CrossFit Gift Guide – Holidays, Birthdays, And More For 2020

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Need a good holiday or birthday gift idea for an avid CrossFitter in your life? Here’s some great gift ideas for 2020.

In this guide we’re going to focus on items that are inexpensive, small (easy to ship), useful, and will be appreciated by those that are crazy about CrossFit.

The olympic rings are an essential part of CrossFIt workouts.
The Olympic rings are a CrossFit staple – these are an affordable item that you can use at home.

What makes these the best CrossFit gift ideas?

They’ll all be useful, functional items. Something that they will find real value in. And lastly, these are all unisex – they all make great gift ideas for men or women.

And all these great gift ideas will put a smile on the face of your beloved CrossFit diehard or junkie.

And by the way, these all make great gift ideas for coaches, athletes, weightlifters, and just about anyone into fitness and strength training.

Here’s the gift ideas that we’ll review in this article.

UA SPORTSMASK (Black) The UA SPORTSMASK is made with high-performance UA materials, and it is designed to be worn all day & when playing sports - or for your CrossFit workouts. This is the best face mask for running, training, and wearing all day.
AbMat Pro The Rogue AbMat Pro is contoured so that it flexes the spine to lengthen the abdominal muscles for more effective sit-ups. Not only does it provide a better workout for your core - but it makes the sit-up a more comfortable experience as well.
Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings Gymnastic training is a huge part of CrossFit - and the rings let you do many challenging bodyweight exercises. Just make sure your giftee has a location to hang these.
Froning SR-1F Speed Rope This isn’t an old school skipping – it is a speed rope. The Froning SR-1F Speed Rope can be turned over super-fast – and that’s a necessity for the double-unders and triple-unders that are so popular in CrossFit.
Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope The Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope is the ultimate jump rope. If the SR-1F is fast - this one is insane. The light-weight and high speed makes for a fun challenge.
Rogue Compression Socks Knee-high socks are very popular in CrossFit – it helps prevent scraped shins from deadlifts, rope burn from rope climbing, and helps prevent injury from a missed box jump. These are compression socks - so they are a performance enhancer too.
All-Day Performance Dress Sock (ALMI) Road warrior by day and CrossFit junkie by night? Save a lot of room in the roller bag by getting these dual-purpose performance socks. They work with a dress shoes and dress pants - or with your cross trainers in the gym.
Rogue Monster Bands In modern training bands are hot. Why? Because they are a super-versatile way to add resistance or assistance – in a variety of ways.
Voodoo Floss Bands The Rogue Voodoo Floss Band is a rehab item – it’s used for “Voodoo Flossing” – which is a rehab technique.
5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier For CrossFit this Plate Carrier is used to add weight to exercises – in a way that mimics real world situations. Use this with the cast plates shown below.
Rogue USA Cast Weight Vest Plates These cast weight plates are perfect for use with the TacTec Plate Carrier - put one in the back and one in the front for a nicely balanced extra load.
Rogue OSO Barbell Collars Customize your home or garage gym with these beautiful OSO barbell collars - not only do they look great, they work even better.
GORUCK Rucker 20L Backpack The Rucker from GORUCK is another weigh to add weight to your workout in style. This super tough backpack (rucksack) is inspired by the special forces. Add weight plates and go out for a hike!
Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt A great lifting belt that adds support where you need it. Made in the USA.
Rogue Premium Ohio Lifting Belt This is a premium version of the Ohio lifting belt - the materials are a little bit nicer.
Fat Gripz Fat Gripz work with any barbell or dumbbell - they add width and make your regular workout into more of a grip workout.
King Kong Backpack II The Backpack II from King Kong apparel is the world's best gym bag. It's purpose designed to be an excellent gym bag. Don't use a laptop bag for the gym - that's lame - there's too many dividers.

Why Rogue Fitness?

We’re going to recommend a lot of Rogue Fitness products in this guide.


Because Rogue is the coolest name in CrossFit – they supply the equipment used in the CrossFit Games and their stylish, high performance gear is revered for both its form and function. Rogue brand equipment will be recognized immediately by anyone familiar with CrossFit – and it’s a premium product that makes a great gift.

UA SPORTSMASK – the best face mask for your CrossFit workouts

Seems like face masks will be a thing for a while, but how do you run, jump, or train with a mask?

UA has come up with an innovative 3-layer face mask design (patent pending).

UA SPORTSMASK - best face mask for CrossFit and workouts.
The UA SPORTSMASK is comfortable for all day wear – and gives you enough airflow for intense exercise.

