Metcon 8 Versus Nike Metcon 7. There are some differences, but these two shoes are gonna feel almost identical to most people.

Nike Metcon 8 Review – In Summary

That’s our close-up look at the Nike Metcon 8.

Metcon 8 still has the same stability and durability known for the Metcon series. One major change is the lighter upper with improved airflow and strategically textured overlays that keep your feet cool without sacrificing durability. Metcon 8 is now available in different colorways for men and women.

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There’s many more styles of the Nike Metcon 8 available now.

You can also get the Nike Metcon 7 AMP and probably at a DISCOUNT!. Nike isn’t making this shoe anymore – so get your size while you can.

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Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 18
That’s the Nike Metcon 7 in the back, Nike Metcon 8 up front. Both are great for CrossFit.

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Nike Metcon 8 women black white right side
Nike Metcon 8 women black white right side

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Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 08
Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Review 08

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