5 Tips To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

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So here we go again, it’s almost New Year’s and for many of us that means New Year’s resolutions. Are you planning on getting into shape as a New Year’s resolution? Is weight loss one of your New Year’s goals? Well if you are like most Americans chances are that exercise, and fitness are going to be one of your New Year’s resolutions. However, what are a few ways that you can make this New Year’s resolutions goals easier than years past?

Can You Reach Your New Year’s Resolution? This Is How!

Happy New Year 2020
Ring in the New Year with health and fitness resolutions – but follow these tips to maximize your chance of success.

Tip #1: Have a Plan

Like with any goal, before you act it is important to outline a plan. For instance, if weight loss is your plan how are you going to take the proper steps to ensure that you achieve your weight-loss goals? It is essential to your success to visually outline ways in which you will reach your resolution. Sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm how you envision the process taking place.

Tip #2: Stay Motivated and Accountable Through Social Media

So, what are some good ways to stay accountable to your New Year’s resolution?

It goes without being said that social media is one of the largest platforms going these days. Not only can social media be good for sharing pictures and events with friends and family, but many personal trainers say it can also be a great source of accountability and motivation. For instance, if we use our previous example of weight loss, it’s very beneficial to join weight loss communities on these platforms. A platform such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. has many groups dedicated to weight loss and health. Joining these groups can be an excellent source of not only motivation but accountability.

A group of fitness enthusiasts taking a selfie in the gym
Posting on social media can help you stay motivated – and accountable, but there are other ways to keep the fire burning.

Tip #3: Set Goals

Another great way to stay accountable is setting goals. Without setting goals there is no structure to your New Year’s resolution. Not only that but setting short-term goals can be an excellent way to stay motivated in that achieving these goals along the way can give you a great sense of accomplishment. Remember however that your goals that you do set need to be attainable and specific, something that you can measure. Just saying I want to lose weight, for instance, isn’t a very good short-term goal. How much weight do you want to lose and how long should it take you to lose it? These are more optimal.

Keeping a journal is another excellent way to stay accountable and motivated. Keeping a journal can act as a support system. You can jot down your feelings along your journey. It helps to journal your feelings as a form of catharsis relinquishing all your anxiety and fears along the way.

Tip #4: Reward Yourself at Milestones

Rewarding yourself for accomplishing milestones and goals on the way can also be a great source of motivation and accountability. Ever since we were little kids, we would always receive some form of reward for accomplishment. Setting goals should be no different. For instance, if your short-term goal is to lose 5 lb. in 2 months once accomplished treat yourself by doing a little shopping. Having that positive reward system can be a very excellent way of staying motivated.

What many times proves to be the greatest source of accountability is letting friends, family, and colleagues know about your resolution. For instance, if you are looking to lose weight notifying your friends, family, and colleagues of your goal is going to help tremendously. The reason why obviously is that most times at home you will be surrounded by either friends or family, whereas at work, you are going to be surrounded by colleagues. There is always going to be the opportunity to cheat, however, more times than not you are going to be surrounded by one of these individuals who will certainly reinforce the idea of not cheating once they see you reaching for those treats.

Not only that but the guilt associated with having a friend or family member or even a colleague for that matter ask you why you’re eating that pizza when you’re supposed to be trying to lose weight, can certainly prevent you from taking that leap. So, without a doubt notifying the people that surround you of your intent is going to be a great source of accountability.

Woman performing yoga warrior pose outdoors

Tip #5: Expect roadblocks and plateaus – but keep moving forward

Finally, it is essential to understand the fact that you are going to have some roadblocks and some plateaus along the way. No goal whether short-term or long-term is ever accomplished without some bumps in the road. The trick is going to be not to let these bumps overwhelm you and set you back on your journey. By understanding that plateaus and bumps in the road are just a part of the journey it’s going to help tremendously regarding your mental state as you progress through the process of achieving your resolution.

Never get too upset or depressed during those down moments nor should you get too overconfident during those peaks knowing in the back of your mind that the road to achieving your goal is going to be a roller coaster.

Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution – In Summary

No matter what your New Year’s resolution may be, accountability and motivation are going to be two of the largest factors along the way to achieving your resolution. Remember no resolution can be achieved without consistency over time coupled with motivation and passion. The road to achieving a goal can be a bumpy one, however, with diligence is a road that can be achieved.

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A personal trainer working with a fitness enthusiast on a balance ball
A personal trainer can be a great assistance in achieving your fitness goals thanks to their knowledge and planning skills.