This mask is comfortable and uses special materials like UA’s IsoChill for a cool to the touch feeling.

There’s also a anti-microbial material to help keep things fresh.

This mask gives you the airflow you need – and the comfort for all day wear.

Please note there are several sizes available, but that means you can get a perfect fit. You should measure your nose to ear canal dimension before ordering.

This mask should NOT be used as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but it does meet the WHO’s recommendations for an every-day fabric mask.

UA SPORTSMASK - best face mask for CrossFit and workouts.
Train all day with the UA SPORTSMASK – the best face mask for CrossFit style workouts.

AbMat Pro

The Rogue AbMat Pro is made in the USA and uniquely designed to provide the full range of motion necessary to train the entire abdominal muscle groups. Rogue’s AbMat Pro is a “core” training accessory. We don’t call it an ab workout now – it’s your “core”. Sounds cooler. Anyhow, this item is contoured so that it flexes the spine to lengthen the abdominal muscles for more effective sit-ups. The AbMat Pro is made in the USA and designed to provide the full range of motion necessary to train all the abdominal muscle groups.

Side view of the Rogue Fitness AbMat Pro - it is made in the USA and uniquely designed to provide the full range of motion necessary to train the entire abdominal muscle groups.

The AbMat Pro is the latest version and provides all the comfort, portability, and abdominal training benefits of the original. Made from anti-microbial vinyl, this 15” x 12” gym mat is uniquely contoured to the lower back, securing the spine and maintaining body balance to enable a more complete, effective sit-up. But it also works for side, reverse, and erector crunches.

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings Gymnastic training is a huge part of CrossFit – ring dips, front and back levers, muscle-ups, kipping, and plain old pull-ups are all play an essential part. Gymnastic rings are far more challenging than a fixed pull-up bar and represent the pinnacle of body-weight strength training. These can also be used for TRX style suspension training. Wood rings have a natural feel that many prefer (as compared to plastic), and work with or without messy chalk – which is used to improve grip. These are high-quality, made in America, and are branded with the coolest name in CrossFit – Rogue. Just make sure your giftee has somewhere they can hang these.

You may also want to check out the Rogue Ring Hanger. This is the perfect item to hang rings in a garage with exposed beams.

The weight bearing hanger is the professional solution for hanging your gymnastics rings, maximizing space and versatility in your garage or warehouse.

Speed Rope (aka a Jump Rope)

Rogue Froning SR-1F Speed Rope - This is one bad ass jump rope.

What’s a calorie-burning intense workout? Jumping rope. But as with many things in CrossFit – this isn’t old school skipping – we need a speed rope. The Froning SR-1F Speed Rope can be turned over super-fast – and that’s a necessity for the double-unders and triple-unders that are so popular in CrossFit (That’s where you spin the rope 2 or 3 times for each hop). The other great thing about this gift idea?

It works anywhere you have enough overhead space to turn the rope over, so it’ll be great for just about anyone. The other great features of this product? It’s adjustable – so it’s going to work for just about anyone short or tall (there’s also an extended version for someone who is really tall), and it’s branded with the name of Rich Froning – legendary CrossFit athlete and pronounced the “world’s fittest man” multiple times over.

The Ultimate Jump Rope – Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope

Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - Rogue brings their most advanced jump rope

The Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope might be the ultimate jump rope. Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - most advanced jumping rope offered by Rogue Fitness - incredible spin up to 10x better than their other models

Rogue claims this is their most mechanically advanced design for a speed rope – and that it spins up to 10x better than some of their other models.

The SR-343 features fully-machined CNC aluminum handles, lightweight urethane grips, and custom designed bearings for maximum velocity and consistent performance.

The secret to the super-fast spin is the combination of a custom-designed bearing swivel system, a weight-reducing forged aluminum head, and a premium nylon-coated 5/64″ cable.

The cable can be cut down to size as well.

The SR-343 is also available in colors thanks to Cerakote – an amazing thin-film ceramic coating that is tough, durable, and colorful.

Rogue’s fastest, most mechanically advanced speed rope is now available in a range of exclusive Cerakote color finishes. The SR-343 Mach Speed Rope, Cerakote Edition, utilizes the dynamic, ceramic-based coating first popularized in the gun industry for its remarkable wear-resistance even in thin applications. It’s also a finish that allows for greater versatility in color and design, enabling athletes to customize their rope(s) to match the colors of a gym, team, event, etc.

