Darn Tough Vertex Micro Crew Ultra-Light Cushion - Running Sock with Nano X Cross Trainer
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Best Athletic Sock for CrossFit

Let’s review the best athletic sock for CrossFit. A sock review? Yes, a sock review. Let me explain. I’m the guy that always bought cheap socks. You know, whatever was in the bargain bin at the front of the store – the 12 pack of paper-thin cotton socks for $20. But after I started buying (and testing) real athletic socks – I can’t bear to wear the cheap ones any longer. So ditch those Walmart socks (the ones that get a hole the 2nd time you wear them) and check out some of these better options for your workout: Let’s take a closer look. Athletic Sock Versus Running Sock – What’s the Difference? First of all, what is an athletic [Read more …]

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Versus Adidas Powerlift 4 Shoes - side by side again
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Adidas Power Perfect 3 Versus Adidas Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoe Review

Let’s compare two of the budget weightlifting shoes from Adidas – the Power Perfect 3 and the Powerlift 4. What do I mean by “budget” weightlifting shoe? Well, these are about 1/2 the price of the premium weightlifting shoes – like the Adipower II, the Nike Romaleos 4, or the Reebok Legacy Lifter. All these shoes ran the gauntlet in our quest for the best weightlifting shoe for 2020. But what’s the real difference besides the price tag? That’s what we’ll deep dive into in this review. Here’s the shoes we’ll be looking at in-depth: Adidas Power Perfect 3 Versus Adidas Powerlift 4 YouTube Review Why read when you can watch? Here’s a hands-on review from our YouTube channel: (be [Read more …]

Rogue 2020 Invitational Watch Online June 2020

Watch the 2020 Rogue Invitational Online

The 2020 Rogue Invitational will happen online June 13-14, 2020. Here’s the link to watch: https://www.roguefitness.com/invitational Live coverage will be streamed from 10am – 5pm Eastern on both days. When is the 2020 Rogue Invitational? The 2nd annual Rogue Invitational will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 13-June 14, 2020. All coverage will be streaming live via RogueFitness.com/invitational (Or, use the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel). Look for coverage from 10am to 5pm EST on both days. What is the 2020 Rogue Invitational? The 2nd annual Rogue Invitational will be an exclusively online competition. All 35 participating athletes (18 men and 17 women) will be competing from their gym locations around the globe. The Rogue Fitness team will simultaneously bring together [Read more …]

Reebok Legacy Lifter II Weightlifting Shoe from Reebok side view
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Reebok Legacy Lifter II Weightlifting Shoe Review

The Reebok Legacy Lifter II Men’s Weightlifting Shoe is now available – and here’s our hands on review. This is the 2nd version of Reebok’s premium Oly weightlifting shoe – the Legacy Lifter. How does this shoe compare to the original Reebok Legacy Lifter? Or perhaps more importantly, how does it compare to the newly released Nike Romaleos 4 shoe? That’s what we’ll cover in this hands on review. Here’s some of the styles available now from Reebok.com: Let’s take a look at this new Oly lifter for CrossFit. Reebok Legacy Lifter II Weightlifting Shoe Video Review Here’s a first look at the new shoe, from our YouTube channel: As you can see, the Legacy Lifter II is an excellent [Read more …]