Reebok Nano X – CrossFit Training Shoe Review

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The Reebok Nano X (get it now!) has just been released. This is the 10th iteration of Reebok’s shoe for functional fitness and CrossFit style workouts.

Reebok Nano X Cross-Trainer new for 2020
The Reebok Nano X is the 10th iteration of Reebok’s shoe meant for functional fitness and CrossFit style workouts. What’s new? That’s what we’ll talk about in this review.

What’s new? What’s different? What’s the same?

That’s what we’ll discuss (and show) in this hands-on review.

The Reebok Nano X was the runner-up in our review of the Best CrossFit Shoes for 2020.

Here’s some of the launch styles that are available now from (NOTE: We are an affiliate.)

Nano X Froning (Men's - Black / White / Reebok Lee 7) Known as The Fittest Man in History, Rich Froning Jr., joins the Nano franchise with these men's shoes. They were designed to fulfill all the needs of an elite athlete. Coming July 21st - these WILL SELL OUT!

Reebok Nano X (Black/White/White) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/White

Reebok Nano X (Cool Shadow/Black/White) Men's Training Shoe in Cool Shadow/Black/White. A pair of these are shown in some of the photos in this article.

Reebok Nano X (Vivid Orange/Black/White) Men's CrossFit Training Shoe in Vivid Orange/Black/White.

Reebok Nano X (Black/White/Vivid Orange) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/Vivid Orange. This is the colorway shown in most of these photos.

Reebok Nano X (White/Fluid Blue/Vivid Orange) Women's Training Shoe in White/Fluid Blue/Vivid Orange

Reebok Nano X (Cold Grey 2/Cool Shadow/White) Women's Training Shoe in Cold Grey 2/Cool Shadow/White

Reebok Nano X (Violet Haze/Mystic Orchid/White) Women's CrossFit Training Shoe in Violet Haze/Mystic Orchid/White

Reebok Nano X (Black/White/Glass Blue) Women's Training Shoe in Black/White/Glass Blue

Vertex Micro Crew Ultra-Light Cushion (Darn Tough) You know what kind of sock works best with a lightly cushioned cross trainer like the Nano X? Get a running or athletic sock with some padding in the heel and fore foot - like these from Darn Tough. Merino wool/Nylon/Lycra Spandex - made in the USA

Let’s take an in-depth look.

Reebok Nano X – Hands-On Review on YouTube

Why read when you can watch?

We give you the full run-down on the new Reebok Nano X – and compare it to the Reebok Nano 9 and the Nike Metcon 5.

From our YouTube channel:

Here’s a hands-on look at the the Reebok Nano X Froning special edition – and it includes a side-by-side comparison to the regular Nano X!

Reebok Nano X – Fit and Sizing

How does the Reebok Nano X fit?

It’s pretty much just like the Reebok Nano 9.

Reebok Nano X fit - runs true to size
The Reebok Nano X fits true to size – with a nice wide toe box. We recommend you order the same size as your Reebok Nano 9s – or just your regular shoe size.

And that means a super-comfortable, true to size fit, with a nice wide toe box.

Really, this shoe is the champ when it comes to wide feet (at least for cross trainers.)

And we’re happy to confirm that this is still the case with the Reebok Nano X.

It also fits true to size – a Men’s size 11 is perfect for me – and that’s what I wear in most athletic shoes.

The length is good, and the width is good too.

Reebok Nano X in Cool Shadow/Black/White
Reebok Nano X in Cool Shadow/Black/White. It’s one of the most comfortable cross trainers.

The other thing we like about the Reebok Nano X is it’s a very comfortable fit (in the upper – remember this is a cross trainer – so don’t expect tons of cushion underfoot.)

Reebok Nano X – What’s New and Different?

What’s up with the new shoe?

All we know is that it is “versatile” and Reebok claims “runnable”.

Beyond that, you can see a lot of similar styling cues.

Reebok Nano X
Reebok Nano X – What’s new and different?

It’s an evolution of the current Nano 9 – rather than a radical makeover.

All though Reebok is calling it “All new” – that’s not really the case.

The outsole and the general shape are very much like the Reebok Nano 9 in many ways.

But, that’s a good thing – because the Nano line has evolved to be a really good shoe.

Here’s a closeup look at the details:

The outsole is mostly unchanged – it’s a two-piece separated outsole that claims to help reduce shock to the forefoot when you land with a heel strike.

Reebok Nano X - Outsole view
The two-piece outsole returns. It is flat, grippy, tough and gives great traction.

