GORUCK Tribe Workout Program Review

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Let’s review the new GORUCK Tribe workout program from GORUCK.

GORUCK Tribe Workout Program from GORUCK (4)
What’s Tribe? This is new from GORUCK for 2021 – it’s a 4-year training program. It’s a monthly subscription – do the ruck miles, a tough WOD, and some reading too – you’ll get a patch, and if you stick with it – exclusive gear later on.

Choosing the harder path is what GORUCK Tribe is committed to take. Tribe formally launches in January 2021, with the theme of the year, “Seek Pain”. Full cycles are four years in duration. By subscribing, you will receive a new patch each month – attainable only if you read the book, do the workout, and the ruck mileage.

GORUCK Tribe Patch Seek Pain (10)
Here’s the first patch of the GORUCK Tribe program. On a GORUCK TAC Hat, of course.

Where do you sign up? Direct at GORUCK of course:

GORUCK Tribe What's Tribe? This is new from GORUCK for 2021 - it's a 4-year training program. It's a monthly subscription - do the ruck miles, a tough WOD, and some reading too - you'll get a patch, and if you stick with it - exclusive gear later on. Think of it as a way to improve your body and your mind.
GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training (SRT) Program Looking for a daily WOD style workout 5-6 days per week? That's what SRT is There's an amazing variety of tough workouts you can do with little more than a weighted backpack, a big bag of sand - and some fiendish creativity. Let Cadre DS show you the way in GORUCK's Sandbag & Ruck Training. No book reading required.
GORUCK Rucker 3 The newest version of the Rucker is now available. How has it improved? Less abrasive straps, improved frame sheet, reflective stripe, and a lumbar pad. The Rucker 3 is the right tool for Tribe or SRT programs.
GORUCK Ruck Plates The best weight for your GORUCK backpack is the ruck plate. Yeah, they are expensive - but the take up the least amount of room so you can pack useful items and they are quite secure in the proper GORUCK rucksack.
GORUCK MACV-1 Rucking Boot Wear any shoe that is supportive and comfortable. But, if you try the MACV-1 you'll be doing yourself a favor. It's a spot-on mix of support and cushion - great for the heaviest exercises in this program but also outstanding for miles and miles of weighted ruck marching.
Tribe by Sebastian Junger Tribe by Sebastian Junger is the first assigned reading material. It's a short, easy read - you might be able to finish it in one sitting. There's an e-book, paperback, or audio - your choice.

GORUCK Tribe – Overview

Pain is inevitable, and when we overcome painful situations, we appreciate life even more, and we discover the strength we never thought we have.

GORUCK Tribe Workout Program from GORUCK (3)-crop
What to expect in GORUCK Tribe? Lots of ruck mileage, some WOD PT, and some reading…

GORUCK Tribe is into seeking that strength hidden within us. The GORUCK Challenge started in 2010, and Goruck has ever since been synonymous with the harder path.

This harder path is not meant to be traveled alone as this is a real community of people encouraging each other a little bit harder.

You know, like a tribe.

GORUCK Tribe Workout Program from GORUCK (5)
Why is it called GORUCK Tribe? Read the first month’s reading selection and you’ll have a better idea.

The book selection (required reading) for the first month explains that concept in greater depth.

Each month has a theme and for January 2021, it is PAIN.

To earn a patch every month, each participant is expected to have:

  • A workout to be completed during the month. It’s not an impossible workout, but it’s pretty tough.
  • A Cadre led-discussion on the book of the month (The first month covers Sebastian Junger’s Tribe)
  • HQ & Cadre Check-ins on the month’s themes with how they relate to everyone’s lives.
  • Option to buy a tee shirt
  • “We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” – C.S. Lewis

    The first month’s reading selection is Tribe by Sebastian Junger. It’s an easy read at about less than 100 pages – and has some interesting tales within it.

    GORUCK Tribe calendar 2021
    GORUCK Tribe calendar 2021-crop

    Equipment needed? Seems like just a rucksack and your baseline weight is all it’s gonna take. You can use a sandbag for some of the first month’s WOD, but you could sub in a rucksack with weight.

    GORUCK Rucker 3 Versus Rucker 2
    That’s the Rucker 3 on the right – with the reflective panel and blue MOLLE. It’s a 20L ruck (the only version available at launch.) The other bag is a 25L Rucker 2.
    GORUCK Ruck Plate 30 lb
    GORUCK ruck plates lets you get the weight you need in a compact shape. And it’s not like having a ton of crap making a lot of noise (or moving) in your backpack (oops, I mean rucksack).

