GORUCK Black Friday 2020 Sales

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GORUCK Black Friday 2020 Sale

GORUCK’s 2020 Black Friday Sale is live…

GORUCK’s Black Friday sale is live! Check out their deals on rucksacks, apparel, boots, and more!

GORUCK Christmas in July 2020 (XIJ)

GORUCK has two really big sales every year – Christmas in July (XIJ or X-Mas in July) and Black Friday.

Christmas in July 2020 is over!

What was on sale?

Here’s some of the deals:

  • Various colors of the GR1, GR2, and GR3 on sale
  • Rucker and Bullet backpacks – various types
  • Women’s GR1 – on sale for the lowest price I think it has ever been!
  • Apparel
  • Field pockets of all sizes
  • Challenge Pants, Simple Pants, and more apparel
  • And more!

The founder of GORUCK indicated this sale was more about clearing inventory – there was a heavy focus on rucksacks and clothing – rather than fitness implements (ruck plates, etc.) that have been hot sellers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Did you miss out? The next big sale will likely be Black Friday.

GORUCK Holiday Deals 2019

GORUCK’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for 2019 are now over.

But, they still have Holiday Deals that have many of the same deals and bargains!

What’s on sale? All kinds of things including ruck plates, rucksacks like the GR1 and rucker, apparel, and more.

GORUCK Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday 2020 Sale

What will GORUCK have on sale for Black Friday 2020?

Come on – it’s way too early to tell!

But if you review the information we have here – you’ll see there are some definite trends.

Take a look at our historical sales info from 2017, 2018, and 2019 to try and figure it out.

They certainly will have events on sale for Cyber Monday 2020 – If you look at the trend they have been adding event discounts on Cyber Monday for the past few years.

It’s a long wait until November 2020 – but here’s the good news.

In recent years GORUCK has had lots of sales (Winter sales, spring cleaning sales, etc.) – so you can find good deals every few weeks for sure.

In fact, they have some holiday deals right now:

GORUCK Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 Sale

GORUCK’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 sales ran from Monday Nov. 25th through Monday Dec 2nd. They offered items such as the GR1, GR2, GR3, Apparel, and much more for a good discount.

For Cyber Monday, they added events at 30% off.

Fans of the brand were eagerly waiting to find out what GORUCK gear would offer for sale – and they weren’t disappointed.

Rucksacks, including the GR1 (USA and Vietnam), the Rucker, Bullet, Field Pockets, Sandbags, Apparel, and more is on sale.

Given that the Vietnam made rucksacks were on sale -this was the cheapest way to get a GR1 in several years.

Did you miss the sale?

Check out their Holiday Deals – which have many of the same great discounts.

GORUCK Black Friday Sale is on NOW

Nobody makes tougher rucksacks than GORUCK – and now in 2019 they have the most diverse selection that they’ve ever had.

They’ve diversified their manufacturing options – you can get high quality gear made in the USA – or overseas made bags for a sizable cost savings.

This might be the year that you can get a GR1 for cheaper than ever – or maybe they’ll have the 8″ AR 670-1 compliant MACV boots on sale – we just don’t know yet.

They also have deals year-round on closeouts and other items.

This is good stuff. For example, the Black Suede MACV-1 boots are currently on closeout for only $125.

GORUCK MACV-1 Black Suede Rucking Boot

And closeout means once they are gone – they are gone for good.

Get them while they last.

GORUCK Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Sale

GORUCK Rucker 2.0 - Will this be on sale for GORUCK Black Friday 2018 and GORUCK Cyber Monday 2018?

GORUCK, like a lot of other retailers, has a really big sale in November for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For 2018, GORUCK’s Black Friday and Cyber Week sale was really big – but now it is over.

Their next really big sale will likely be “Christmas in July 2019”, although they will possibly have smaller sales and specials before then, such as Father’s day.

If you missed out, you can still shop their best selling items at any time of the year.

What did GORUCK have on sale for Black Friday 2018? Here’s a sampling.

For Black Friday 2018 they had discounts on the following items. These sales continued into cyber week, as supplies dictated.


  • Essential accessories like the sternum strap ($9) and padded hip belt ($49) were also on sale.

GORUCK MACV-1 Jungle Boot is purpose made for rucking. Available now for pre-order.


  • MACV-1s (Black) – $155 (21% Off)
  • They also launched a new color for the MACV-1s – Coyote brown. It was not on sale.

They also had an interesting special offer for 1 day – buy a black GR1 at full price and get a free pair of black MACV-1s.

Other Gear:
All the best rucking accessories were on sale as well.

  • Men’s and Women’s USA-Built Apparel:

    For Cyber Week (the week starting with Cyber Monday) GORUCK events were on sale – with a huge discount:

    They also continued to offer the Black Friday items for sale, where quantities allowed.

