Rogue|Woodway Curve LTG Treadmill side view
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Rogue | Woodway Curve LTG Treadmil

Let’s take a look at the Rogue | Woodway Curve LTG Treadmill. A curved treadmill is made for natural movement powered entirely by your legs. It does not need electricity and no maximum speed, similar to outdoor running. The curved, slatted running surface lets you move the treadmill belt using the balls of your feet as you push your body forward. It burns 30% more calories and is ideal if you want to get high-intensity exercise. From Rogue (and Woodway): Rogue | Woodway Curve LTG Treadmill – Overview Woodway treadmills feature revolutionary technology and provide a safe and comfortable running surface. They also have reduced shock on the body, as well as reduced friction and wear associated with the conventional [Read more …]

Rep Fitness AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench with an athlete
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AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench

New bench alert – here’s the AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness – the king of garage gym benches. Rep Fitness benches are superior, durable, functional, and generally some of the best on the market. They are also heavy-duty, well-made, easy to clean, and easy to store. If you liked the AB-5200 Adjustable Bench, the latest and improved version is here to impress you even more with its new features. New from Rep : AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench – Overview The AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench is Rep Fitness’ toughest and most customizable bench, with the option to make it decline and blend different colors on the same bench. It is a flat-incline bench with ten different back pad angles [Read more …]

Rogue Kabuki Transformer Bar main
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Kabuki Transformer Bar

Get a specialty barbell unlike any other with the Kabuki Transformer Bar – It’s now available from Rogue Fitness. The original Transformer Bar became the industry’s superior squat specialty bar and is used in thousands of home gyms, commercial facilities, clinics, and professional/collegiate weight rooms. It is a kind of safety squat bar that utilizes a rotating sleeve to let the load be placed at different cambers and distances from the bar’s shaft to change how the bar feels during use. Now on its latest and fourth iteration, the Transformer Bar is made even better in usability and manufacturability. Get it from Rogue: Kabuki Transformer Bar – Overview The Transformer Bar has an innovative design that allows for standard squat [Read more …]

GORUCK M22 Pack pocket for water bottle
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GORUCK M22 Backpack

GORUCK has a new form-factor for a back pack. Here’s the GORUCK M22 Pack. It’s inspired by some gear used in WWII. The GORUCK M22 is inspired by the original M1945 pack system with two packs strapped together. The M1945 was a soldier’s Approach Pack when carried together. Soldiers approached their target carrying this pack, and once they caught their target, the Approach Pack was separated to take only fewer essentials, such as hydration, weaponry, or rations. This was their Assault Bag and was packed out for a victorious attack. GORUCK M22 Backpack: GORUCK M22 Pack – Overview The M1945 was named after the year it was manufactured and issued. It was used for long movements and had more pockets [Read more …]

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plate main
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Urethane Coated Iron Plates

Want plates that are going to look great forever? Check out Urethane Coated Iron Plates – cheaper than full urethane, but should look really good for a long time. Iron plates are made of almost pure iron that provides superior durability and precise weight measurements for a reasonably low cost. There are different plate coatings used in plates to make them durable, and one of the best coatings is urethane. Urethane coating is extremely impact-resistant and twice as durable as rubber coating. Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plate from Rogue: Urethane Coated Iron Plates – Overview Iron plates are the traditional weight plates most typically seen in non-specialized gyms. They are made by pouring molten iron into a circular mold or [Read more …]

Xebex Fitness Air Ski Trainer Eco quarter left
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Xebex AirPlus Ski Trainer

Let’s take a look at Xebex AirPlus Ski Trainer. Originally made for Nordic cross-country skiers that can’t train in the wild, the ski trainer has now become a famous piece of equipment for endurance and functional fitness. A ski trainer helps improve muscle endurance, build upper body strength, and provides good blood flow movement. It is also less demanding than other cardio equipment yet delivers intensity to your training. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Xebex AirPlus Ski Trainer One of the best and most complete ski simulators, the Xebex AirPlus Ski Trainer is created to deliver skiing-related workouts and offers different cardio and strength training options. It fits both beginner and skilled athletes [Read more …]

Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer with an athlete pulldown
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Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer

Let’s take a deep look at the Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer. The G20 Pro is the prime of Force USA’s innovative All-In-One Training Systems with attributes and abilities not available in other G-Series products. It is already updated for 2023 and comes with 14-in-1 Strength Training Systems. The Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer offers more than 400 exercises in a single power rack footprint. The Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One – it is everything you need for the ultimate home gym or garage gym: Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer – Overview The G20 Pro is your ultimate home gym whether you are looking to maximize your workout space or take your training to the next level. [Read more …]

Rogue FT-1 Functional Trainer with an athlete 3
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Rogue FT-1 Functional Trainer

Make your home gym or garage gym a whole lot more functional with the FT-1 Functional Trainer from Rogue Fitness. The sheer number of workouts you can do with a functional trainer is unbelievable. It has a small footprint that allows you to perform different strength exercises with just one piece of equipment. Both novice and experienced users will benefit from it as it is extremely safe to use. It has cables and weight stacks to ensure that the weight will not slip or cause harm to you. The Rogue FT-1 Functional Trainer (made in the USA!): Rogue FT-1 Functional Trainer Inspired by US Navy Veteran and garage gym builder Nick Gills, FT-1’s configuration is set apart by its modularity, [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Open Trap Bar Handles main
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Open Trap Bar Handles from Rep

Got the Open Trap Bar from Rep Fitness? Here’s some Open Trap Bar Handles – get the ultimate grip and vary your workout. An Open Trap Bar may look intimidating, but it is one of the easiest equipment to use in the gym. It is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to do different kinds of exercises like Romanian deadlifts, neutral-grip presses (chest and overhead), push-ups, floor presses, farmer’s carries, bent-over rows, shrugs, planks, rack pulls, and more. It allows you to do pulls when you are rehabbing or have a reduced range of motion. Available now, for the Open Trap Bar (also from Rep Fitness): Open Trap Bar Handles The Open Trap Bar has different handle sizes [Read more …]

Reebok Nano X3 Womens Shoes purple right side
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Nano X3 Styles for Women

The Nano X3 (Reebok’s “Official shoe of Fitness”) and there are Nano X3 Styles for Women. The Reebok Nano series has been dominating the cross-training community for more than ten years now with its high-performance shoes. Recently, Reebok unveiled the latest iteration of the award-winning shoe, the Nano X3. It has new features and improvements for boosted confidence in your next workout. “The Nano X3 is the most dialed-in Nano yet with a focus on comfort and support while offering a fresh new look and feel,” says Reebok Senior Product Manager Tal Short. Nano X3 (great shoe for CrossFit and functional fitness workouts): Nano X3 Styles for Women – Overview The Nano X3 is a training and running shoe—this allows [Read more …]