Reebok Nano X2 Review

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The new for 2022 Reebok Nano X2 is available April 1st.

We’ve got the brand new Reebok Nano X2 – and here’s our review. We’ll cover the Nano X2 review but also Nano X2 Versus Nano X1, and Nano X2 versus Nano X.

Reeboking marketing tells us that the new Nano X2 is labeled as the “Official Shoe of You”. It is still the reliable shoe for various workouts known in the Nano series. It stays lightweight with a wide toe box and a comfortable foam midsole. But let’s see what changes and improvements Reebok has made to X2.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 37
Here’s the new Reebok Nano X2 – it’s an evolution of the X1 from last year. Is it still good for CrossFit – Yep – it is – read on to find out how they fixed the issues that the X1 had.

Let’s find out if that is true.

Get it now from Rogue, or Reebok, or Road Runner Sports:

Reebok Nano X2 (Grey/Black/Red) Reebok Nano X2 - This is the colorway we reviewed and the one that appears in most of these photos.
Reebok Nano X2 (Grey/Black/Red) Reebok Nano X2 - the style used in this review is also available from Road Runner Sports.

Let’s review this shoe.

Reebok Nano X2 Review

Firstly, let me state that they have fixed all the issues I had identified in my Nano X1 review – except for ONE. Which one is it? Read on to find out (or jump to the end!)

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 52
TLDR: It’s an evolution of the X1 – it’s more stable, better built, and provides more rigid support. Same drop, same cushion. That’s OK because it gives us some training options.

Overall this is an evolution of the X1.

This shoe is meant to be a versatile cross training shoe.

That means you can lift heavy weights, and do activities that require cushion – like running, jogging, or jumping.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 32
A side view of the Reebok Nano X2. I think this is the most versatile of the current crop of cross training shoes.

That’s the basic definition of a cross training shoe. What is a cross training shoe? It’s a shoe that you can use for more than one kind of workout.

How do you make such a versatile shoe? Well – you have to make some compromises – and we’ll talk about that. But realize that every cross trainer is compromises.

First of all, let’s talk about cushioning. The new Nano X2 line uses Reebok’s Floatride Energy cushion. It’s more cushion than has been there in the past – that’s good for running and jumping – or walking all day – to be honest.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 05
A healthy amount of Floatride Energy foam is in the midsole for cushion.

Here’s another things joggers and runners want – they want heel to toe drop. Why? Because there is mechanical advantage when your heel is slightly elevated above your toes – especially for distance and endurance.

Think about it – what’s the heel to toe drop (or just “drop”) on your purpose-built running shoes? Probably 10mm – maybe even more!

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 22
Ummmm drrrroooppp? It’s 7mm. More than the Nike M7 – less than a running shoe. Yeah!

The Nano X2 comes in at about 7mm – just like the X1 had – but more than the 4mm of the Nano X.

It’s lesser drop than a traditional running shoe because that’s what CrossFitters want – the lesser drop makes it good for heavy deadlifts and other things too.

Isn’t a lot of drop helpful for deep squats – yep – but we’ve got to make some tradeoffs here – so I’d call this a “medium drop” shoe.

The next thing is grip and traction – and this shoe is not a trail runner so you get an all-rubber outsole that’s flat (less stack height) and will maximize traction on the concrete gym floor through maxium surface area.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 31
There’s some drop, and some cushion – so there’s some stack height. When deadlifting a PR – you might want to pick something with less stack height. For reps – it ain’t gonna matter – the stack height is making you do more work – a good thing?

Cross trainers need to be tough as nails too – because they are subjected to stresses that other shoes just don’t get.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 29
This upper is tough, looks good, and it is comfortable.

All those crazy CrossFit activities – burpees, jogging, jumping rope, and rope climbing will put stress and abrasion on the upper and sides of the shoe.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 03
Sides are tough too – the “RopePro” and the tough sides let you climb ropes without shredding these shoes.

Therefore cross trainers tend to be heavy – because they are built like tanks. They have to be – otherwise they’d not last long.

This makes the cross trainer less desirable for LONG DISTANCE running – but plenty fine for heavy weights in the gym (like barbell lifts). Think about it – an Oly lifter like the Nike Romaleos 4 is VERY heavy – but it doesn’t matter – it does it’s job well.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 07
This tough TPU (Plastic) cage gives side to side rigidity and support. It’s beefier than on the X1. Good.

Given all those things, Reebok has done a good job of giving us a CrossFit shoe option that can lift weights and has some cushion. With more cushion and more drop than the main competitor (The Nike Metcon 7 – which we’ve reviewed this gives us a great option.