There’s some flex grooves in the outsole, and it’s very flat, and meant for maximum contact area with the gym floor.

The outsole rubber is tough, durable, and very grippy – these give great traction.

The inside of the shoe is still labeled “ropepro” – that’s where that tough rubber outsole wraps up around the midfoot of the shoe – to give you somewhere to grip a rope with for a rope climb.

Reebok Nano X - Closeup of Rubber Protection Wrap
The rubber protection wrap helps make this one tough shoe.

They’ve also carried over the tough rubber protection wrap from the 9 – you can see in the side view it goes from the midfoot all the way around the heel in the back.

(These are super-tough shoes – just like their predecessors.)

It’s not until we get to the upper that we start to see differences from the Reebok Nano 9.

Reebok Nano X Flexweave
The Flexweave in the Nano X is a good material – it’s tough and good lucking – and makes for a comfortable upper as well. This is a dual layer material – there is an inner mesh as well.

This new version of Flexweave is softer and more pleasant to the touch – but it still feels tough and durable. Only time will tell if it will have the same durability as last year’s model -but my guess is that it will.

We’ve still got regular laces – but the tongue has changed a bit. It’s now stretchy and more streamlined.

Reebok Nano X - Tongue closeup
The tongue has stretch to it now – and it’s more streamlined. There are two padded sections at the top – which you can only see from the inside.

But it does have two padded areas at the top to combat lace bite.

The real big difference with the Reebok Nano X is the collar area.

The achilles pad comes up much higher, and the entirety of the collar has a nice dense foam ring around the inside.

Reebok Nano X - Collar
There’s a dense foam pad all around the collar interior – which makes for a lot of comfort.

The bootie like fit of the shoe is unchanged as well. There’s an internal part that cradles your foot, and a tougher “cage” that wraps around that.

The heel cup feels firmer to me – so I think they’ve done something there – perhaps gone with a thicker plastic.

That rigid heel cup of course helps when we’re lifting heavy weights so that your foot is well supported.

Reebok Nano X - Heel
The heel cup feels much firmer to me. You’ll also notice they’ve dropped the "CrossFit" branding. At this point people know the Nano is a CrossFit shoe – they don’t need it labeled as such.

Reebok Nano X – Feel in the Gym

How’s it work in the gym?

It’s a great cross trainer.

Reebok Nano X
CrossFit WOD and other functional fitness won’t be a problem in the Reebok Nano X.

These are great for lifting, jumping, short runs, jump rope, box jumps, and more.

They fit comfortably but they do feel a little more bulky than the Nano 9.

That’s because the heel and tongue come up higher – and the shoe weighs almost a full 1 ounce more than the Nano 9.

(They’ve added material – so that usually adds weight.)

Beyond that feeling from the upper – don’t expect a radical departure from the Reebok Nano 9 – after all the same basic shape and levels of cushioning are there.

Can You Run In the Reebok Nano X?

Reebok says these will be “runnable” – what does that mean?

Normally that means there’s enough cushion to go distance running.

Can you run in the Reebok Nano X?

Yes, of course you can – but they aren’t great for long distance running – and for many people they don’t have enough cushion to be great for short distances and sprints either.

Reebok Nano X and insole
Can you run in the Reebok Nano X? Yes, but they are cross trainers with minimal cushioning. There’s really not any more cushioning than was in the Nano 9 – at least that’s my opinion.

(This isn’t unusual for cross trainers – because of their versatility they tend to be mediocre running shoes at best.)

My feeling is that the Reebok Nano X has the same level of cushioning (or lack there-of) as the Reebok Nano 9.

So, if you find the Nano 9 pleasant to run in, you’ll feel likewise about the Nano X.

But again, this isn’t a running shoe – it’s a cross trainer – and we don’t want a ton of mushy cushioning for all those weights we’re going to lift…

Can You Lift in the Reebok Nano X?

The Reebok Nano X has plenty of firm, stable heel support for the kinds of weightlifting you might do in the CrossFit WOD.

This includes deadlifts, squats, and the Olympic lifts.

As cross trainers, they are quite versatile.

I wouldn’t reach for these to set a PR squat or snatch necessarily, but they are more than adequate for the weights you’d use in the typical functional fitness workout or CrossFit WOD.

After all, that’s what these shoes are designed for.

Reebok Nano X in Cool Shadow/Black/White - the outsole is flat and grippy
You can lift in the Reebok Nano X. The flat, grippy outsole is made for maximum contact with the gym floor, and the heel (outsole and midsole) are very firm.

