VersaClimber Review

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In this article we’re going to review the VersaClimber – the original cardio climber equipment for your home or garage gym.

VersaClimber H/HP - Home and Residential Cardio Climber
Want a full body, low-impact workout? The VersaClimber is the original cardio climbing exercise equipment. Not only is this convenient, it’s a very rigorous workout. Shown here is the H / HP model which is meant for home use.

The VersaClimber acts like two cardio machines in one: a lower body stepper and upper body climber. Think of it as a whole body treadmill.

As such, it provides a full-body workout – with no loading on the spine, and with no impact.

These machines are space efficient – and all of them fit under an 8′ ceiling, with minimal floor space footprint.

There are a number of models of VersaClimber you can buy. Here’s the key differences:

VersaClimber H/HP (Home) The H/HP model of the VersaClimber is the simplest base model and is made for your home gym. It's also the most affordable model, but has the least number of features. Still, put the work in - and this equipment will give you fitness gains.
VersaClimber LX Gym owner or CrossFit box? The LX Model is more expensive because it is commercial quality - use this in gyms, boxes, or rehab facilities. There are also wall mount and power rack mount options. You can get variable resistance with this unit as well.
VersaClimber SM Sport Step up to the VersaClimber SM Sport Model and you can get adjustable resistance, commerical quality, floor or wall mount - and more.
VersaClimber TS (Commercial) The ultimate model - the TS has all the options - and includes a touch screen dispaly. This is the most expensive option though.
 Over 6' 3"? You might need these arm extenders. These add maximum reach and stretch - and provide for a better workout for those that are tall. Please note these only work with the LX and SM models.
CC81 Cardio Climber CC81 Cardio Climber is the newest and most innovative product to date of Sole Fitness. It is adjustable, durable, and has additional features, including elliptical and climber products for an all-in-one effective workout.

VersaClimber – Overview

Let’s focus on the main attributes of this fitness machine.

First of all, the more muscle mass you use in exercise the better. The total-body loading ensures the maximum in calorie burn – but also provides endurance benefits, and of course, strength increases.

VersaClimber H/HP Review - All Major Muscle Groups involved
Get more done in less time when you work out your entire body. The VersaClimber brings all the major muscle groups into play.

With the VersaClimber models all the major muscle of the body are engaged in a single natural motion. That includes the arms, chest, shoulders, back, butt, hips and legs.

Need to be efficient? Spend 1/2 the time on the VersaClimber as compared to an elliptical or treadmill – and get the same results.

Ellipticals, Treadmills, Steppers and Spin bikes (like Peloton) can’t compare to the VersaClimber – all of those are exclusively a lower-body workout.

VersaClimbery H Model in use at home
Get the same results in half the time, as compared to a stepper, treadmill, elliptical, or spin bike like Peloton. Do you want to workout longer – or just get the results like you did?

It’s not just efficient with your time – it doesn’t take up too much space.

The VersaClimber H/HP fits easily under any standard 8 foot ceiling, and fits in a 36″ x 44″ footprint.

It’s also quiet – someone else in the same room watching TV won’t be unduly disturbed.

Who can use a VersaClimber?

The step height is variable from 1″ to 20″ – this means it will accommodate just about anyone’s abilities.

By the way, a 20″ step height is HUGE – this machine will keep you challenged!

And by the way, you can use the fixed handrails to use this machine like a stepper – no arm movement needed. This is helpful for those of us that have cranky shoulders.

Perhaps best of all – there’s zero impact. This isn’t like jogging or running. The repeated, jarring shocks of running mean it is not a practical or wise way to train over the long term.

VersaClimbery H/HP Review - Module Closeup
The display module of the VersaClimber HP is simple, easy to use, and complete. It is height adjustable for a variety of users of different heights or ages.

How do you workout with the VersaClimber? The Display Module has 3 modes: Standard, Program, and Race mode.

It will show you time, distance, calorie burn rate, and much more.

Before we compare all the differences between each VersaClimber model, there’s one more important thing to understand.

Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern

Here’s one important point you’ll want to understand before you buy.

Some of these machines support two different climbing patterns.

The standard way to climb is like how you climb a ladder. You reach up with one arm, and step up with the foot on the same side of the body.

The hand that moves up a rung is followed by the foot on the same side of the body.

Contra-Lateral or Cross – Crawl versus Standard Climb Pattern on VersaClimber Training Options
This diagram shows the difference between the two. Standard is how you climb a ladder intuitively, but contralateral is akin to crawling (vertically) – and feels very natural as well. This image is provided courtesy of VersaClimber, Inc.

This is what is called the Standard Climb Pattern. To put it in a more technical terms – your elbow and knee maintain equal distance apart both on the up stroke and down stroke.

This isn’t how you crawl though. The Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern (or GAIT) is like “crawling” vertically.

Using the Contra-Lateral Pattern when you train may yield improved benefits for your nervous system.

This pattern replicates the human body’s natural primitive movement, which is intuitive as you crawl, walk or run. It is also known as the natural GAIT pattern.

Do you need this option?

It might be nice to have – for variety if nothing else – and it is provided in several of the machines, including the H/HP.