    GORUCK Black Friday 2017 Sale

    GORUCK Black Friday 2017 featured a lot of great deals, such as:
    GORUCK Echo -was on sale for GORUCK Black Friday- 16L capacity and 16.5" in height, it is smaller than the GR1 21L and a great choice for those 5 foot 10 inch or less in height, or who want a minimal bag for EDC

    • $50 off the GR1 backpack
    • Up to almost $100 off the GR2.
    • Discounts on the Echo – GORUCK’s smaller (16L) ruck.
    • New colors for several pieces of gear
    • Great discounts on accessories such as the wire dopp

    I think the big question on everyone’s mind: Will the GORUCK GR1 be on sale for black Friday 2018?

    From the above you can see that last year had the GR1 on sale. Of course, this was prior to the big price increase – so we’ll see what they do for 2018.

    At some point during the sale they also added bundles – such as a rucking accessories bundle that included a chest strap and waist belt, a sandbag bundle, packing cubes and the wire dopp, and a bundle consisting of the GR2 ruck and the Bullet ruck.

    There were various apparel items on sale as well including the Challenge pants and Challenge shorts (but not the Simple pants). Various GORUCK shirts were also on sale.

    Many of the smaller accessory items were offered at a discount, including: tough bag, padded field pockets, and water bottle pockets.

    The GORUCK Ruck Plates also saw a substantial price increase this year.

    Will there be a Black Friday sale on ruck plates? I think yes. Why? Because they are seeing competition from Titan Fitness and others such as F3 that offer similar items.

    The GORUCK ruck plates are of the highest quality – but let’s face it – we’re talking a big chunk of iron (in a convenient form factor). Buyers tend to be less picky on the details for these sort of items.

    The GORUCK MACV-1 ruck boot will be available soon (It is in pre-order status as of this date). Given pent up demand, I doubt that item will be on sale personally. I also think it’s also very price competitive with other boots already.

    NOTE: In hindsight the MACV-1 in black was in fact on sale, but they used the occasion to launch a new color (Coyote brown) and those were not on sale.

    GORUCK Events may be on sale as well, as they were for Christmas in July.

    What will GORUCK actually do for Black Friday 2018? We won’t know until later in the year, so be sure to check back again.

    Does GORUCK have a Veterans Day Sale?

    Yes – they do – and here’s a sampling of what was on sale for Veterans Day 2019:

    What was on sale? Lots of stuff – but mostly rucksacks and apparel. Here’s just a sample.

    • Rucker 20L – $125
    • Rucker 25L – $135
    • GR1 – $265
    • Lots of apparel on sale as well.
    • And more…

    I know what you are thinking – buy now or wait for the inevitable Black Friday sale?

    I’d say if you are in the market for a rucksack – these prices are probably as good as it’ll be for Black Friday.

    But that is based on NOTHING, just to be clear.

    Expect MORE items on sale for Black Friday.

    This Veterans Day Sale probably runs through Veterans day – but I don’t know for sure.

    If you see something you want – better to get it while you can – otherwise it may go out of stock.

    GORUCK Veterans Day Sale 2019

    GORUCK Veterans Day Sale 2018

    For Veterans Day 2018 GORUCK had sale items all weekend long. The items on sale were:

    GORUCK Christmas in July 2019 (XIJ)

    GORUCK has two really big sales every year – Christmas in July (XIJ) and Black Friday.

    Christmas in July for 2019 is now over..

    What was on sale?

    Here’s some of the deals:

    • MACV-1 Jungle Rucking Boot (Black Leather) for $125 – ($70 off!)
    • GR1 Colors (Not black) – including Multicam and more for only $275 – ($120 off!)
    • Rucker 20L (colors) for only $175.
    • Bullet 10L for only $125.
    • Many special Bundles including: Rucking Loadout, Travel Day Pack, Everything in it’s place, and more.
    • A Sand Bag Bundle – that includes both the 60 and 80 lb sand bags, filler bags, and patches.
    • Apparel
    • Field pockets of all sizes
    • Compression bags
    • Ruck plate bundles
    • And more!

    In the 2nd week, they gave a code for 50% off events.

    Did you miss it?

    The next big sale will likely be Veterans day.

    GORUCK Christmas in July 2018

    GORUCK’s Christmas in July 2018 sale had a lot of great deals. This was a really big sale – discounts on rucks, ruck plates, apparel, and more. They even added event discounts for the 2nd half of the sale.

    The GORUCK Christmas in July 2018 sale ran from Monday July 2nd through Sunday July 15th (nearly 2 full weeks).

    Here’s some examples of the great deals they had on gear. Most of these were limited by quantity – meaning once they reached a certain level of sales, the price went back up. This meant you had to act quick to get the best deal.

