Cyber Monday Gym Equipment Deals

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Cyber Monday Deals on Gym and Exercise Equipment have begun.

We’re tracking all of the best sales right here (the star rating is judged based on the number of items on sale, the discount amounts, and other perks like shipping deals):

VendorSales Rating (more stars is better)
Rogue Fitness (Sale on NOW!)
Rep Fitness (Sale on NOW!)
Vulcan Strength (Sale on Now!)
Get Rx’d (Sale on Now!)
Force USA (Sale on Now- use discount code FAM5 for 5% off)
Fringe Sport (Sale on NOW!)
GORUCK (Sale on NOW!)
Amazon (Coming Soon)
American Barbell (Coming Soon)

Cyber Monday is your LAST CHANCE to save big on gym equipment – not just because of the discounts and sales, but the shipping deals are often as good as they will get all year.

Let’s dive right in.

Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday Sale (Matte Black November)

First of all, the most anticipated Cyber Monday sale for 2019 is Rogue Fitness’ Matte Black annual sale.

Why? Because they don’t really have sales throughout the year (just “hot deals” on individual items).

It’s a BIG sale – and their “5 ships for $5” and “Hundo Pricing” are the two best ways to really maximize your savings.

Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday 2019 is now Matte Black November
Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday 2019 is now Matte Black November – with sales all month long!

This year Rogue Fitness went all in – their Matte Black November sale (including “Matte Black Friday”) started on November 1st, and continues through Dec 2nd.

Quantities are limited – and many sale items have already disappeared.

What does Rogue Fitness have? (Don’t act like you don’t know – they are the most desirable brand name in gear for strength training, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit).

They have Hot Deals, MBF exclusives, Hundo pricing (buy more weight – save more), and of course their “5 ships for $5” deals on many items.

Most importantly, take advantage of their 5 for $5 shipping if you can. That’s a big part of the savings.

Here’s a few of the items you can get through 5 for $5 shipping:

Rogue 5 for 5 shipping during Cyber Monday is the best way to save big on gym equipment in 2019.
Rogue 5 for $5 shipping during Cyber Monday is the best way to save big on gym equipment in 2019.

Not sure if you should pull the trigger? The “matte black” pricing is always the best pricing of the year from Rogue – It’s not going to get any better.

Rep Fitness Cyber Monday

Rep Fitness is an up and comer in the gym equipment market.

They make quality stuff – at bargain prices (just check the reviews on reddit.)

Their line of weight benches (flat, adjustable, and FID) are the best in the business. And their power racks are exceptional as well.

Rep Fitness Cyber Monday - Everything is on sale for Cyber Monday 2019.

They have innovative designs that are competitive with the bigger companies – and a lot of great color options too.

Here’s just one example, the AB-5000 adjustable FID bench:

AB-5000 Adjustable Bench Cyber Monday 2019 Rep Fitness

It’s got a great design, high quality build – and you can customize it to match your garage gym theme (mine is RED.)

The Rep Fitness Cyber Monday sale will start on Monday November 25th, and run through December 1st.

Rep is our “go to” for high quality equipment on the cheap.

And they have all REP branded products on sale.

This includes their best products – like the AB-5000 FID bench, the new AB-5200 adjustable bench, and maybe even the PR4000 and PR5000 v2 power racks.

They’ve “pre-announced” that they’ll have 5-15% off much of the website, plus “door busters”.

Here’s one tip for you : if you have your eye on any Rep Fitness equipment (like the excellent AB-5000 adjustable bench) – you better grab it right away.

Their most popular items are frequently out of stock on their popular items.

Rep Fitness Cyber Monday Sale Soon

Want to know more about what they’ve got? Check out their website now and plan your purchases beforehand.

Vulcan Strength Cyber Monday Deals

Vulcan Strength’s Cyber Monday Sale has already started.

They have a variety of “locked-in” discounts and tiered discounts – spend more, save more.

Here’s a sampling of some of their best deals.

  • 15% off Pro Ballistic Wall Balls
  • 15% off Absolute Kettlebells
  • 20% off Slam Balls
  • 20% off Black Bumper Plates – This is a GREAT Deal
  • 20% off Elite Bearing Barbell – A bearing barbell is a necessity for serious Olympic weight lifting.

They have some unique items too – like the Alpha bumper plates:

Alpha plates from Vulcan Strength

Spend over $4,999 and you’ll get free shipping too.

Vulcan Cyber Monday Sale Gym Equipment

What do they have? Everything you need to outfit a garage gym or home gym.

Bumper plates, barbells, power racks, specialty bars, GHDs, kettlebells, conditioning equipment, and much more.

GetRX’d Cyber Monday CrossFit and Exercise Equipment Deals

GetRX’d Cyber Monday Sale has also begun.

They are “one stop shopping” for all your CrossFit and box outfitting needs.

Be sure to check out their line of “Xebex” branded air bikes and rowers.

Get Rx'd Cyber Monday Sale

It’s a house brand, but of pretty good quality – and cheaper than the name brand rowers and air bikes you see elsewhere.

Xebex Air Bike - on sale from Get Rxd for Cyber Monday
  • Xebex Runner – $3000 – This is a manual, curved treadmill – compare to the Assault Fitness AirRunner.
  • Xebex Air Rower 2.0 – $619 – A cost effective alternative to the Concept2. It’s not equivalent, and it can’t be used for CrossFit Open scores.
  • Xebex Air Bike – $580 – But – an Air Bike is an Air Bike – Compare to the Assault Fitness AirBike or Rogue Echo Bike
  • Foam Suppression Mats – $168 (when you buy two)
  • Wall Mount Folding Squat Rack – $270 – These are all the rage for 2019 – use your garage for your workout AND your car!
  • Power Cage (Power Rack) – $599
  • Stealth Bars – starting at $175 (these are needle bearing bars with a lifetime warranty!)