Rogue Compression Socks

Rogue Compression Socks - Style and performance combined into one.

When is a sock not just a sock? When it’s a Rogue Compression Sock. Knee-high socks are very popular in CrossFit – it helps prevent scraped shins from deadlifts, rope burn from rope climbing, and helps prevent injury from a missed box jump. What’s even better – these are compression socks – so not only do they look good and feel good – but they are performance enhancer. Personally, we think these make a great gift idea. Who doesn’t need another pair of socks? The difference here – your CrossFit enthusiast is going to love receiving these socks.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock

Here’s another sock idea.

Is your gift recipient a road warrior and CrossFit junkie? (Me personally, I travel a lot fow work).

They would probably appreciate a high-quality pair of dress socks – that also work in the CrossFit box.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock - For the office or the CrossFit WOD
ALMI’s All-Day Performance Dress Sock works in the office during the day – and with your cross training shoes at the gym in the evening. Why pack two socks when one will do?

Why is this a good thing? Pack less and still get great performance.

(The other thing I love about socks as a gift is I always feel a little bit guilty about paying a lot of money for socks – but trust me, these are worth it.)

The All-Day Performance Sock from ALMI is both a conservative, high-quality dress sock – and a great athletic sock for the CrossFit WOD.

They are made with quality materials and feature a 200 kneedle fine knit – just like regular dress socks.

ALMI All-Day Performance Dress Sock - great for CrossFit
One sock that does two things. These are great. They didn’t cut any corners with these socks.

But after the meetings are done for the day – these will “work out” in the CrossFit box too.

These socks have a mild compression effect – for comfort and performance. Get a great, comfortable fit – and excellent padding in the heel and toe.

The arch support is a notch above your average sock too.

They are available in Blue, Grey, and Black – and they come with a 30 day, no questions asked return policy.

Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster Bands - a super versatile training tool that has a million uses

In modern training bands are hot. Why? Because they are a super-versatile way to add resistance or assistance – in a variety of ways. Your CrossFit trainee can use these for any of the following:

  • Speed and Agility training
  • Increased Resistance Weight Training (without adding plates)
  • Pull-up Assistance
  • Jumping, Plyometrics, Aerobics
  • Flexibility Exercises, Stretching, General Conditioning
  • Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation
We’d recommend the Pull-up Package or Pull-up Package 2, but you can mix and match as well.

Voodoo Floss Bands

Voodoo Floss Bands - essential rehab tool

Rogue Voodoo Floss Bands in use The Rogue Voodoo Floss Band is a rehab item – it’s used for “Voodoo Flossing” – which is a rehab technique popularized by Kelly “K-Star” Starrett – an accomplished CrossFit trainer, physical therapist, and published author. It might be easier to show a picture of how these are used – but in a nutshell – you tightly wrap the area you are looking to fix and flex and contract through a range of motion. The extreme compression helps unglue matted down tissue and compress swelling out of joints. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? That’s why they’re called voodoo floss bands. Get the 7′ pair for gifting purposes. The 24′ is intended for box (gym) owners.

5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier

Cast with a double-curved ergonomic shape, Rogue’s USA Cast Weight Vest Plates offer a level of comfort and freedom of movement not possible with most traditional flat metal vest plates. The design was inspired by examining the armor utilized in modern bulletproof vests—the same type trusted by police and military personnel for years.

Is your CrossFitter a CrossFit Games junkie? Then they’ve seen these in action – it’s a plate carrier. What is it? Well, for military and law enforcement it is the foundation of their modular body armor. But for CrossFit, it’s used to add weight to exercises – in a way that mimics real world situations. Every CrossFitter knows the Murph hero workout – that’s a 1-mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and another 1-mile run – all done with body armor or a weight vest. And to do this right – you need a weight vest or plate carrier.

I like this gift idea in particular. The 5.11 TacTec Vest is very nice, but expensive. It’s probably nicer than what they’d buy for themselves. And sometimes, that’s what makes a great gift.

Please note the Rogue USA Cast Weight Vest Plates for this vest are sold separately.

Rogue OSO Barbell Collars

Rogue OSO Barbell Collars - Color Options Does that special somebody have a garage or home gym with their own barbell? People with garage gyms take great pride in their workout area – it’s something they’ve built piece by piece and customized just for them. And they want it to look good. They’d love these super-cool OSO Barbell collars – it’s the part that ensures the weight plates don’t slide off the end of the bar – or move around too much.

