Pomodoro - Tomatoes and a timer

Pomodoro Timer – Productivity Method

Using the FitAtMidlife free workout timer for the Pomodoro technique Here at FitAtMidlife, we’re constantly finding innovative new ways that people use our free workout timer. This particular use isn’t related to fitness, but it’s a great productivity tip, so we are sharing it here. What is the pomodoro technique? The pomodoro technique is a time management method and was created by Francisco Cirillo. The gist of it is : work with full focus and no distractions for 25 minute intervals called “pomodoros”. Then take a 5 minute break, and repeat. This method helps you get focused, stay focused, but not burnt out from over-concentrating for too long. To use the free workout timer for this method, simply follow these [Read more …]

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The Best Free Workout Timer

Are you in need of a workout timer? We’ve got a great one, for free. It works with Windows, Mac, smartphones (iOS and Android), and tablets. It’s one of the most full featured timers to be found for free, and it’s been used by thousands of people world-wide for many years We’re happy to once again make this fabulous fitness tool available to everyone, worldwide, for free. Why use this timer over any of the other of dozens on the Internet? Well it’s got sound and it’s highly customizable – make the text size bigger and change colors. Don’t like the sounds? Change the sounds. It works on ANY size display – from the smallest smartphone, to tablet, to laptop, [Read more …]