Find out what's new with the Nike Metcon 4 - What have they improved over the Nike Metcon 3?

Nike Metcon 4 vs Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoe

Nike’s best cross training shoe – the Nike Metcon 4 – is now available online on “Nike iD” (this is what they call their online shoe customization service) on, at select retailers, and online via Rogue Fitness. Click to See The Nike Metcon 4 Price on the Rogue Fitness Website The majority of my workouts in 2017 were done in Nike Metcon 3s – and I love them. So to set the stage for the new model, let’s review what made the Nike Metcon 3 shoe special – and find out what they’ve improved upon in the new Nike Metcon 4. But first, a teaser about the Metcon 4… Nike’s premier cross training shoe in 2017 was the Nike [Read more …]

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoe - a classic example of a raised-heel solid sole shoe specifically for the Olympic weightlifting movements.

All About Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting Shoes – Why You Need Them to Lift Heavy Lifting heavy requires the right footwear. Many people lift using normal sneakers or running shoes – and that’s a big mistake. But weightlifting isn’t the only training we’ll consider. We’ll talk about options for the daily WOD also – which incorporates a lot more variety of training. Plates under your heels? In the olden days we squatted with the smaller 2.75 lb. plates under our heels (or a board). This gave the same effect as the raised heel of a proper weightlifting shoe – but it was hard to get the plates in the right position – and awkward to keep them there. This is a practice that is best [Read more …]

Holiday Gift Guide for CrossFit - Great gift ideas for those that are crazy about CrossFit.

CrossFit Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas for Those That Are Crazy About CrossFit Need good holiday gift ideas for an avid CrossFitter in your life? Here’s some great gift ideas for 2017. In this guide we’re going to focus on items that are inexpensive, small (easy to ship), useful, and will be appreciated by those that are crazy about CrossFit. Great Birthday Gift Ideas None of these gift ideas are specific to the holidays. Your CrossFit lover will appreciate any of these gifts for any occasion – birthdays included. Want to impress them with a thoughtful, useful gift? Read on… What makes these the best CrossFit gift ideas? They’ll all be useful, functional items. Something that they will find real value in. And [Read more …]