12 CrossFit Gift Ideas for 2022

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We’re back with the best CrossFit gift ideas for 2022.

We’ll be looking at items that are both affordable and easy to ship – but things that would be immensely useful to your beloved CrossFit trainee, athlete, coach, or gym junkie.

Here’s the gift ideas we’ll be examining:

UA SPORTSMASK (Black) The UA SPORTSMASK is made with high-performance UA materials, and it is designed to be worn all day & when playing sports - or for your CrossFit workouts. This is the best face mask for running, training, and wearing all day.
Rogue Wrist Bands The Rogue Wrist Bands are a cheap and effective way to keep your hands (and grip) dry - which is very important for sweaty CrossFit WODs. These black/camo wrist bands also look super-cool - which is just as important.
All-Day Performance Dress Sock (ALMI) Road warrior by day and fitness junkie by night? Save a lot of room in the roller bag by getting these dual-purpose performance socks. They work with a dress shoes and dress pants - or with your cross trainers in the gym.
Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips CrossFitters are tough on their palms - all those pull-ups, toes-to-bar, deadlifts, an more cause callouses and rips. Grips provide hand protection and better grip for safety.
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor Get the benefits of Heart Rate Training (HRT) with a high-quality chest strap heart rate sensor like the Polar H10. This works with iPhone, Android, and most gym equipment like bikes and rowers that use ANT+ technology.
Nike Metcon 5 When it comes to cool CrossFit shoes - you can't beat the Nike Metcon 5. These are purpose made for CrossFit WODs. Worn by the pros - like Mat Fraser, and more.
Reebok Nano 9 The Reebok Nano 9 is the official CrossFit training shoe for 2019. This is also a great shoe for the WOD.
GORUCK Rucker 20L Backpack The Rucker from GORUCK is another weigh to add weight to your workout in style. This super tough backpack (rucksack) is inspired by the special forces. Add weight plates and go out for a hike!
GORUCK Ruck Plates At a loss for weight to use with that Rucker backpack? GORUCK ruck plates are made in the USA and have a carry handle - so they can be used for other workouts too.
Nike Metcon X SFB Is this a boot or a training shoe? It's both - and it's perfect for mud runs and obstacle course races thanks to it's water draining features.
Rogue Operator Hat What's an operator hat? It's an adjustable snapback baseball cap with a velcro panel on the front - this let's you show your pride through a variety of patches.
Rogue Velcro Patches Show off your pride, humor, or esprit de corps with a velcro patch from Rogue. Slap these on a tactical hat, operator hat, or on the Rucker rucksack.
RxBar - Nut Butter - Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Tis the season for pumpkin spice. Stock up on these all-natural RxBars now. These are delicious and people love these things.
King Kong Backpack II The Backpack II from King Kong apparel is the world's best gym bag. It's purpose designed to be an excellent gym bag. Don't use a laptop bag for the gym - that's lame - there's too many dividers.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Rogue Fitness?

We’re going to recommend a lot of Rogue Fitness products in this guide.


Because Rogue is the coolest name in CrossFit – they supply the equipment used in the CrossFit Games and their stylish, high performance gear is revered for both its form and function. And a lot of it is made in the USA. Rogue brand equipment will be recognized immediately by anyone familiar with CrossFit – and it’s a premium product that makes a great gift.

UA SPORTSMASK – the best face mask for your CrossFit workouts

Seems like face masks will be a thing for a while, but how do you run, jump, or train with a mask?

UA has come up with an innovative 3-layer face mask design (patent pending).

UA SPORTSMASK - best face mask for CrossFit and workouts.
The UA SPORTSMASK is comfortable for all day wear – and gives you enough airflow for intense exercise.

This mask is comfortable and uses special materials like UA’s IsoChill for a cool to the touch feeling.

There’s also a anti-microbial material to help keep things fresh.

This mask gives you the airflow you need – and the comfort for all day wear.

Please note there are several sizes available, but that means you can get a perfect fit. You should measure your nose to ear canal dimension before ordering.

This mask should NOT be used as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but it does meet the WHO’s recommendations for an every-day fabric mask.

