Rogue Echo Bike Assembly

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Let’s take a look at the simple assembly steps for the best air bike available right now: the Rogue Echo Bike from Rogue Fitness.

Rogue Echo Bike - poolside
Rogue Echo Bike – the best air bike you can buy in 2019 for CrossFit and functional training.

Rogue Fitness entered the fan bike market recently with this model – and what they’ve built is one solid, smooth belt driven fan bike.

How hard is to assemble this thing?

It’s a piece of cake – there are actually only a handful of bolts, washers, and screws.

The instructions are excellent – easy to follow, and complete.

You can assemble the Rogue Echo bike in about 20 minutes, and it includes all the tools required.

Rogue Echo Bike Packaging and Assembly

This overview is meant to give you an idea of how easy it is to setup your new Rogue Echo Bike.

The included assembly instructions go into great detail that isn’t necessary here.

Shipping container for the Rogue Fitness Echo Bike. It is packaged very securely. The box has lifting handles on either end. It is about 67.5 kgs / 148 lbs.

Here’s how the Echo Bike comes packaged – a robust container with plenty of styrofoam. The Gross Weight listed on the box is 67.5 kgs, or about 148 lbs. I believe them.

It’s awkward to move, but there are convenient hand holds on both ends of the box. Moving the box is a two person job.

Rogue Echo Bike Assembly - Step 1 - Open the box.

Marked on the outside of the box are the first instructions – simply cut down the corners with a razor.

Rogue Echo Bike - Securely packaged in plenty of styrofoam

We mentioned all the tools needed for assembly are included – a screwdriver, hex key, crescent wrench, and all the bolts, washers, and nuts needed.

Rogue Echo Bike Assembly - tools included are all that are needed!

There’s not too many parts, as you can see Rogue has done the vast majority of the assembly for us.

Also included are assembly instructions and a user’s guide. The assembly instructions are English only, but extremely well done.

The first assembly instructions include removing (and discarding) a temporary shipping support tube (not shown here). Then, you install the base front foot and base rear foot. Rogue Fitness Logos should face out, on both ends.

Rogue Echo Bike Assembly - after removing the support tube, but before installing the front foot and rear foot.

Pedals are a simple bolt on using the provided wrench. The left pedal is tightened by turning counter-clockwise. You can see they are clearly marked Left and Right.

Rogue Echo Bike pedals

The console mounting arm is next. There is a cable that runs through this part, and it needs to be attached to the console on the top (later) and another cable above the fan. Rogue has conveniently used twist-ties to keep the cable from disappearing into the mounting arm.

The only caution is to avoid squishing the cable when tightening things down.

Rogue Echo Bike - Console Mounting Arm

The four screws used to secure the console to the console mounting arm are actually already in the console. The instructions are very clear about this. Two AA batteries are also included for the console.

Rogue Echo Bike Console before installation - 2 AA Batteries required and included!

The seat for the Rogue Echo Bike (or saddle, as bikers call it) is already installed. But here’s a close-up. It’s quite comfortable.

The comfortable, padded seat (or saddle) on the Rogue Echo Bike. Is it comfortable? Yes.

Next is the installation of the left and right handle. This is quite easy. Rogue has clearly marked how the handle is to be installed. There is a spline on the spindle highlighted in white. Simply line that up with the slot on the handle and insert fully.

Rogue Echo Bike - Handle Installation showing where the handle will go Rogue Echo Bike - Left Handle showing how things line up after installation

After that, it’s a simple matter of attaching the foot pegs on both sides and then securing the handles using the remaining 4 bolts.

The Rogue Echo Bike - fully assembled from shipping container to done. Probably would take 20 minutes total.
Rogue Echo Bike User Manual PDF Lost your Rogue Echo Bike User Manual? Here’s a PDF copy Rogue Echo Bike User Manual PDF

Rogue Echo Bike – Quality

How is the quality?

It’s excellent, as you’d expect from Rogue Fitness.

Rogue Echo Bike - Fully Assembled

The black powder coat is flawless all over – no scratches, no dings.

The rubber handgrips on the handle are tough and grippy. These won’t wear out anytime soon.

The Rogue Echo Bike has tough, textured rubber handgrips.  These will not wear out easily.

The product labels are all applied correctly. Not a big deal, but there’s a low cost equipment manufacturer that is notorious for missing labels, upside down labels, etc.

Rogue Echo Bike - poolside

Here’s the fan. You can see the wide paddles that provide the air resistance that makes the air bike magic happen.

You can also see the foot pegs – rest your feet here is you want to use upper body only.

Rogue Echo Bike Fan - you an also see the foot pegs in this shot. Rogue Echo Bike Fan.  Can not really see the belt drive, but it is in there, trust me.

