Best Kettlebells – the Buyer’s Guide to Kettlebells

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Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells – Made in the USA Rogue Fitness now has a new line of made in the USA kettlebells – with their glossy and tough “e-coat” coating – available now.

Let’s talk about the best kettlebells– the versatile hand held weight that resembles a cannon ball with a handle.

Kettlebell Kings are Kettlebell specialists - "The Kings" set includes 3 different sized kettlebells of excellent quality.
Kettlebell Kings are Kettlebell specialists – "The Kings" set includes 3 different sized kettlebells of excellent quality.

We’re going to explain why you should add kettlebell lifts to your workout, and what the best kettlebells look like.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best kettlebell brands around – those from: Kettlebell Kings, Rogue Fitness, and Fringe Sport.

Power Coat Kettlebells (Kettlebell Kings) Kettlebell Kings is our top pick for a quality kettlebell. Quality and finish are excellent. They are easy to grip and they have the widest selection of kettlebells styles
Competition Kettlebells (Kettlebell Kings) Kettlebell Kings also carries competition kettlebells - these are manufactured to tight tolerances, and they are all the same size - which makes training with them more consistent (But, they are more expensive and take up more space!)
E-Coat Kettlebells (Rogue Fitness) Rogue has a line of kettlebells made in the USA - with E-Coat. It's tough, durable, and glossy. Available in many sizes.
Powder Coat Kettlebells - Made in the USA (Rogue Fitness) Rogue is now making powder coat kettlebells right here in the USA - Made in Ohio - these are very high quality. The class A black powder coat has a textured feel with excellent resistance against scratches, chipping, and fading.
Kettlebells (Rogue Fitness) Rogue Fitness also makes excellent quality powdercoat kettlebells - available in a variety of sizes.
Cerakote Kettlebells (Rogue Fitness) Rogue also has kettlebells with clear Cerakote - this is a thin film ceramic coating that will keep these bells looking good long into the future. These are made in the USA.
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And whether you need a single kettlebell or a kettlebell set, we’ll tell you what you need to know.

To understand what makes the best kettlebell, let’s recap how they are typically used.

And no matter which brand you decide to go with, you’ll understand why it stands out.

Why Use Kettlebells For Fitness? (Kettlebell for beginners)

First of all, how is a kettlebell different than a dumbbell, a fitness implement that nearly every gym has?

Kettlebells are great for hip hinge movements such as the kettlebell deadlift.
Kettlebells are great for hip hinge movements such as the kettlebell deadlift.

A kettlebell is heavy like a dumbbell – so it obviously provides the resistance you need to develop strength and power. The difference with the kettlebell: the handle and offset mass means it’s great for ballistic movements such as swings, cleans, and snatches.

That offset mass also means it’s a challenge to stabilize.

Kettlebells are great for the “hip hinge” movement – they can be done slowly as in a deadlift, or quickly as in a kettlebell swing.

How many kettlebells do you need?

You can use kettlebells singly, or in pairs. Single arm (or single leg) exercises help build core strength and stability. As your body struggles to keep the offset resistance stable and resist rotation you’ll get a great core workout. For swings you can swing one kettlebell with one hand, or two. Or you can swing two kettlebells.

Single leg or single arm exercises also help prevent strength imbalances – most everyone has a strong arm and a weak arm. Ditto for the legs. Use single arm and single leg exercises to catch up your lagging limbs.

Kettlebells in the rack position. You can use kettlebells singly , or in pairs.
Kettlebells in the rack position. You can use kettlebells singly , or in pairs.

The best kettlebells have a handle that is wide enough that you can use a one-hand or a two-hand grip, as appropriate.

That offset mass means kettlebells can provide a great grip, wrist, and arm workout as well. Depending on the move, your upper and lower back, and legs all get a workout as well.

Kettlebell swing done American style has the kettlebell going overhead with a two handed grip.
Kettlebell swing done American style has the kettlebell going overhead with a two handed grip.

Dumbbells can be used for some of the ballistic moves similar to a kettlebell – but generally speaking they are not as safe. There is too much chance of losing your grip, especially as you grow fatigued.

Excellent power exercises like the kettlebell swing, clean and press, and snatch are easily (and safely) possible with the kettlebell.

These moves are also a lot of fun!