UA SPORTSMASK - best face mask for CrossFit and workouts.
Train all day with the UA SPORTSMASK – the best face mask for CrossFit style workouts.

Rogue Wrist Bands

CrossFit workouts are a sweaty affair.

These Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) workouts are a great challenge and the exhausting work is all part of the fun.

But a sweaty grip can be dangerous and at the very least inconvenient.

Having to stop to repeatedly apply chalk slows you down – and it makes a mess in the gym.

That’s why the pros use sweat absorbing wrist bands.

Rogue Wrist Bands are a cheap and effective way to help keep your hands and grip dry.
Rogue Wrist Bands are a cheap and effective way to keep sweat from rolling down your arms and soaking your palm – which causes grip issues.

Pro athletes like Rich Froning use sweat wicking and absorbent wrist bands such as these to great effect in their competitions.

Rich Froning using Rogue Wrist Bands to keep his grip dry during a CrossFit competition.
Rich Froning knows the importance of keeping your hands dry during an intense workout. Stopping to apply chalk wastes too much time.

These wrist bands look good, they are cheap, and most importantly they look cool.

Nobody wants to look un-cool in the gym.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock

Is your giftee a road warrior and CrossFit junkie?

They would probably appreciate a high-quality pair of dress socks – that also work in the gym.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock - For the office or the CrossFit WOD
ALMI’s All-Day Performance Dress Sock works in the office during the day – and with your cross training shoes at the gym in the evening. Why pack two socks when one will do?

Why is this a good thing? Pack less and still get great performance.

The All-Day Performance Sock from ALMI is both a conservative, high-quality dress sock – and a great athletic sock for the CrossFit WOD.

They are made with quality materials and feature a 200 kneedle fine knit – just like regular dress socks.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock - great for CrossFit
One sock that does two things. These are great. They didn’t cut any corners with these socks.

But after the meetings are done for the day – these work in the CrossFit box too.

These have a mild compression effect – for comfort and performance. Get a great, comfortable fit – and excellent padding in the heel and toe.

The arch support is a notch above your average sock too.

They are available in Blue, Grey, and Black – and they come with a 30 day, no questions asked return policy.

Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips

Here’s another grip related item.

CrossFitters do a lot of pull-ups (kipping and strict), toes-to-bar, deadlifts, and much more.

All of this is very hard on your hands and palms – you can develop callouses so big they rip off at inopportune times – and wreck your competition or workout.

Grips like the Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips can provide better grip and protect your hands.

Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips
Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips provide better grip and palm protection from callouses and rips.

How do these work?

It’s pretty simple – there’s a wrist strap, 3 finger holes – and the flexible leather conforms to the pull-up bar or barbell with ease.

You can use these with chalk as well – for the ultimate grip.

Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips
Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips can also be used with chalk for the ultimate in a secure grip

w.o.d. welder 3 Step Hand Care Kit

Speaking of ripped calluses and sore hands – the w.o.d. welder Hand Care Kit (Buy on Amazon) has what you need to make it right again.

w.o.d.welder 3 Step Hand Care Kit

This kit includes:

  • Solid Salve Stick
  • Hands as Rx Cream
  • Pumice Stone
  • Callus Shaver

Basically, it’s everything you need to repair your hands – and then to keep those calluses from becoming a problem again.

Polar T10 Heart Rate Sensor

Heart Rate Training techniques are an important component of modern fitness theory.

There’s no better way to make sure you are in the right zone for endurance training.

And sure, there’s lots of smart watches with heart rate sensors in them now.

But they aren’t going to be as accurate as something like the Polar T10 Heart Rate Sensor.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor
The Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor is a highly accurate premium heart rate monitor – it supports both bluetooth and ANT+ connections.

The chest strap mounting makes this a very accurate heart rate monitor.

Female athlete using a chest strap heart rate sensor
A chest strap heart rate sensor is going to be far more accurate than your Apple watch.

It works with iPhone and Android, thanks to Bluetooth and can connect to any equipment using the ANT+ standard.

That includes common CrossFit gear like the Rogue Echo Bike and Concept2 Rower.

Nike Metcon 5

You know what is NOT a good idea?

Doing a CrossFit WOD in running shoes.