These look sharp – while there are much cheaper options, nothing looks like these – they’ve got a cool industrial gear design and are made of aluminum. We love this as a gift idea – spring collars are dirt cheap and they work but they can’t hold a candle to these in the looks department. It’s the kind of thing people might not buy for themselves – but they’d love it as a gift. Available in several colors:

GORUCK – Rugged backpacks Want to get them an awesome rugged backpack? Check out the gear offered by GORUCK. They make highly functional, super versatile, and rugged backpacks. They look good and work even better. GORUCK Rucker 2 color options: Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, Steel, Wolf Grey

Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt

Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt

Does your lifter wear a belt when they lift? If so, they’d love this item, the Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt. How is this better than the cheap gear you can get in the big box stores? Just look at that leather – this belt will last a lifetime, and look good doing it. Secondly, it’s designed specifically for the “Oly” (short for Olympic) weightlifting that is a core part of CrossFit.

The Rogue Oly Ohio Weightlifting belt in action

When you “clean” the weight, it’s got to stay close to the body – and regular lifting belts can get in the way. The fact that it’s not as wide in the front as the back is also a plus – it’s a lot more comfortable in the start position or when deadlifting. The only downside to this is you’ve got to size it right – and not by pants size/waist size – weightlifting belts are worn much higher. The Rogue product page has details. Again, this is probably nicer than anything they’d buy for themselves. But that’s what makes it the perfect gift.

Rogue Fitness Premium Ohio Lifting Belt - made from leather

That belt not nice enough for you? (or your giftee?)

Take a look at the Rogue Fitness Premium Ohio Lifting Belt.

This belts up the game with high-grade English bridle leather, black Tuff Kote finished edges, and a slip-resistant interior texture.

Made with Rogue’s vegetable tanning process, the result is the best high-performance leather weightlifting belt they’ve ever offered.

It doesn’t just look good – the roughed interior has extra “stick” and the double stitching ensures this belt will last a long, long time.

Detail of the english bridle leather and double stitching used in the Ohio Premium lifting belt.

Rogue Black Leather 13mm Power Lifting Lever Belt

Made in the USA from 100% genuine sole leather, the Rogue Black 13mm Lever Belt is a variation on their original 13mm Powerlifting Belt, utilizing a new, patented lock-in lever design (made from nickel-plated steel) in place of a traditional buckle. This durable belt is uniquely murdered out with a matte-black lever, black hardware, a black suede liner, and an embossed Rogue logo. The edges are beveled for added comfort, and the liner helps prevent any movement or slippage as you train.

Here’s one more belt option – the Rogue Black 13mm Power Lifting Lever Belt.

How is this different than the above two choices?

As a start, it’s got a dark, sinister look. And it’s a power lifting belt – so it’s super thick – and the same width all around. 13mm is a very supportive belt. We would not recommend this belt for Olympic lifting – but it’s great if your giftee or athlete is into the power lifts.

We also love that it’s a lever belt – the patented lock-in lever design (made from nickel-plated steel) is used instead of a traditional buckle.

It’s got a nice black suede liner on the inside as well.

The Rogue 13mm Power Lifting Lever Belt delivers strong, consistent back support and stability through heavy lifts, and is available in a wide range of sizes for a custom fit (see the Fit Guide below to carefully assess your preferred size). Please Note: As with most genuine leather lifting belts, there may be some break-in time required to achieve optimal comfort in your fit.

Fat Gripz

Fat Barz - turn any standard barbell into a thick bar instantly

OK, what the heck is this thing? Fat Gripz are a devilish device can be wrapped onto any standard Olympic barbell, or dumbbell to turn it into a thick bar. That makes for an extreme grip workout – and believe me, it’s a humbling experience. It really works the forearms and grip, because you can’t close your fingers as far around the bar. We love this because it takes one piece of equipment and makes it that much more versatile – for a minimum price. Just make sure your CrossFit enthusiast has a barbell or dumbbells they can use this on.

Rogue Apparel

Rogue Barbell Club Womens Shirt

Yuck! Who wants clothes for Christmas? Not so fast – it’s hard to go wrong with these stylish designs. And even better Rogue apparel is made for comfort, function, as well as style. They’ll love working out in this gear. Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles – the Rogue Barbell Club shirts are shown – but they’ve got everything else under the sun as well. The Rogue Barbell Club design is shown, but they’ve got dozens of others.

Rogue Mens Apparel - Barbell Club shirt

Nike Metcon 5 – CrossFit Training Shoe

Did you know your beloved athlete can benefit from specially designed CrossFit training shoes? The extreme variety and toughness of CrossFit workouts means that a training shoe can help a lot.