The pistol squat is hard. Make it even harder with the addition of a kettlebell. This trainee exhibits impeccable form.
The pistol squat is hard. Make it even harder with the addition of a kettlebell. This trainee exhibits impeccable form.

The shape and handle also let you use them creatively for pure strength building. Want to make the pistol squat even tougher? Use a kettlebell for added resistance. That unique handle and shape ensures you can comfortably and safely keep the bell in place, in what is known as the rack position.

Now that we understand some of the unique benefits of kettlebells, let’s look at what makes one kettlebell better than the other.

Where to buy kettlebells online? We’re an affiliate of Kettlebell Kings, Rogue Fitness, and Fringe Sport. Affiliate sales help us to bring great information about health and fitness to you. We’ve reviewed all the attributes of quality kettlebells, performed field testing, and have produced these recommendations for you.

Parts of the Kettlebell

Before we dive into the features, let’s take a brief moment to consider the parts of a kettlebell.

The cannonball like body is called the bell. It rests on the ground on it’s base.

The part you grip with your hand (or hands) is the handle.

The corners connect to the horns, which connect to the bell.

The window is the space between the handle and the body of the bell.

Kettlebell anatomy includes the handle, corner, horn, base, bell, and window.
Kettlebell anatomy includes the handle, corner, horn, base, bell, and window.

Competition Kettlebells – What’s the Difference?

By the way, competition kettlebells (kettlebell lifting is also a sport!) have all the same parts as a regular kettlebell – but all the different weights are the same size and shape.

Competition kettlebells are manufactured more accurately than regular kettlebells. They are also the same general dimensions - to ensure you can use consistent technique for different weights.
Competition kettlebells are manufactured more accurately than regular kettlebells. They are also the same general dimensions – to ensure you can use consistent technique for different weights.

Why? For consistency in your lift technique. With competition kettlebells you don’t have to change your technique as you lift heavier weights. The consistency in shape and size ensures you can handle bigger kettlebells in the same way as smaller ones.

Competition kettlebells are also manufactured with attention to accuracy – they are typically within +/- 1% of the advertised weight. This is similar to how calibrated bumper plates are used in competition.

The Rogue Fitness competition kettlebells have specially contoured flats for extra comfort – that’s a nice feature not seen in competitor’s bells.

Kettlebell Kings - competition kettlebell in kilograms
Kettlebell Kings – competition kettlebell in kilograms.

Kettlebell Kings’ competition kettlebells feature high quality materials as well.

The window is sized optimally for easy pickup, and comfort overhead. These kettlebells are also built with a higher proportion of the weight up high, which helps make it easier to rack the kettlebell.

Kettlebell Kings offers two different diameters of handle for their competition line – the standard 35mm and 33mm. Why might you prefer a 33mm handle? That will be easier to grip for high repetition kettlebell workouts.

Compared to regular kettlebells, competition kettlebells are significantly more expensive, and probably overkill for the average home gym or garage gym.

Therefore, we’ll focus on regular kettlebells for the remainder of this article.

Features of the Best Kettlebells

Now we’ve got an idea of what will make the best kettlebell for your workout. Let’s look at how good kettlebells are made.

We’ll start from the ground up. A good kettlebell has a perfectly flat base. Why? So you can rely on it to remain stable on the floor for moves such as renegade rows (also called plank rows). It’s also nice if this heavy weight isn’t wobbling around every time you pick it up or set it down.

Renegade rows (also called plank rows) using kettlebells. Alternate lifting one bell at a time.
Renegade rows (also called plank rows) using kettlebells. Alternate lifting one bell at a time.

The best kettlebell will have a base that is machined to be perfectly flat. Cheap kettlebells (from the big box stores) are usually almost flat, but not quite. Remember that kettlebells are cast in a mold. That extra machining step makes sure they are perfectly flat.

The bell itself should be high-quality steel or iron. Kettlebells are cast in a mold, but the quality of material used can make a big difference – especially over the long term. Additionally, you want a one piece casting – you do not want a model that has the handles welded on – those are prone to breakage.

Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes. They are typically measured in pounds and kilograms, but the pood is also commonly used – that’s a traditional Russian unit of measure that is equivalent to 16.38 kilograms or 36.11 pounds.

Poods and Kilograms to Pounds Here’s some popular kettlebell sizes.

