Rogue HG 2.0 Collars - Magnetic held
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Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic

Let’s take a look at Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic. Barbell collars are an essential tool in loading any weight onto your bar. Their main purpose is to provide safety when training by keeping the weight plates from slipping off the barbell sleeve. They also guarantee the weight load stays evenly divided and prevent the plates from sliding. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue HG 2.0 Collars – Magnetic – Overview Without barbell collars, your plates will slide outward on your barbell sleeve. When this happens, the weight in your bar will be unbalanced, resulting in instability while lifting. The weight should be as close to you as possible, and the collars’ [Read more …]

Mat Fraser at the CrossFit Games

How to Watch the CrossFit Games 2020

Want to watch the CrossFit Games 2020? Here’s everything you need to know. You can watch all events live on YouTube or Facebook for free. Be sure to check also out Rogue’s Iron Game too – for all the best commentary. Today (Friday 10/23) is the first day of the final phase of the games: The events will be streamed live – when should you watch? Friday 10/23 Schedule of Events (broadcast schedule). 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT 5:00 PM ET / 2:00 PM PT 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT CrossFit Games 2020 Workouts for Friday 10/23 There’s an incredible 5 workouts that the athletes will face today. This [Read more …]

Theragun G3PRO is a percussive therapy device to help with workout recovery
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Buyer’s Guide to Percussion Massage Devices for Athletes

Over the past few years, percussive therapy and self-myofascial release have become increasingly popular in the CrossFit world. Despite this, there are quite a significant number of people who might not know what these are. Alongside this, they might not know what kind of benefits that these might offer. If you’ve ever had bad muscle pains and overall aches after a workout, then percussive therapy could be helpful for you. To figure out if it’s something that you might want or need, however, it’s first worth knowing about what they are and how they can be used. The potential benefits that they could provide should be more than enough for many people to be interested in a percussive therapy device. [Read more …]