Does this create a lot of wind? Yes. It’s not really bothersome in the outdoors of Florida. Your mileage may vary. A wind guard is available, but not shown here.

There’s really no sound beyond that of the fan. The belt drive mechanism that is used is silent and maintenance free. The amount of fan noise varies based on how fast you are going. It’s not unpleasant.

Rogue Echo Bike Fan - wide paddles move a lot of air.  This makes some wind.  It is pleasant - at least in warm climates

Rogue claims this beast of an air bike is overbuilt – and we’d agree.

It was not easy to move out of the yard – but only because the wheels don’t work so well in deep grass.

Moving it around on a normal surface was a piece of cake. Simply lift up the back-end and roll it on the wheels.

The leveling feet are a nice grippy rubber, and are easy to adjust quickly to get things level. This was particularly important for the paver surface you see in the photos.

Rogue Echo Bike Assembly - leveling feet on the echo bike are easy to adjust.  The rubber feet are grippy.

The console is easy to use.

There are various modes including target distance, calories, time, and heart rate (which requires a not-included heart rate transmitter).

You can also use the built-in Tabata style 20/10 or 10/20 intervals – or program your own using the “Custom” button.

My only complaint? The LCD console display is not backlit. You can’t see it at night, without a light source.

In comparison, the PM5 monitor on the Concept 2 line of equipment (such as the Concept D rower and Bike Erg) is backlit, and can be viewed in darkness – which is helpful for home and garage gyms, which are sometimes poorly lit.

Rogue Echo Bike - the Console - which lets you control and measure how you use the bike.

Overall, this is a great piece of fitness equipment.

I’ll be leaving mine poolside, at least through the rest of Florida winter.

Rogue Echo Bike Phone Holder Installation

I like the wind made by the Echo Bike, so I’ve skipped the Rogue Wind Guard.

Rogue Echo Bike Phone Holder installed.  This handy and inexpensive accessory for the Rogue Echo Bike will secure any size smart phone.

But I heartily recommend the Rogue Bike Phone Holder.

This simple $5 accessory gives you a secure place to put your smartphone while pedaling.

It’s a well made, robust piece of plastic and holds any size phone securely. Shown below is an iPhone 7 Plus – so that means it’ll fit any of the newer iPhones as well.

The Echo Bike Phone Holder is attached with two simple screws.

By the way, that app that is running is our awesome Air Bike Workouts web page – which will randomly give you one of 28 ass-kicking Echo Bike workouts.

It’s even got a built in timer, so you know when to collapse.

Did I mention it’s FREE? Use the Fit At Midlife Air Bike Workouts web page along with the Rogue Echo Bike to get an awesome fat torching, lung searing workout anytime.

Rogue Echo Bike Wind Guard

As mentioned above, I’m not going to be installing the Rogue Echo Bike Wind Guard.

But, here’s what it would look like if I did.

Rogue Echo Bike Wind Guard can stop the breeze quite effectively - at least for the bike rider.   The Echo Bike Phone Holder is shown here as well.

In Summary

Can’t get enough air bike?

Check out our 28 awesome assault bike workouts.

Or, read the guide to the best air bikes – we tell you what to look for in the best air bike (HINT: Rogue Echo).

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  1. not really im 5’2 and i struggle at times to reach the pedals. im currently looking at swapping the pedals out for clip in and hoping it will help me out

  2. Hi – It’s been poolside for 8 months now – and we’re right in the middle of Florida rainy season. It works just fine. We have lots of humidity here, but I obviously don’t let it get rained on – I keep it under the porch. I think it’ll be fine.

  3. I’m wondering if you ended up leaving it out next to the pool during your winter season and if so what are your observations with how the machine and electronics are holding up. I live in California and we don’t have much space so thinking about leaving it out during our dry summer season and then living with it in my home office during the winter rainy season.

  4. Hi. I’m currently desperately trying to mount it, but I have 2 pbs:
    1. I can’t screw the left footrest tube
    2. I don’t understand how to secure both arms, in the last step, using the provided screws.
    Could you help? Thank you 🙂

  5. Unfortunately I didn’t measure the box, and Rogue doesn’t seem to have that information available online.

  6. Hi – The Echo bike seat, in it’s lowest position is about 33.5″ off the ground, however the handles, being fixed, are still at 49″ or so off the ground. Is the position of the handles the issue? Have you looked at the Schwinn Airdyne Pro that has the multi grip handles? (One handle is “high” and the other is lower. Tim

  7. I am 5 feet tall, and the assault bike was too big for me. I was wondering if the echo bike adjusted to fit a 5 feet gal!

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