They don’t have an outsized heel raise (it’s probably only 4mm – but Reebok hasn’t published any numbers), at least not like what you would find on an Olympic lifting shoe.

But, that’s OK, because we can use them for so much more than weightlifting.

Reebok Nano X Froning – Special Edition

In July 2020 Reebok released a special edition of this training shoe – the Reebok Nano X Froning.

What’s new and improved?

Reebok Nano X Froning
The Reebok Nano Froning X is a special edition. It looks nice, but the changes are mostly visual improvements.

Like most special editions, this is mostly a visual upgrade.

At first glance it looks like the forefoot strap might help with tightening the shoes – but on one end it is anchored with a very stretchy piece of elastic.

Reebok Nano X Froning - Forefoot strap
The forefoot strap looks like it might do something -but it doesn’t – it’s anchored with elastic that negates any tightening you attempt to do.

This means it’s impossible to get any real tightening effect.

The upper looks more sophisticated (but is slightly less comfortable).

Reebok Nano X Froning
The entirely different upper looks good though. The premium laces and the three string lacing system all make for a crisp, sharp look.

The premium laces are a nice touch and the 3 string lacing system helps make for a unique look.

This shoe is different from the regular Nano in that it is more of a slip fit shoe – it’s got a pull tab on the heel – but it still has real laces too.

Reebok Nano X Froning
Nano X Froning – a nice looking special edition.

Overall, it’s a great looking shoe – and it works (and fits) just like the regular Nano.

If you like the looks, you’d better buy it while you can – I’m sure it will sell out.

Reebok Nano X Froning On Foot
Here it is on foot. Looks good, and fits and feels like the regular Nano X.

Reebok Nano X Froning Versus Nano Regular
The outsole and midsole are the same on both (regular Nano X on top, Froning on the bottom). As such, they feel similar – and I expect they’ll perform the same.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9

Le’s compare and contrast with last year’s Reebok CrossFit shoe – the Nano 9.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
Here’s the Reebok Nano 9 – which is one of my favorite cross trainers. Let’s compare to the Reebok Nano X.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
Outsoles are basically identical.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
Just another view – showing the overall similarities.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
You’ll notice they are both the same basic shape – which is good, because they kept the super-wide, comfortable toe box.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
From the side you can see the higher profile of the Nano X – thanks to that longer tongue and raised achilles pad in the back.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
The Reebok Nano X has a thinner, stretchier tongue. There are two padded bolsters on either side to protect against lace bit. I like this more streamlined feel.

Reebok Nano X versus Reebok Nano 9
The Nano 9 had a tongue thick (all over) like a pillow.

The Reebok Nano X is about .9 ounces heavier than the Reebok Nano 9 (Men’s Size 11).

There’s just a little bit more material too it, and it weights in at 14.4 ounces.

Cross training shoes are tough – and built like a tank – these aren’t lightweight running shoes.

Overall, I like the more comfortable upper of the Nano X. I like (and prefer) the new collar and tongue – even if it adds a sensation of bulk.

And given that the levels of cushioning are the same – it’s still a great lifting shoe.

This video compares it directly (and in-depth) to the Reebok Nano 9:

Reebok Nano X Unknown

Here’s a mid-cut version of the Reebok Nano X – the Unknown (or Unknwn as the laces say!).

Reebok Nano X Unknown - Mid-Cut Nano Shoe
Here’s the Nano X Unknown – a mid-cut version of the shoe. It’s surprisingly light-weight, because the upper is very, very thin – all over.

It’s the Nano X outsole and midsole – with a very light-weight, thin upper.

Reebok Nano X Unknown - Side Profile
Same outsole, midsole ,and insole means the cushion is the same. But it feels less bulky – despite being higher cut.

It’s so thin and lightweight it’s actually 1 full ounce ligther than the regular Nano.

Reebok Nano X Unknown - Thin Upper
This photo highlights just how thin the upper is on the Nano X Unknown. A Men’s US Size 11 weighs only 13.2 ounces – that’s a full ounce lighter than the Nano X regular edition.

If you want the Nano experience, in a less bulky package – this would be my recommendation.

On a side note, the Nano X PR (Personal Record) is supposed to be light-weight, but weighs the same as the regular Nano X.

Reebok Nano X PR versus Reebok Nano X Unknown
The PR edition (shown here in White) is supposed to be made from lighter materials than the regular edition – yet it weighs the same. The Unknown is the real lightweight Nano champ.

One thing to note with the Unknown – there’s no heel cup inside.