CrossFit involves a lot of different activities – and heavy weight lifting is usually part of the mix.

Running shoes have too much squish in the mushy heel. All that cushioning is great for long distance running but it is not ideal for weightlifting.

Nike’s Metcon line of shoes are purpose made for the CrossFit WOD.

The newest shoe is the Nike Mecon 5. They have a “dual-density” foam midsole that let’s you run, jump, lift, sprint, and more.

More than just a shoe – the Nike Metcon 5 has an almost cult-like following within CrossFit. People love these shoes!

With great looking styles – these shoes are guaranteed compliment-getters.

Nike Metcon 5 Endorphin
Radical looks and radical performance – the Nike Metcon 5 Cross Training Shoe has it all.

And by the way, see that massive “rope wrap” in the middle? These are rope climbing shoes with no equal.

Reebok Nano 9

Here’s the other monster shoe for CrossFit in 2020 – the Reebok Nano 9.

Like the Nike Metcon, this shoe was purpose-built for CrossFit WODs (Workout Of the Day).

You can run, jump, lift, climb – everything you do in the WOD.

The color combos with the “gum” colored sole are particularly desirable.

It’s a great look.

Reebok Nano 9 in Black/Gum - new for 2019
Reebok Nano 9 in Black/Gum – new for 2019

They are available in a variety of styles.

Reebok Nano 9 with Gum Sole

Which one is better – the Nike or the Reebok? Honestly it comes down to personal preference.

Both designs have been tweaked over the years and you can’t go wrong with either.

GORUCK Rucker (Fitness Backpack)

Have you heard about “rucking”?

It’s fitness endurance training inspired by the military’s use of “ruck marches”.

That’s where you walk for 10 miles with a 30 lb rucksack, for example.

It’s a great low-impact workout.

The Rucker from GORUCK is purpose-built for rucking.

It’s a tough-as-nails backpack made from 1000D cordura.

Place weight inside – bricks, water bottles, sand bags, and barbell plates can all do the job.

Rogue Rucker 20L from GORUCK

When not loaded with weight, this is a handy 20 liter volume backpack.

It makes a great carry-on for your next flight.

The GORUCK rucker backpack in use during a CrossFit event
The GORUCK Rucker – not just a backpack – it’s also a fitness tool you can use anywhere.

The GORUCK rucker makes regular appearance at CrossFit events too. Shown above it’s being used with the optional chest strap and hip belt. We recommend both because they minimize movement of the bag when you are running or performing calisthenics.

GORUCK Ruck Plates

If you are gonna get serious about ruck march training, we recommend Ruck Plates.

These are the perfect weight (30 lbs for men, 20 lbs for women) and fit in the Rucksack and only take a minimum of space.

GORUCK ruck plates for RUCKER rucksack.
GORUCK Ruck Plates are perfect for the rucker backpack – they are the right weight in a convenient form factor.

These are made in the USA and very high-quality.

These won’t tear up the inside of the backpack – like a bunch of bricks would.

GORUCK Ruck Plates
Perfect fit in the GORUCK Rucker backpack.

These will fit perfectly in the Rucker backpack, but also in other backpacks like the 5.11 Rush 12 backpack.

There’s also a handle so you can use the weight for other exercises too – almost like a kettlebell.

Nike Metcon SF – Obstacle Course Race Shoe

Ok, we’re giving you a lot of shoe options this time around.

But, that’s because EVERYBODY WEARS SHOES.

Is your trainee into mud runs and obstacle course races?

Then they need light-weight but tough shoes that drain water and don’t get water logged.

And Nike has now launched the Nike Metcon SF – their first Metcon shoe purpose-designed for mud runs and all-terrain usage.

This is not just a training shoe – it’s boot like tread guarantees grip in the deepest mud.

Nike Metcon SF
Nike Metcon SF – These boot like training shoes are made for water immersion – think mud runs and obstacle course races.

But it also has special water draining ports – this ensures that when your feet inevitably get immersed you aren’t running with water logged feet for miles.

Speed lacing system on the Nike Metcon SF
Here’s the speed lacing system of the Nike Metcon SF. Also notice the high and tight gaiter – this keeps waterborne debris out of the shoe when you step in the swamp.