By the way, if you’ve ever had to crawl any distance as an adult (I did when playing paintball) – you’ll know it’s a mighty workout. My abs were sore afterward.

VersaClimber H/HP

The H or HP model is the entry-level machine – meant exclusively for home or residential usage.

(By the way, the HP includes heart rate monitoring – that’s the difference between the H and HP models of the VersaClimber.)

It provides fixed-resistance only, but it supports the standard climb pattern and the contralateral pattern.

This is not a heavy machine – it weighs 65 lbs. Given that it will fit under an 8′ ceiling, you can definitely use this in the comfort of your living room.

VersaClimber H HP Review - climbing for cardio home equipment
A full-body, no-impact workout in the comfort of your own living room? You can easily do this with the VersaClimber H/HP model.

Shoulder issues? That may be a problem – but notice that with the rails attached you can use the VersaClimber like a stepper – no arm movement needed.

VersaClimber H/HP Using Rails for Stepper Only Workout
Got shoulder issues? Use the included rails for a legs-only workout like a stepper.

The HP model includes heart rate monitoring and display (that’s the only real difference between the H and HP models.

The H/HP stands 7′ 6″, takes up a 36″ x 44″ floor space, and weighs about 65 lbs.

The H/HP cannot be mounted to a wall, they are stand-alone only.

VersaClimber LX

Are you a gym or CrossFit box owner?

You’ll want to get the VersaClimber LX. It’s commercial quality and using it in a gym won’t void the warranty.

Also you can mount this to a wall or power rack – for the ultimate in space savings.

VersaClimbery Review - LX Model is commercial quality and can wall or rack mount
Got gym or crossfit box? Get the LX model and mount to the wall or power rack!

The LX series VersaClimber is available in 4 different versions: LX (No Heart Rate w/Adjustable resistance) LXP (w/Heart Rate w/Adjustable resistance) ALX (No Resistance/No Adjusting resistance) ALXP (w/Heart Rate and No Adjusting resistance).

The contralateral pattern is an optional $300 upgrade. We recommend you get it.

All models of the LX (except the ALX) have variable resistance.

VersaClimbery LX Display Module
Display Module from the VersaClimber LX – with wall mount options and variable resistance, this is a good choice for gyms and boxes.

VersaClimber SM

The SM Model of the VersaClimber is also commercial quality – so it’s OK to use in your gym or box.

VersaClimbery SM supports bluetooth and more
The SM is also commercial quality and has many options. It supports BlueTooth as well.

The SM, being newer, has BlueTooth support.

Available as a floor mount or wall mount – you can choose to get variable resistance as well.

Like the LX, this commercial-quality unit is much heavier (and robust) as compared to the H/HP models.

VersaClimber TS

The ultimate model is the TM – but it’s also the most expensive.

VersaClimber Review - TS Model
The ultimate commercial model – it also is the most expensive.

It includes a great-looking touch display that is BlueTooth and Wifi compatible.

VersaClimber TS Model
With a touch display, this unit has lots of fun modes too. BlueTooth and Wi-Fi compatible.

This would be the best choice for a high-end commercial facility.

Sole CC81 Cardio Climber

Sole is a prominent name in fitness and has been the fastest expanding brand in the US and Canada in the last five years and counting. Sole is always looking for ways to make their equipment better, more efficient, and of higher quality while still keeping a decent price. They make treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, and climbers. If you are searching for a total body cardio machine, a vertical climber will be a great choice. It activates your core and major muscle groups to give you a full-body workout.

Sole CC81 Cardio Climber side view with model
Sole CC81 Cardio Climber side view with model

The Sole CC81 Cardio Climber is a full-body workout machine that blends the elements of both elliptical and climber products. It is an all-in-one effective workout easier on the joints and very efficient at toning the whole body. It offers 20 levels of resistance and rated for users up to 400 lbs with a lifetime warranty. The handlebars are adjustable into four different height settings, and you can change them depending on the muscle group you want to focus on.

Sole CC81 Cardio Climber top view
Sole CC81 Cardio Climber top view

It has an integrated tablet holder that gives you the ability to use your smart devices to follow your workout routines or watch shows. You can transfer your workout data through Bluetooth from the CC81 to your smart device through Bluetooth connectivity. The Sole CC18 has an array of built-in programming, wireless-heart rate monitoring capability, compact space-saving design, integrated technology that allows real-time progress monitoring, and conveniently placed water bottle holders.

Sole CC81 Cardio Climber handle adjustment
Sole CC81 Cardio Climber handle adjustment

VersaClimber – In Summary

Full-body exercise is the best exercise.

The VersaClimber cardio climber machines offer fun and efficient fitness.

No matter whether you are working out at home, in your garage, or in the CrossFit Box – there’s a VersaClimber option for you.

VersaClimber LX can be wall mounted
Easily mount the VersaClimber LX to the wall for efficient space usage in a commercial gym or rehab facility.

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VersaClimber H/HP Model At Use At Home
Think of the VersaClimber as a total body treadmill. It’s very space efficient too.

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VersaClimber TS
VersaClimber TS up in da club.