    • GR1 in Arid, Woodland Camo, Multicam, and Sand colors for $205
    • GR2 (Navy Blue, Coyote Brown) for $255, and Black for $295
    • Echo (Arid, Multicam, Java) for $165. Black for $199.
    • Rucker 2.0 (Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, Steel, Coyote Brown) for $145, Black for $155.
    • Ruck Plate bundle – 10lb, 20lb, and a 30lb plate for $165
    • Many other items on sale including accessories and apparel

    For the 2nd week of the sale they added steep discounts on events. Here’s some of the event deals.

    • 40% off Challenge Event
    • 40% off Survival Event
    • 15% off Firearms Training
    • 15% off the Star Course – Star Course is a very challenging 50 miler.

    Will GORUCK have a Christmas in July 2019 sale? They almost certainly will.

    Does GORUCK Have a Memorial Day Sale?

    GORUCK does not have a Memorial Day sale.

    In the US, Memorial Day is for remembering those that have given their lives in the defense of freedom in the military or otherwise in the line of service.

    While some retailers may have these sales, for a veteran friendly and military friendly business such as GORUCK it is not considered a special occasion to sell products.

    You can check the website to see if they have any items on sale (unrelated to the holiday.)

    GORUCK Spring Cleaning Sale 2019

    GORUCK held their spring cleaning sale in March 2019.

    They had a large number of items on sale, including certain colors of the Rucker, Bullet, GR1, GR2, Ruck Plates, and more.

    The sale ran for about two weeks.

    GORUCK 12 Days Of Christmas Sale

    For the Christmas holiday 2018 GORUCK had a variety of items on sale daily that also included a free event registration with purchase. The item changed each day.

    Each of the following entitled the purchaser to a free event registration:

    • Buy a GR1 Heritage (Made with waxed canvas)
    • Buy MACV-1 boots
    • Buy a Rucker
    • Buy a 10L Bullet
    • Buy any Bundle
    • Buy a GR1 (limited runs)
    • Buy a 26L GR2
    • Buy Women’s Apparel
    • Buy a GR1 Curved Straps
    • Sign up for a Challenge
    • Sign up for Star Course
    • Buy a $100 Gift card

    Does GORUCK have discount codes and coupons?

    GORUCK frequently issues discount or coupon codes, and has special sales, such as Christmas in July (XIJ) or Black Friday.

    But, they also have an ongoing discount of 25% off your total order of gear and events for :

    • Military (Active Duty, Active Reserve, National Guard)
    • Veterans
    • Police – including Air Marshals, Fish and Wildlife officers, and much more
    • Firefighters and EMTs
    • Government employees
    • Students – College, University, etc.

    GORUCK calls this their Earned Service Discount

    The best part is that this is a standing offer – it never expires and is applicable to your entire order!

    GORUCK Price Decrease

    In 2019, GORUCK decided to open up their options for manufacturing.

    Some bags (black GR1, black Rucker, etc.) are made overseas in Vietnam.

    These bags cost $295.

    There are GR1 and Rucker bags made in the USA still – but they cost $345.

    The rationale behind this change in manufacturing was to ensure that they could get a high quality product into the hands of as many people as possible, while still offering an option for those who wish to support USA based manufacturing.

    GORUCK Christmas in July Sale 2017

    GORUCK has an annual sale in July, deemed the GORUCK Christmas in July sale. It normally runs the week of July 4th.

    The GORUCK Bullet is a streamlined, 10L capacity dayruck - great for every day carry (EDC)

    For 2017, there were some great deals, such as:

    • Discounts on the Bullet Ruck and Rucker
    • A new piece of gear: the GR3 – their biggest ruck yet at 45L capacity. It also had great pre-order discounts.
    • Various discounts on apparel and other accessories

    GORUCK America Patch - Christmas in July

    GORUCK Father’s Day Sale 2018

    For Father’s Day 2018 GORUCK held a special sale. What was on sale?

    • Buy a $100 e-gift card, get a free Light event,
    • Camo bullet rucks for $119,
    • The slick (non-molle) GR3 (their largest (45L) ruck!) for $90 off,
    • discounts on the Kit Bag,
    • and discounts on apparel.

    Does GORUCK have a Labor Day Sale?

    For 2018, GORUCK delayed their first ever price increase on the GR1 to occur after the Labor Day holiday (the price increase was originally scheduled for September 1st).

    Does GORUCK Have a Memorial Day Sale?

    GORUCK does not have a Memorial Day sale.

    In the US, Memorial Day is for remembering those that have given their lives in the defense of freedom in the military or otherwise in the line of service.

    While some retailers may have these sales, for a veteran friendly and military friendly business such as GORUCK it is not considered a special occasion to sell products.

    Why GORUCK Products?
    We’re a GORUCK affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend GORUCK. It’s because their equipment is innovative, built to last, and made in America. They are the driving force behind rucking not just as exercise, but as a way to make people better. And that’s why we love them.

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