Rogue 50 Cal Challenge

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Rogue has the red-hot Echo Bike. Grab one while they last!

Think you can burn some calories fast on the Rogue Echo Bike?

Rogue has just announced the 50 cal challenge.

Rogue 50 Cal Challenge on Echo Bike 2
Rogue inaugural challenge will determine who can burn 50 calories the fastest on the Rogue Echo Bike.

This first event of the inaugural Rogue Challenge will take place from Friday December 11th through Monday December 14th, 2020.

What’s the challenge? Be the fastest to burn 50 calories on the Rogue Echo Bike.

Who can enter? Anyone with access to a Rogue Echo Bike can give it a shot. (NOTE: It’s gotta be an Echo bike – no subs allowed!)

Simply register at

A $10 entry fee gets you into the competition – but $25 gets you entry as well as an official Rogue Challenge t-shirt.

You’ll have to submit your time and a full video via the Beyond the White Board app.

By the way, it’s well known there are some people that can do almost 50 calories in 30 seconds.

That’s an incredible amount of power to put down in a short time – you have to average over 1,600 watts (estimated) on the Rogue Echo Bike!

Here’s a some of the gear involved.

Challenge Registration The first event of the inaugural Rogue Challenge is here. The goal: be the fastest to burn 50 calories on the Rogue Echo Bike.

Rogue Echo Bike In the market for the best fan bike / air bike? Get the Rogue Echo Bike. It's overbuilt and super-sturdy - which is great for high power output workouts. But it's also smooth and quieter than other air bikes that use a chain (The Echo has a belt instead.)

Rogue 50 Cal Challenge – Rules

How will it be scored? Here’s a summary.

Get the full scoop over at Rogue: Rogue 50 Cal Challenge

Fastest athlete to reach 50 calories on a Rogue Echo Bike.

Tie Breaker 1: Time on the monitor when athlete reaches 25 calories.

Tie Breaker 2: Max watts output

Note – This information will be pulled from your video submission if needed.

You’ll need to take a video – there’s specifics you need to know:

Rogue 50 Cal Challenge – In Summary

Be a part of history in the making – the first inaugural Rogue challenge is here – and it’s a killer.

If you’ve got an Echo Bike, and if you think you can pump out some serious power – give it a shot!

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Rogue 50 Cal Challenge on Echo Bike 1
Rogue Echo Bike in use

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