Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer full left front
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Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer

Let’s take a look at the Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer. Combining nine strength training machines in the footprint of a single power rack, G12 from Force USA is the ultimate pin and plate-loaded strength trainer home gym. With it, you can execute full-body training or break up your training days to focus on upper-body or lower-body training. It also contains built-in storage for an Olympic and Standard barbell, weight plates, and cable attachments for tidy, organized, and safe training. Only from Force USA: Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer – Overview The Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer integrates pin and plate-loaded weights for the ultimate home gym strength training system. The pin-loaded stack weights are attached to the Functional Trainer [Read more …]

Torque Fitness Tank M1 Sled workout with m1 two
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TANK M1 Push Sled

Here’s the new TANK M1 Push Sled – from Torque Fitness. This innovative push sled (you can pull it too!) uses magnetic resistance. That means no loading / unloading weights – and it is usable on nearly any surface! Weight sleds are great for big spaces, but it wouldn’t be practical if you will use them in your home gym. Not with Torque Fitness’ TANK M1. It is developed specifically for home gyms providing a quieter sled workout, space efficiency, and an excellent conditioning workout. The TANK is well-designed and utilizes magnetic resistance instead of weight plates and friction. New from Torque Fitness: TANK M1 Push Sled – Overview The Torque Fitness TANK M1 Push Sled is a versatile and [Read more …]

Fitness is one part of a healthy lifestyle, but nutrition is equally as important.

Sprint Interval Training – More Efficient than Traditional Endurance Training?

A new research study[1] shows that sprint interval training for twelve weeks enhances cardiometabolic health indicators, the same as doing classic endurance training regardless of a five-fold lower exercise volume and time commitment. Regular exercise generally benefits overall well-being and helps prevent and treat many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes. For instance, endurance exercise training improves cardiorespiratory fitness, generates skeletal muscle remodeling towards a more oxidative phenotype, and fosters favorable changes in insulin sensitivity. What was the Goal of the Research Study? Despite the connection between low amounts of physical activity and increased risk of many chronic diseases, the prevalence of physical idleness is higher than that of all other modifiable risk factors. Lack of time is one of [Read more …]

Grip Strength - indicator of strength and fitness
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Grip strength is inversely associated with DNA methylation age acceleration

A new research study[2] shows that those with relatively weak handgrip strength showed signs of accelerated aging of their DNA. Grip strength is a reliable marker of general muscle quality and strength. Those with weak handgrip have genes that appear to be growing old faster than those with greater strength. What was the Goal of the Research Study? The goal of this study was to resolve whether grip strength was associated with measures of DNA methylation (DNAm) age acceleration. There is huge evidence linking muscular weakness, as defined by low grip strength, to a host of negative aging-related health results. Given these links, grip strength has been labeled a ‘biomarker of aging’, but the pathways connecting grip strength to negative [Read more …]

Reebok Nano X3 Training Shoe worn by an athlete 4
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Reebok Nano X3 Coming Soon

The third version of the official shoe of fitness is almost here – launching soon is the Reebok Nano X3. Reebok announced the launch of the newest version of the award-winning Nano franchise, the Nano X3 Training Shoes. Known as the Official Shoe of Fitness, the Nano X3, like its earlier versions, delivers reliable performance, game-changing comfort, and a show-stopping sleek and stylish, versatile design with new updates. Reebok has a strong history in innovative fitness footwear. Aside from revolutionizing the world of fitness wear, the Reebok Nano series also birthed a new category. In the 80s, iconic models like the Freestyle, Ex-O-Fit, and Workout were used in gyms and studios, while in the 90s, its range of Cross Trainer [Read more …]

Nike HWPO Women’s Dri-Fit Cotton Crop T-Shirt main
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Nike Mat Fraser HWPO

Keep it fresh in the gym with the new HWPO Hard Work Pays Off collection from Mat Fraser and Nike. Nike, Rogue Fitness, and Mat Fraser come together again for another collection of HWPO apparel. The collection consists of different clothing for men and women designed and inspired by 5x “Fittest Man on Earth” Mat Fraser. Get it at Rogue: HWPO Hard Work Pays Off Apparel from Mat Fraser – Overview HWPO or Hard Work Pays Off is 5x CrossFit Games Champion, Mat Fraser’s personal mantra. It exemplifies tenacity, grit, unwavering focus, and greatness. This is also Mat’s inspiration for starting his online coaching business, HWPO Training. Before getting into CrossFit, Mat had a whole career in Olympic Weightlifting. He [Read more …]

Rogue Heavy Rail - Monster main
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Rogue Heavy Rail

Looking for more versatile options for the use of space in your garage gym? Check out the new Rogue Heavy Rail. it’s a great way to provide storage – or to mount equipment like a “land mine“. If you want to add versatility to your workout and new functionality to your garage or gym wall, the Rogue Heavy Rail is an excellent option. The Rogue Heavy Rail is a 3×3” 11-gauge steel channel devised to mount along the base of a gym wall for a broad spectrum of custom storage and functional training purposes. The Heavy Rail comes in two flavors – the “Monster” (like the racks) and the “Monster Lite”: Rogue Heavy Rail – Overview The Rogue Heavy Rail [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4 with MTNTOUGH+ Training Program Bundle coyote worn by an athlete

Rucker 4 with MTNTOUGH+ Training Program Bundle

Interested in rucking for fitness, but don’t know where to start? The new MTN Tough Bundle from GORUCK should help. This bundle consists of the Rucker 4 backpack (great for fitness!) plus a year long digital subscription to MTNTOUGH+ – A whole bunch of minimal equipment workout plans that have the outdoor enthusiast in mind. More than an exercise workout program, MTNTOUGH+ is a global online community of thousands of like-minded people committed to physical and mental strength. MTNTOUGH believes mental strength is as crucial as physical strength. This program presents an innovative workout of the day (WOD) program through Daily Minimal Gear workouts consisting of exercises using dumbbells, a kettlebell, a pull-up bar, a step-up box, body weight workout [Read more …]

Tea - Tea is a healthy drink, low in calories and loaded with nutrients
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Flavonols to Slow Cognitive Decline?

A new research study[1] suggests that eating more flavonols, antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruits, tea, and wine, may delay the speed of memory loss. They play a huge role in stimulating cell growth, fighting environmental stress, and drawing insects for pollination. What are Flavonols Flavonols are polyphenols that belong to the flavonoid family. Also known as 3-hydroxylamines, flavonols are the most widespread flavonoids in plant food. They are colorless molecules that compile primarily in the outer and aerial tissues of plants and plant products and work as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and vasodilatation effects. They also have been deemed possible anticancer agents and regulate various cellular signaling pathways. The most familiar flavonols found in foods include quercetin, isorhamnetin, kaempferol, [Read more …]

GORUCK GR0 - 16L Compact Rucksack - Made in the USA challenge


Looking for a smaller rucksack? The GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack is only 16L (Liters). Smaller but in every way tougher, the GORUCK GR0 is made to rock your day hike or any day activity. The craftsmanship of this ruck will tell it will last for a long time and stand up to whatever abuse the gym, mountains, cities, and jungles throw at it. GORUCK GR0 – 16L Compact Rucksack – Made in the USA GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack – Overview GR1 is the toughest rucksack ever built. Now make it smaller, and you get the GORUCK GR0. It was previously known as the Echo and is made for smaller frames and minimalist EDC. GORUCK GR is compact, robust, efficient, and [Read more …]