A very typical kettlebell weight is 53 lbs (24 kg or 1.5 poods).

A good kettlebell is clearly marked with it’s weight – ideally in both pounds and kilograms. This helps to ensure you don’t grab the wrong bell.

Ideally the weight is embossed or engraved – not painted on – so it will never wear off. An embossed marking can also be more comfortable – no ridges to irritate the skin after repeated contact (Kettlebells can be used for high rep lifting.)

Rogue kettlebell with color code green is 53 lbs
Rogue kettlebell with color code green is 53 lbs.

Color coded bands applied to the horn are great too. With the dark finish on most kettlebells, it’s not always easy to read the weight in low-light.

Here we see a Rogue kettlebell with green color code – 53 lbs (24 kg).

The handle should be a comfortable size – not too thick, and wide enough to allow for a one-hand or two-hand grip (especially on the big kettlebells).

The Rogue Fitness kettlebells have a matte black powdercoat finish that is durable and grip friendly. It works well with chalk, or without.
The Rogue Fitness kettlebells have a matte black powdercoat finish that is durable and grip friendly. It works well with chalk, or without.

The finish on the kettlebell should be durable, but perhaps more importantly it’s got to be grip-friendly. The matte black, powdercoat finish on the Rogue and Kettlebell Kings kettlebells holds chalk well, and has a great texture whether you use chalk or not.

Grip is doubly important on kettlebells. You do not want to lose your grip on anything you swing with force, or hold over your head.

Remember – this thing is basically a cannon ball with a handle. It can do some serious damage.

Painted and epoxy finishes are also popular, but powdercoat is preferred in most cases.

The best kettlebells have a textured finish that works great with chalk. A secure grip is a requirement for anything you swing with force!
The best kettlebells have a textured finish that works great with chalk. A secure grip is a requirement for anything you swing with force!
Used kettlebells for sale? Buying used kettlebells off craigslist or facebook marketplace is a great way to save a lot of money. Let’s face it – big cast iron kettlebells are tough, and if you can find used ones locally you will save money on shipping. Just be ready to act fast – used kettlebells are hard to find and don’t last long in the classified ads – especially if they are from a high quality brand name.

Best Kettlebell Size For You – What Kettlebell to Buy

Kettlebell Color Coding Kettlebells follow a very loose standard for color coding. Each manufacturer treats the color codes slightly differently. And further, some the color code for pounds and kilograms are similar, but different. To be sure, look for the weight engraved on the bell.

Now that we know what a good kettlebell looks like, and how to identify weight, let’s talk about what you need to get started.

What size kettlebell do you need as a beginner?

The general advice is :

  • Best kettlebell weight for a man with no strength training experience: 16 kg / 35 lbs
  • Best kettlebell weight for a man with strength training experience: 20 kg / 44 lbs
  • Best kettlebell weight for a woman with no strength training experience: 8 kg / 18 lbs
  • Best kettlebell weight for a woman with strength training experience: 12 kg / 26 lbs

Do you need one kettlebell or two equally sized to start? Starting with one is fine. Most of the kettlebell exercises are done with one kettlebell.

But, having two equally sized kettlebells will let you load up more weight on squats or do two handed cleans or snatches.

That can wait until you become more advanced.

What About Shipping?

You might be wondering – isn’t it expensive to order kettlebells online? Shipping costs for heavy items are indeed pretty steep, but considering there is little chance you will find premium quality kettlebells like these locally, you should look for free shipping or shipping deals. Just be aware that brands that include “free shipping” usually already have the shipping cost factored into the price of the kettlebell. So, do some comparison shopping, or look for a limited time “free shipping” deal.

Also be on the lookout for Black Friday deals like those from Rogue Fitness.

KettlebellKings Kettlebells

Kettlebell Kings - 32kg / 70 lbs Kettlebell front showing the logo. Premium quality kettle bells

Our top pick for kettlebells are those from Kettlebell Kings.

Kettlebell Kings are kettlebell specialists – and it shows. They have the highest quality and the most complete range of options in kettlebells.

Pounds? Yep. Kilograms? Of course. Competition Kettlebells? Yes. Cerakote Kettlebells? Yes. And much more.

For illustrative purposes here we are going to highlight their kilogram line of products with the black powdercoat finish we prefer.