Why is this? The demands of heavy weight lifting, box jumps, sprints, rope climbs, and all the other crazy stuff these CrossFitters do requires a versatile shoe. And all those things can annihilate regular shoes – they just aren’t durable enough. Nike’s premier cross training shoe for 2020 is the Nike Metcon 5 – and it’s a hot item. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes and colorways – these are fantastic training shoes.

Nike Metcon 5 - Women's
Nike Metcon 5 Women’s – the best CrossFit training shoe yet?

Just bear in mind they are not running shoes.

If your athlete specializes in the distance running parts of CrossFit, you’ll want to look at the Nike Free x Metcon 2.


How are these better for running? They have more cushioning – and the “Free” line of shoes are meant to be running shoes.

But otherwise, grab a pair for your fitness lover.

Nike Metcon Sport

Here’s another great gift idea – the brand new Nike Metcon Sport is a functional and good looking shoe.

All the styles of the Nike Metcon Sport is the newest cross training shoe from nike for 2019. This radical overhaul to the metcon shoe has all the features you hoped for.

Like the Nike Metcon 4 XD – it’s an all-arounder – meant for lifting weights, running, jumping, and everything else you have to do in the CrossFit WOD.

What’s new and radical in these is the stretch fit design – there are no laces.

There is a midfoot strap that helps with a locked in fit and feel.

These are great shoes – for any CrossFit trainee.

If all else fails – Rogue Fitness Gift Card!

The Rogue Fitness Gift Card makes a great gift idea for any CrossFit or weightlifting enthusiast

If all else fails, get them a Rogue Fitness gift card. This way they can pick exactly what they want (or need). This eliminates all the hassle and worry of knowing about their sizing, color preferences, etc. Best of all – this gift card never expires – and there are no hidden fees. It’s an all-around winner.

King Kong Apparel Gym Bag

There’s a lot of gear you might need in a CrossFit workout: hand grips, belts, chalk, and even special shoes known as “lifters”.

Carrying it all can be a challenge.

The Backpack II from King Kong apparel is the perfect solution.

Combining super-tough materials with innovative design results in a truly great backpack - the dedicated shoe compartments on this great gym backpack let you transport weightlifting shoes without taking up valuable internal space.
Need a great backpack for the gym? The King Kong Backpack II is what you want.

First, this is one tough backpack – made from Mil Spec 1000D Nylon.

But, what we like most are the dedicated shoe compartments.

These are intelligently designed to help preserve valuable internal space.

These external compartments also help ensure the shoes dry out after use.

Available in a variety of colors, this is a great gym backpack or gym bag solution.

This is the best way to transport your weightlifting shoes to and from the gym or box – and keep the “mileage” off these specialized shoes.

The other thing we LOVE about this bag – it’s a lay flat packing bag.

Stop trying to jam your weightlifting gear into a laptop bag – a duffel style, flat packing bag is a better choice.

And by the way, you can still pack a laptop in it, if you need to.

Backpack II model has an intelligent duffle style, flat pack opening for optimal packing. Both Backpacks provide protection for a 15" laptop
A Lay Flat bag is the most versatile backpack for the gym. Dedicated laptop bags have too many dividers!

It’s never too late to send a Rogue Fitness E-Gift Card!

Waited too long to order a gift? Missed shipping deadlines? There’s still hope. Rogue Fitness has Rogue E-Gift Cards that can be sent by email or downloaded and printed at any time.
It is never too late to send a Rogue E-Gift Card by email - or download and print! Need a gift for a special athlete but do not know what to buy? A Rogue Gift Certificate means you will be guaranteed to get them something they love!

And, by the way, if you’ve missed holiday shipping deadlines, or otherwise waited too long to order a gift, we’ve got a life saver for you.

Order a Rogue E-Gift Card and either send it via email or download and print it.

This is a great option that you can order any time of the day or night!

Best CrossFit Gifts – In Summary

We hope we’ve given you some great gift ideas. Any avid CrossFit trainee should be thrilled to receive one of these gifts.

These are the best gift ideas for CrossFit trainees.

Need more gift ideas? We also have 10 CrossFit Gift Ideas for 2020.

Why Rogue Fitness Products? We’re a Rogue Fitness affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend Rogue. It’s because their equipment is tough, durable, well-made, and stylish. Their equipment looks good, and works even better. Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. And that’s why we love them.

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