Nike Metcon 7 CrossFit Shoe Review (32)
The main competitor for the Reebok Nano X2 is the Nike Metcon 7. You’ll love to lift in these. Minimal drop and cushion makes them rock solid. Not good for distance or running or standing all day.

How about fit? I say true to size.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 47
Fit is true to size. Not as wide as the Nano X was, but still better than the Nike M7 line.

Isn’t nice to walk (or stand) all day in a shoe and be able to lift heavy in the gym? You bet it is.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 41
The Nano X2 gives us a great CrossFit training option with SOME cushion and SOME drop – but not too much. I approve.

Reebok Nano X2 – The Problems with the X1 that they fixed.

What did I NOT like about the X1?

The X1 looked cheaply built. Lots of visible glue. The “knit” upper looked cheap. The letters fell off the back – they were glued on.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 11
That’s an X1 on the right. The glued-on “NANO X.1” fell off. The letters on the X2 aren’t coming off.

The X1 had a weak, narrow tongue. Now the X2 does not.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 14
X1 tongue on the left. Too narrrow. X2 on the right – just right.

Overall, the build quality is good for a shoe that is going to be in the $135 dollar range (that’s about $5 more than the X1).

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 45
X2 – better built – no cheap looks.
Nano X2 versus Nano X1
That’s an X1 “Grit” in front. It’s tough, but looks generic and cheap. Build quality all over the map too – but the X2 fixes this.

Ok, so what’s the ONE THING they didn’t fix?

The heel cup / Achilles pad has a very aggressive curve to it.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 18
From the side profile, you can see that really aggressive heel cup is still there. This can run in a bad place, at least until it breaks in.

It can bite into the soft skin on the backside of your ankle – somewhere that doesn’t normally get abrasion.

Don’t be surprised if you end up with a blister or abrasion the first time you go long on wearing these.

It softens up and breaks in over time , but would be nice if this wasn’t an issue to begin with.

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 26
So, maybe the X3 will improve upon this, but for now the X2 is just like the X1 in this regard.

Reebok Nano X2 Versus Reebok Nano X

The Reebok Nano X is going to go down in history as a classic CrossFit training shoe. Why? Just read what we like when we reviewed the Nano X.

Reebok Nano X Cross-Trainer new for 2020
The Reebok Nano X was the 10th iteration of Reebok’s shoe meant for functional fitness and CrossFit style workouts. This is the cross trainer for hard core, heavy barbell lifts. But, it is horrible for running.

Maybe best of all – you can still get it – brand new – from Reebok.

How does the Nano X2 compare to the Nano X?

We’ll direct you to this article: Nano X1 Versus Nano X – given that the X2 is an evolutionary iteration all those things still apply.

Reebok Nano X1 Versus Nano X Training Shoe (6)
Everything we said in regards to Nano X versus Nano X1 still apply.

Reebok Nano X2 Tour of Features

The Nano X2 is now furnished with Floatride Energy Foam for a responsive underfoot feel. It has a revised softer heel clip for improved stability and a sharper look, and the new Flexweave knit upper boosts protection and breathability.

Reebok Nano X2 quarter front
Reebok Nano X2 quarter front

This shoe is made for exercises from squats to box jumps and burpees to wind sprints. It is a cross-training and weightlifting shoe that features a durable rubber outsole with a strategic lug pattern that offers dependable traction. It also has Reebok’s ROPEPRO quality in the outsole midfoot that adds bite for rope climbs.

Reebok Nano X2 outsole
Reebok Nano X2 outsole

The new attributes and colorways of the X2 edition are integrated with classic Nano performance and style, making it durable and versatile. It has a firm foundation with a broad, anatomical toe box and a comfortable collar for an all-day locked-in feel.

Reebok Nano X2 left side
Reebok Nano X2 left side

Take your training to the next level with the Reebok Nano X2. It is a cross-training shoe that will fit your routine with its improved upper, lower heel clip, softer heel, and cushioned forefoot. It is available for men and women and comes in Ftwr White/Core Black/Pure Gray.

Reebok Nano X2 Review – In Summary

That’s our in-depth review of the new Reebok Nano X2 CrossFit shoe.

Overall, I approve – the Reebok Nano X2 has fixed many of the deficiencies of the previous model (the X1).

Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 53
Reebok gives us a solid option in between a running shoe and the almost-too-hardcore Nike M7. These are pretty darn good!

I just wish they’d take out the aggressive curve of the heel cup / achilles pad – it can rub on a place that doesn’t get rubbed often – which means blisters and pain – at least until it breaks in.

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Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 35
We’re getting good grip from the flat, all-rubber outsole.

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Reebok Nano X2 right side
Reebok Nano X2 right side

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Reebok Nano X2 Review - CrossFit Shoe 39
Reebok Nano X2 Review – a CrossFit training shoe option for 2022.