If you’d like to see the other options, click through and browse around. Really, they have more than we can cover here.

Why do we like Kettlebell Kings? They cover all the basic features – flat base, powdercoat finish, one piece casting, color coding, etc.

But, they also throw in a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and the logo and weight markings are engraved for the ultimate in comfort and irritation free lifting.

These are the best ketttlebells available.

Here’s a look at the most popular options in kilogram sizing. They also have pounds increments available, and bigger sizes than what we have listed here.

Kettlebell Kings - 4kg - Yellow Kettlebell Kings - 6kg - Lt Blue Kettlebell Kings - 8 kg - Pink
Kettlebell Kings - 12kg - Blue Kettlebell Kings - 14kg - Yellow Kettlebell Kings - 16kg - Yellow
Kettlebell Kings - 18 kg - Purple Kettlebell Kings - 20 kg - Purple Kettlebell Kings - 22kg - Green
Kettlebell Kings - 24kg - Green Kettlebell Kings - 28kg - Orange Kettlebell Kings - 32kg - Red
Kettlebell Kings - 40kg - White Kettlebell Kings - 44kg - Grey

Kettlebell Sets – How many kettlebells do you need?

Can’t decide on one size of kettlebell? Good – you probably need a kettlebell set anyways.

Why? Save some serious money, and in all likelihood your training will go better with a few different sizes.

After all, you might be able to swing more than you can clean, etc. Don’t shortchange yourself with one size kettlebell.

Kettlebell Kings has several kettlebell sets.

What’s the best kettlebell set? That depends on your individual needs, and with plenty of options, we’re sure you’ll find a set that matches what you need.

A good kettlebell set for a male beginner would be the Knights Set – a 12 Kilogram / 26 Pound, 16 Kilogram / 35 Pound, and 20 Kilogram / 44 Pound kettlebells. They also have “doubles” sets that have 2 of each kettlebell.

Kettlebell Kings Knights KB Set - 12 Kilogram | 26 Pound, 16 Kilogram | 35 Pound, 20 Kilogram | 44 Pound Kettlebells

If you are slightly more advanced, you may want the Archdukes Set – one 16 kg / 35lbs, one 24kg / 53lbs, and one 32kg / 70lbs kettlebell.

Kettlebell Kings - Kettlebell Set - The Archdukes

You’ll get the best deal by buying a set of kettlebells.

They’ve got plenty more options in kettlebell sets, so check them out.

And if you can’t find the kettlebell set of your dreams, they’ll let you build your own with their Ketllebell Set Builder option.

Dumbbells vs Kettlebells Dumbbells or Kettlebells? What’s the best choice for your home gym? Honestly, both have their strengths and weaknesses. The kettlebell is going to be your choice for dynamic movements – the fact that you can grasp it with 2 hands is a big factor. The offset mass makes some unique moves possible that can’t be done with a dumbbell. They are also easier to keep in the “rack” position (because of their round shape) if you are using them for additional resistance on squats. For classic strength training dumbbells have their advantages – they are available in smaller weight increments and finding plate loaded dumbbells are easy. Dumbbells can be used for some dynamic, power exercises, such as the Turkish Get Up (TGU) and dumbbell clean. Steer clear of “dumbbell swings” though – there’s not really a safe way to swing a dumbbell, especially when you are fatigued and your hands are sweaty.

Adjustable Kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings

One of the benefits of dumbbell training is that plate loaded (adjustable) dumbbells are easy to find, and pretty affordable. You can buy one set of dumbbell handles, and add plates as needed, instead of buying several fixed weight dumbbells.

Do we have any options for an adjustable kettlebell?

12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

An adjustable kettlebell would be a great option for a beginner – start at a light weight and gradually add more weight.

Kettlebell Kings has the 12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell available.

It’s a competition style kettlebell – and so the outside dimensions are the same at all weights.

This is hands down the best adjustable kettlebell available.

12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

First of all, this kettlebell can be loaded to some serious weight. It can be adjusted from 12kg up to 32 kg – or 70 lbs.

And it can be adjusted in 1 kg increments.

You’re going to see a lot of other adjustable kettlebell options that max out at a measly 40 lbs.

That’s just not very heavy, especially if you already have a base of strength from barbell training.