We’ll do testing to confirm if this shoe offers the support we expect in a Nano CrossFit shoe.

Reebok Nano X Unknown - No Heel Cup
It’s thin – so there’s no way to incorporate the heel cup inside. Will this version of the shoe offer adequate support? We’ll test and find out.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5

Let’s compare to that other shoe that is popular for CrossFit – the Nike Metcon 5.

People love the Metcon 5 – it packs a lot into a pretty good looking package.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - side view
Let’s compare to the Nike Metcon 5 – another great cross trainer for CrossFit.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - top view
The toebox on the Nike Metcon 5 is downright cramped compared to the Nano X. In this shot, the Metcon 5 is a size 11.5, where the Nano X is a size 11. If you have wide feet, I recommend the Nano X. (I also recommend you go 1/2 size up on the Nike Metcon 5.)

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - top view
Another view from the top shoes that gloriously wide toe box on the Nano X. I also like the feel in the heel on the Nano X. I get a slight sensation of heel slippage on the Nike Metcon 5 – especially with the drop-in hyperlifts (that increase the heel to toe drop.)

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - outsole
Outsoles follow a similar pattern – tough, all-rubber, flat and maximum contact area. The rope wrap on the Nike Metcon 5 is massive, and goes way up the side of the shoe.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - heel
Heel versus Heel – both are firm and stable. I get no heel slippage in the Nano X – whereas the Metcon 5 doesn’t feel quite as good.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike Metcon 5 - rope wrap
Here’s another view from the side. The Nike Metcon 5 is about .9 ounces lighter than the Nano X (Men’s Size 11)

Overall, I feel the Nike Metcon 5 has more cushion – especially in the forefoot.

But, it’s not so much that you can’t lift in it – the heel is still pretty solid.

this is largely due to the “dual density midsole” that is literally two different pieces of foam grafted together.

Cushion up front, firm in the back (heel.)

That said, the Reebok Nano X overall feels more comfortable – the upper, the width, it’s a more comfortable shoe.

But, the difference may show up if you are on your feet a lot.

(Because of the lack of cushioning in the midsole of the Nano X.)

Having said that, if I’m going to be standing all day – I usually don’t wear cross trainers – as none of them have stellar cushion.

The Nike Metcon 5 is about .9 ounces lighter than the Nano X – a Men’s size 11 weights in at about 13.4 ounces.

Reebok Nano X Versus Nike React Metcon

The Nike React Metcon ditches the dual density midsole of the Nike Metcon 5 for a single-density midsole made from Nike’s React foam.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike React Metcon
The Nike React Metcon uses a slab of Nike’s React foam for the midsole. It is a mild improvement over the Nike Metcon 5 – there’s just not enough foam to make a big difference.

React is a cushioning system used in many of Nike running shoes that gives a light, springy, bouncy feel of crisp energy return with every footstep.

The problem in the Nike React Metcon is that the thin slab of React used is not nearly as thick as that in their running shoes – and so most of that magical feeling is lost.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike React Metcon
Both have a pretty tall side profile. I find the Flexweave of the Nano X to be much more comfortable than that of the Nike React Metcon. They call it Flyknit, but it’s nothing like that used in their running shoes (which is excellent.)

That said, it is a mild improvement in cushioning over the Nike Metcon 5 – albeit with a squishier feeling heel.

How does it stack up against the Nano X?

It does have more cushion underfoot – if that’s what you want.

But I’m not a fan of the Nike React Metcon – it doesn’t have regular laces, and the “Flyknit” used in this shoe is anything but the light, breathable version in the running shoes.

They really have called it something else.

For these reasons, I don’t normally recommend the Nike React Metcon.

Reebok Nano X versus Nike React Metcon
The Nike React Metcon shares the same basic shape as the Nike Metcon 5. The Nano X is better for those with wide feet, in my opinion.

Reebok Nano X Shoe Review – In Summary

Reebok didn’t mess with success. The Reebok Nano X is a mild iteration of the features we saw on the Reebok Nano 9.

I think that’s what we all expected – they weren’t likely going to do a major shoe reboot on the 10th version of the shoe.

That said, I like it a lot.

It feels more comfortable and is an excellent choice for a CrossFit or functional fitness training shoe.

Reebok Nano X - Closeup Heel View
Reebok Nano X – a great shoe for CrossFit – even if it’s no longer printed on the heel.

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Reebok Nano X - insole
The Reebok Nano X is a cross-trainer – so don’t expect a ton of cushion. That’s OK, because it means we can lift heavy weights in it.