    GORUCK Tribe – January 2021 – “Seek Pain”

    For January, here are the details:

    Workout: Miller Hero WOD (It’s a 3 mile ruck, 12 rounds of PT, then another 3 mile ruck)

    Rucking: 1 mile/day. 5-mile penalty ruck per day missed. Use your baseline weight.

    Book: Tribe, by Sebastian Junger (There’s probably an audio version for those that don’t care to read.)

    Additional Tasking: Reach out to and connect with one person you haven’t been in contact with for too long. Ruck with them, side by side, or virtually (phone call) while rucking.

    Have we started it? Of course, you better get on the ball too – that 5-mile penalty ruck is gonna add up quick…

    Robbie Miller Hero WOD

    The Robbie Miller Hero WOD was the required workout for January 2021.

    It’s as follows:

    3 Mile Ruck

    12 Rounds: – 6 x Sandbag/Ruck Rows – 6 x Burpee Squats (Full Burpee with Jump followed by Squat) – 6 x 4 Ct Mountain Climbers – 6 x Rucksack Getups

    3 Mile Ruck

    I finished in 2 hours, 58 minutes. I’m age 48, 190 lbs body weight, and used a 37 lb rucksack.

    This burned 922 calories, according to my WHOOP strap.

    Overall, this was a fun workout.

    And so far, this has been a good program for me.

    Previously I’ve done the GORUCK SRT program – but honestly, I’d call that high volume, high intensity.

    Tribe is fitting better with my needs and recovery constraints.

    GORUCK Tribe Versus GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program

    How does this compare and contrast to GORUCK’s SRT program?

    We reviewed that in depth – think of SRT as being a tough WOD 5-6 days per week.

    (And some of them are REALLY tough – but they can be scaled of course.

    GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program - suitcase lift
    GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program – think of this one as more of a “Daily WOD” kind of workout – without much ruck mileage.

    Tribe has more of a ruck mileage focus.

    There’s still a tough WOD – but seems like you only have to go through that once a month (minus any prep you have to do to survive that one attempt.)

    The daily ruck mileage in Tribe is (so far) only 1 mile per day – so most should be able to fit it into their regular schedule.

    GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training (SRT) program review
    There’s a lot of fitness improvements that can be had with this simple equipment … no matter whether you are doing the Tribe program, or SRT.

    The SRT program doesn’t require any book reading.

    Think of Tribe as building your brain and your spirit as well as your body.

    SRT won’t earn you a patch every month either.

    SRT is a high-volume (6 workouts a week), high-intensity workout program.

    Tribe is much lower-intensity, and the time commitment is lower. Generally, I can ruck that 1 mile per day much quicker than I was able to do most SRT workouts – although those vary in length.

    GORUCK Tribe Cadre

    To those of you who choose the harder path, GORUCK Tribe brings organization and inspiration. Tribe is a way of life, and the Cadre and community are your accountability partners. They all have experience in Special Operations or Intelligence, and they are all here to labor with you:

    GoRuck Tribe Jason Mccarthy
    Jason Mccarthy – Founder of GORUCK, 10th Special Forces Group. The Originals.
    GoRuck Tribe Emily Mccarthy
    Emily Mccarthy – Co-founder of GORUCK. CIA Case Officer. More of a poet than a warrior.
    GoRuck Tribe Richard Rice
    Richard Rice – 5th Special Forces Group, MACV-SOG, Delta Force, and other Special Mission Units from Vietnam to Mogadishu. Oppressors Beware.
    GoRuck Tribe Dan Skidmore
    Dan Skidmore – Air Force Combat Controller. Director of GORUCK Training, SRT (Sandbag & Ruck Training). First There.
    GoRuck Tribe Roger Sparks
    Roger Sparks – Force Recon Marine, Air Force PJ, Silver Star Recipient, Tattoo artist in Eagle River, Alaska. Swift, Silent, Deadly.
    GoRuck Tribe Monster
    Monster – President of GORUCK. Always working for you, GORUCK Nation. Keeps everyone in line, including Jason.

    GORUCK Tribe Review – In Summary

    That’s our review of the GORUCK Tribe from GORUCK.

    To seek pain is a choice to seek strength, courage, and purpose. GORUCK Tribe is here to accompany you should you choose the harder path.

    Those who complete all 12 months in a calendar year will receive a special patch for that year. Those who will stand strong and will complete the full four-year cycle will earn a limited edition piece of gear and patch that will never be for sale.

    GORUCK Tribe earning the patch

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    Rucking – it’s walking with a loaded backpack. It’s a great, low-impact workout.