CrossFit Open Workout 20.1

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NOTE: This is a previous week’s workout – click here for the CrossFit Open Workout 20.5.

The first workout of the CrossFit Open 2020 has been announced.

This is the first of 5 weekly workouts for the CrossFit Open 2020.

The CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 details are below.

Rich Froning finished in 9:59, Scott Panchik in 9:21!

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 required "Ground to Overhead"
“Ground to overhead” required for CrossFit 20.1. The snatch is one way to do this.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 : Rx

10 Rounds for Time of:

8 reps of “Ground to Overhead”
and 10 “Bar Facing Burpees”

95 lbs for men
65 lbs for women

Time cap: 15 minutes.

Remember, scores must be submitted by 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific on Monday October 14th.

Please reference the official CrossFit Open Rules as needed.

This type of workout is known as a couplet WOD – because it involves two movements.

Official movement standards:

See more details at the Scorecard page for Open Workout 20.1.

Here’s some tips on movement and correct form.

Ground to Overhead

Any style – power or muscle snatch or power clean and jerk is allowed

  • Every rep begins with the barbell on the ground.
  • Any variation of a snatch or clean and jerk is
  • Touch and go is permitted, but deliberately bouncing
    the barbell is not.
  • Dropping from overhead is OK, but the bar must
    settle on the ground before the next rep.
  • The barbell is at full lockout overhead, with the hips,
    knees, and arms fully extended.
  • The barbell is directly over or slightly behind the
    middle of the body.
  • Note: If a split-style lift is used, both feet must be
    brought back in line to finish the rep.

Bar Facing Burpee

  • Must use a barbell with 18-inch plates.
  • Must be performed perpendicular to and facing the
  • Must jump over the barbell using a two-foot takeoff.
  • Touching the bar, single-legged jumping, or stepping
    over is not permitted.

  • Scaled divisions may step over the bar.
  • May jump or step back to reach the bottom position.
  • Chest and thighs must touch the ground with the
    head behind the barbell.
  • Hands and feet must remain inside the width of the
  • Stepping and/or jumping back to the starting position
    are both permitted.
  • The rep is credited when both feet have touched the
    ground on the opposite side of the barbell.

  • No need to land with both feet at the same time.
  • Must be perpendicular to and facing the barbell
    before starting the next rep.
  • If a “no rep” is received for any reason, the entire rep
    must be repeated.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Scaled (Scaled Ages 16-54)

Women 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees
Men 65 lb., may step over bar on burpees

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Teenagers 14-15

Women 45 lb.
Men 65 lb.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Scaled Teenagers 14-15

Women 35 lb., may step over bar on burpees
Men 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Masters 55+

Women 45 lb.
Men 65 lb.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Scaled Masters 55+

Women 35 lb., may step over bar on burpees
Men 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1: Equipment & Gear

All you need is an Olympic Barbell (20kg or 45lb) and sufficient Olympic plates for weight (Plates must be 18″ diameter standard size), and Collars.

Please note that 20kg barbells are counted as being 45 lbs for the purposes of adding up weight in the Open workouts.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Strategy Guide

Use a barbell with good spin (use a bearing bar vs a bushing bar if possible) – and be sure to chalk the barbell where you’ll be gripping it.

Sweaty grip/hands WILL be an issue in this workout.

You’ll hurt your time if you have to stop for chalk!

Also – consider using wrist bands as Scott and Rich did during the live announcement.

“Stepping up to the bar” (as shown in the technique video above) for the burpees is allowed and Rich made specific use of that. That is probably the best way for all athletes to approach this move.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to repeat this workout to attempt a better score. There’s little eccentric to any of these movements so you shouldn’t be sore.

Good luck!

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