These shoes also feature a tall gaiter that tightly fits around your ankle – to ensure sticks, rocks, and other debris don’t make it into the shoe.

Also – they look cool. If you trainee isn’t interested in looking cool – why are they doing obstacle course races?

Rogue Operator Hat

Here’s the coolest hat around – the Rogue Operator Hat.

What’s an operator hat? It’s a special ops inspired headwear that has a velcro panel front and center.

Show off your pride with a variety of patches, name tapes, or other insignia.

Rogue Operator hat with velcro panel
It’s an adjustable snapback baseball cap with a cool velcro patch front and center – so you can customize.

Or, use it with nothing. It has “Rogue” imprinted in the velcro.

Operator hat with US flag velcro patch
The US flag is always a solid option for an operator hat patch.

By the way, there is an endless variety of “morale patches” that you can customize this hat with.

Example? Here’s the “suck meter” by Gadsen & Culpeper.

Suck Meter Tactical Patches - By Gadsden and Culpeper
Suck Meter Tactical Patches – By Gadsden and Culpeper

That’s the perfect patch for most CrossFit WODs.

Velcro Patches

Can’t find a patch? Check out Rogue’s selection of velcro patches.

These will work anywhere you have velcro (hook and loop).

Rogue's selection of velcro patches for your tac hat or plate carrier
Rogue has a wide variety of velcro patch options.

They’ll work on the operator hat above, but also the 5.11 TacTec plate carrier (and any other mil-spec gear with hook and loop), and more.

Velcro patches on 5.11 TacTec vest
Velcro patches will work with any milspec gear with hook and loop – including the 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier. (CrossFit people use these like a weighted vest when exercising.)

By the way, that Rucker bag we highlighted earlier has a patch panel too – so put it to good use.

RxBar Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

Tis the season for pumpkin spice.

So why not stock up on RxBar Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter bars?.

This is a limited edition – so grab a case of 10.

People love these because of the taste and the simplicity.

Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter limited edition RxBar
A very good snack for when you are on to go – or in a rush. Stock up while Pumpkin Spice is still available.

Minimal ingredients – no preservatives.

These are always a solid nutritional choice when on the go or in a rush.

King Kong Apparel Gym Bag

There’s a lot of gear you might need in a CrossFit workout: hand grips, belts, chalk, and even special shoes known as “lifters”.

By the way, if you aren’t packing a lifting belt when you hit the gym – here’s some good reasons to wear a weightlifting belt.

Carrying it all can be a challenge.

The Backpack II from King Kong apparel is the perfect solution.

Combining super-tough materials with innovative design results in a truly great backpack - the dedicated shoe compartments on this great gym backpack let you transport weightlifting shoes without taking up valuable internal space.
Need a great backpack for the gym? The King Kong Backpack II is what you want.

First, this is one tough backpack – made from Mil Spec 1000D Nylon.

But, what we like most are the dedicated shoe compartments.

These are intelligently designed to help preserve valuable internal space.

These external compartments also help ensure the shoes dry out after use.

Available in a variety of colors, this is a great gym backpack or gym bag solution.

This is the best way to transport your weightlifting shoes to and from the gym or box – and keep the “mileage” off these specialized shoes.

The other thing we LOVE about this bag – it’s a lay flat packing bag.

Stop trying to jam your weightlifting gear into a laptop bag – a duffel style, flat packing bag is a better choice.

And by the way, you can still pack a laptop in it, if you need to.

Backpack II model has an intelligent duffle style, flat pack opening for optimal packing. Both Backpacks provide protection for a 15" laptop
A Lay Flat bag is the most versatile backpack for the gym. Dedicated laptop bags have too many dividers!

Best CrossFit Gifts – In Summary

We hope we’ve given you some great gift ideas. Any avid CrossFit trainee would be thrilled to receive any of these gifts.

These are the best gift ideas for CrossFit trainees.

Need more gift ideas? Check out our list from last year. These are all still great gift ideas for CrossFit.

Why Rogue Fitness Products? We’re a Rogue Fitness affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend Rogue. It’s because their equipment is tough, durable, well-made, and stylish. Their equipment looks good, and works even better. Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. And that’s why we love them.

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