(Just remember that the CrossFit Open workouts doesn’t accept rower scores unless they come from a Concept2 rower!)

They have more too, like galvanized power racks and rigs – these are great if you are putting equipment outside.

GetRxed has galvanized racks on sale for Cyber Monday

Force USA Cyber Monday Sale

In the market for some “all-in-one” strength equipment?

Be sure to check out Force USA Cyber Monday Sale.

One piece of their equipment can literally be your entire home or garage gym.

And for Cyber Monday, they are offering 0% financing.

But, what is even better : use our exclusive discount code FAM5 to get 5% off your entire Force USA order.

This is the highest level of discount that Force USA offers.

What kind of gear do they have? Here’s the top of the line G12 All-In-One – it’s a commercial quality power rack/cable machine/smith machine/functional trainer – but at home gym prices.

G12 - now on sale for Cyber Monday

Seen anything else like that? No – you haven’t – they have some great innovative designs.

Not looking to go that big?

They have other gear too – like Leg Press Machines (including a compact option) and weight benches, and more.

They also have a very affordable, yet expandable line of power racks called MyRack.

It’s a great option for a home gym or garage gym.

Cyber Monday MyRack from ForceUSA

Let’s wrap up and look at one more great place for deals and discounts.

Cyber Monday Concept2 Rower Deals?

What’s the best way to get a Concept2 Model D rower on the cheap?

Combine Rogue’s $900 price (which is always the lowest around) with “5 for $5” shipping, and the fact that you MIGHT not have to pay sales tax (I don’t – I’m in Florida) – and you have the cheapest option for getting a brand new Concept2 rower.

Concept2 rower sale Cyber Monday

Even better – get all 3 Concept2 conditioning equipment (BikeErg, Rower, and SkiErg) for only $2,600 – but HURRY – they are nearly sold out!

Concept2 Cyber Monday Sale Cheapest Price

By the way, the Concept2 stuff never goes on sale. That’s the best price you are going to get – at any time of the year.

Amazon Cyber Monday Gym Equipment Deals

Amazon can be a great source for gym equipment too. There is a lot of options ranging from brand name products to off-brand alternatives.

So, be sure to check out what they have for sale via their Amazon Exercise Equipment & Gym Equipment page.

American Barbell Cyber Monday Sale

American Barbell is a maker of fitness and gym gear.

Much of it is made in the USA.

They have not yet announced any details regarding a Cyber Monday Sale, but we expect they will.

We’ll have more details when they do.

What do they sell?

Barbells are their speciality. They were one of the first companies to put cerakote (a thin-film ceramic polymer coating) on barbells. This makes them look good – and resist rust and corrosion.

But, they make more than that – they also were one of the first to bring urethane bumper plates to the market – these look great on day one – and keep looking great for years.

American Barbell is the first company to manufacture a urethane bumper plate. These bumpers are exceptionally durable and have a very low bounce. We use premium German urethane to ensure the highest quality and bright, vibrant color. All markings & logos are color molded into the bumper creating an excellent look and long lasting performance. The 140MM hard chrome hub is a solid one-piece construction and has a chamfer for easy bar loading and reduced bar sleeve wear.

They also make power racks and rigs (as you’d see in a CrossFit box).

A lot of their gear is commercial quality, but they have great options for home gyms too.

Fringe Sport Cyber Monday Sale

Fringe Sport is a scrappy up-and-comer in the CrossFit/Box/WOD gear space.

They have a lot of decent products – and always free shipping.

The Fringe Sport Cyber Monday/Cyber Monday sale for 2019 is beginning with “lightning deals” all this week at 9am CT (Central Time) – that’s time limited, limited quantity sales.

Fringe Sport Cyber Monday Sale 2019

Their Cyber Monday Sale will commence on Thursday, November 28th at 11pm CT – In other words this is a proper Cyber Monday sale, somewhat.

A highlight of their Cyber Monday sale is always the LIGHTNING DEALS they have – fast sales announced on very short notice with limited quantities – but they usually represent a significant discount.

What gear do they have? It’s a heavy tilt towards CrossFit-centric stuff – bushing and bearing bars, squat stands, wall balls, slam balls, kettlebells, etc.

The 15 Kg Shorty Barbell by Fringe Sport - Specialty for compact spaces. Great for any small garage gyms or boxes, competitions, traveling, junior athletes, or general use for Olympic, Power, and WOD lifts.

GORUCK Cyber Monday Sale

GORUCK makes ruck march gear – there “rucksacks” are mil-spec backpacks that can be used for fitness purposes too..

You saw the “Rucker” at the CrossFit Games 2019.

GORUCK’s Cyber Monday Sale is on: Rucksacks (GR1, Bullet, Rucker, and more), sandbags, field pockets, packing cubes, apparel and more are on sale – while supplies last!
The GORUCK rucker backpack in use during a CrossFit event
The GORUCK Rucker – not just a backpack – it’s also a fitness tool you can use anywhere.

Cyber Monday Gym Equipment Sales – In Summary

Cyber Monday is your last chance to buy gym equipment.

You can save a lot thanks to discounts on pricing, but there are usually some outrageously good deals on shipping too.

And shipping is a big factor in the cost of acquiring heavy gym equipment.

So, look for free shipping or shipping deals like Rogue’s “5 for $5” shipping.

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