This is like having 20 different kettlebells, for a very reasonable price.

The downside is that it maxes out at 70lbs. For an advanced trainee, who needs major weight increments, you’ll have to buy multiple fixed kettlebells.

But, all things considered, this is a great option to have.

12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

Cerakote Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings has kettlebells with Cerakote - a durable, tough ceramic polymer coating that lets you choose from a range of colors and patterns.  These are the best looking kettlebells around!

Let’s take a quick at one last finish option from Kettlebell Kings – Cerakote kettlebells.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a thin-film ceramic coating that offers amazing durability, protection, and a choice of colors and patterns.

Cerakote has a number of advantages over traditional coatings. Cerakote is resistant to wear, abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. It was originally developed in the 1980s for use on firearms – where a very thin coating is desirable due to the tight tolerance on the moving parts of a firearm.

It’s even more durable than powdercoat.

And not only is it a highly protective, functional coating – it can be applied in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

This is just a small sample – click through the image to see all the options.

Cerakote kettlebells from kettlebell kings. Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.

And, as we mentioned before – Kettlebell Kings are the kettlebell experts. If you need it and you didn’t see it here, check out their website.

Review: Kettlebell Kings vs Cheap Walmart Kettlebell

You can grab cheap kettlebells from your local Walmart – with no shipping (although you will pay sales tax.)

What’s the difference between a high-quality kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings and a cheap kettlebell from Walmart?

The cheap kettlebell isn’t machined flat – it wobbles. See all that daylight under the Walmart kettlebell?

Walmart kettle bell vs kettlebell kings

Does this make a difference? Yes – it’s annoying – the kettlebell wobbles every time I set it down.

More importantly – the Kettlebell Kings kettlebell is completely flat – as it should be.

Walmart kettlebell vs Kettlebell kings

The cheap kettlebell has a horrible finish. It’s slick – and a weird mottled pattern.

I don’t want any slick coatings on a 30 lb cannonball that I’m going to hold over my head – in a fatigued state.

The handle is crooked. Hard to tell from these shots – but it is.

The Kettlebell kings kettlebell is made properly and has a fantastic black powder coat finish that works beautifully with chalk.

Walmart kettlebell vs kettlebell kings kettlebell - great finish on the kettlebell kings

These cheap kettlebells are available in very limited selection. This was a 30 Lb. The only bigger size was a 40 lb.

You’ll quickly move beyond a 40 lb kettlebell – especially if you train with barbells or have done any sort of strength training.

No color coding. The weight is embossed on the bell, at least, but it’s very hard to see in my dungeon-like garage gym.

On the Kettlebell Kings – I can see the color coding, and it’s conveniently marked with kgs and lbs.

Kettlebell Kings - color coding and weight markings vs walmart cheap kettlebell

And lastly, the Kettlebell Kings has the awesome kettlebell kings logo – embossed for your comfort.

The Walmart ‘bell has a flat spot. Too bad they didn’t get the bottom that flat.

Kettlebell kings awesome embossed logo vs walmart not awesome flat spot

On the upside – I was able to pick it up locally – and it gave me a better appreciation for just how well thought out the Kettlebell kings products are.

Anybody want a cheap, lightly used Walmart kettlebell?

Rogue Fitness Kettlebells

Rogue Fitness also makes some very nice kettlebells. Let’s look at their options.

The Rogue Fitness kettlebells have all the features we like to see in the best kettlebell.

One piece cast iron, chalk-friendly, black powdercoat finish, machined flat base, easy to see color coding, and more. These are very high quality. There’s no comparison to the cheap kettlebells in the big box stores.

The Rogue Fitness kettlebell line is only available in pound increments.

Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - white - 9 lbs Rogue Fitness kettlebell 13 lbs - grey
Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - Pink - 19lbs
Rogue Fitness kettlebell - yellow - 35 lbs Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - Purple - 44 lbs
Rogue Fitness Kettlebells - green - 53 lbs Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - Orange - 62 lbs
Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - red - 70 lbs Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - Grey - 80 lbs
Rogue Fitness Kettlebell - White - 88 lbs

These sizes not enough for you? They also have the line of Monster Kettlebells. These start at 97 lbs, and go up to a truly monster sized 203 lb kettlebell.

