Nike Metcon 7 AMP Review

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Nike recently dropped a hot new style of the M7 – we’ll review the Nike Metcon 7 AMP.

The Nike Metcon 7 AMP is the gold standard for weight training and offers functional and creative changes from the previous version. It is a shoe for all-around training, CrossFit, and functional fitness.

Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 1
First of all – what’s an AMP Shoe? It’s functionally equivalent to the plain Nike Metcon 7 – it just has some wild styles – as seen here.

NOTE: The AMP line of shoes doesn’t really enhance performance over the regular Nike M7 – it’s just fancier looking. You’ll pay a little bit more for the premium look – but the style might be worth it. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Nike Metcon 7 AMP (Light Marine/University Blue/Deep Royal Blue/White) Nike Metcon 7 AMP - available from Rogue Fitness. This is the style we reviewed.
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Let’s take a look.

Nike Metcon 7 AMP – My Review

First of all – let’s be clear. The AMP line of shoes is a cosmetic upgrade. There isn’t any performance improvement over the non-AMP Nike Metcon 7 – which we’ve reviewed previously.

This is a style upgrade. But, let’s face it – this is a sharp looking shoe.

We’ll give you a tour of the various features of the Nike Metcon 7 – while we tour the style too.

Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 29
Here’s the AMP (blue) side by side with the regular Nike Metcon 7. Sizing, drop, cushion, toughness, outsole/midsole all the same between the two.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 28
Here’s another view of the AMP and regular M7 side by side. Note that everything is the same…
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 9
The Nike Metcon 7 AMP is a minimal drop shoe. That means it’s fairly flat – your heels aren’t but 4mm up higher than your toes. Contrast this with a running shoe that might have a drop of 10mm – or more. Why minimal drop? Makes it more versatile.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 17
Taking a look from the other side – we’ll note the rope wrap – in the center of the shoe the really tough and durable outsole wraps up around the midpoint of the shoe. This makes for a very abrasion resistant shoe when doing rope climbs. Rope climbs can shred a regular running shoe because you grip the rope with the sides of the shoe.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 21
What’s fancy with the AMP though is notice the rope wrap (and large parts of the outsole) are translucent – showing some cool graphics underneath.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 22
Here’s a closeup of the translucence. I like that they’ve done this on the rope wrap. The outsole is gonna get a bit yellow over time – so hopefully the topside stays looking sharp.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 20
The Nike Metcon 7 AMP has flat laces with Nike’s FlyWire to help ensure a proper, tight fit. The tongue is good – not too cushy – not too sparse.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 25
An M7 exclusive is the Lace Lock feature – you can fold this velcro tab over on top of the laces to ensure they don’t come untied. It works and it is simple. I like this versus the bulk of what some other shoes use (Reebok Nano Froning – for example).
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 32
That’s the AMP on the top – regular on the bottom. Flat, all-rubber outsole – great surface area for grip in the gym. This isn’t a trail running shoe.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 19
I like the upper on this – fairly breathable – not stiff. It’s not stretchy either though – do not expect a sock like fit.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 24
The heel is good – no heel slip – and it doesn’t come up to high – nor does it cut into the back of your ankle (unlike the Reebok Nano X2). There’s a TPU edge to the heel – it’s supposed to cut down on drag when doing HSPU – Hand Stand Push Ups.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 27
Sizing? It’s narrow – like all the Nike Metcon shoes. I recommend going 1/2 size up for comfort. YMMV.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 5
Like all the Nike metcon shoes – this is a NOISY shoe. The heel outsole is very stiff and makes a lot of clip-clop when walking on any firm surface. If you want a quiet cross-trainer – go for the Reebok Nano X2.
Nike Metcon 7 AMP Shoe Review 11
Verdict? It’s a Nike Metcon 7 – but it’s an visual upgrade. If you want to stand out a bit, the extra $10 or so that the AMP costs may be worth it.

Nike Metcon 7 AMP Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Nike Metcon 7 AMP.

The Nike Metcon 7 AMP is strictly a style upgrade. It costs a little bit more, but it has some very nice visual features. Beyond that – it’s a Nike Metcon 7. It feels a bit narrow (go 1/2 size up) and otherwise offers identical fit, feel, and performance to the M7.

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Nike Metcon 7 AMP worn 2
Nike Metcon 7 AMP worn 2

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Nike Metcon 7 AMP worn
Nike Metcon 7 AMP worn

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