Rogue Monster Kettlebells - from 97 lbs to 203 lbs - these are really big. Rogue Fitness Monster Kettlebell - truly a monster kettlebell the 203lb kb dwarfs the average 35lb kb

What is the biggest kettlebell you can buy?

Rogue makes a lot of specialty strongman equipment, and is a promoter of serious strongman training. It should come as no surprise that the biggest kettlebell we could find is the Rogue Fitness 203 lb monster kettlebell. Here it is next to a wimpy looking 35 pounder.

What if you want kettlebells in even kilogram denominations?

Rogue Fitness carries their competition kettlebell line in kilograms. But, you’ll be paying that premium for very accurate, precision manufactured kettlebells.

And now, Rogue has a line of American-made kettlebells that use E-Coat.

What’s E-Coat?

It’s a coating that is known for its excellent adhesion, even coverage and toughness.

The Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell are made from ductile iron and represent Rogue's new, exclusive line-up of American-made KBs.
The Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell are made from ductile iron and represent Rogue’s new, exclusive line-up of American-made KBs.

The E-coat finish is applied in a thin durable layer that allows the texture of the casting to be felt while still being easy to clean.

And it’s got a glossy look to it.

Made with ductile iron which is significantly more durable than traditional gray iron. It also has a higher tensile strength and yield strength. The E-Coat gives it a semi-gloss appearance.
Are kettlebells an effective workout? People often ask this – and the answer is yes – but you have to use them. Kettlebells can be used to train strength, power, and metabolic conditioning (as we call cardio now-a-days.) And they can be used for a full body workout – swings, cleans, squats, Turkish Get Ups – every muscle group in the body can be worked with a kettlebell. But you get out of it what you put in to it. A kettlebell that sits in the garage does nothing for you.

Change Plates for Kettlebells

Here’s a challenge with kettlebells (and dumbbells) – it’s hard to make small jumps in weight.

The concept of “micro-loading” a barbell is well known – if you can’t add 10 lbs, add 5 – or 2.5 , or even 1 pound.

Very small “change plates” are used for this purpose.

But what can we do for a kettlebell?

Rogue Fitness now sells Add On Change Plates.

Rogue Add-On Change Plates for Kettlebells and Dumbbells
The innovative design on these change plates lets you use them with kettlebells or dumbbells.

How would you use these? Simply micro-load your way to the next size up of kettlebell or dumbbell.

Kettlebell with add-on change plate pair.
Kettlebell with add-on change plate pair.

They are made with a dense inner slug of steel and a tough (but flexible) outer coating of TPE plastic.

These change plates are sold in pairs.

Fringe Sport Kettlebells

Fringe Sport’s Prime Kettlebells have all the features we look for in the best kettlebell.

Flat base, matte black, powdercoat finish for excellent grip, color coded, etc.

There’s two big reasons to choose the Fringe Sport product over Rogue: They are offered in even kilogram weights (if you prefer that), and they have smaller weight increments. You can go from the 16kg to an 18kg to a 20kg, whereas with Rogue you’d be jumping from 35 lbs right to 44lbs.

Fringe Sport also offers free shipping.

Please note that not all sizes are shown below, but when you click through to order you will see all the size increments.

Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 4kg - Light Green Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 6kg - 13.2 lbs - Teal Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 8kg - Pink
Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 12kg  - Blue Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 16kg - Yellow Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 20 kg - Purple
Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - Green - 24 kg Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - Orange - 28 kg Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - Red - 32 kg
Fringe Sport Kettlebell - 36 kg - Grey Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 40 kg - White Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell - 48 kg - Gold

Fringe Sport also carries a value lines of kettlebells called the OneFitWonder kettlebells – but they don’t have the powdercoat finish. The difference in grip and texture is not worth the savings, in our opinion.

But, if you are truly budget constrained, those would be an option for a cheaper kettlebell.

In Summary

At first glance a kettlebell might seem to be similar to a dumbbell – after all, both are hand held weights that you use for fitness training.

But the kettlebell has some unique traits that make it an interesting and versatile training tool.

We’ve reviewed the features to look for in a quality kettlebell set, and we hope we’ve provided useful information that you can use to make your buying decision.

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  • Using kettlebells in the gym to workout Hoisting a kettlebell overhead - great single limb workout that builds strength, power, balance, and stability


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