GORUCK GR2 X-PAC - USA with an athlete


Let’s take a look at X-PAC from GORUCK. Rucksacks and field pockets from GORUCK are known for their durability and versatility, and some of them are now given new clothing to make them even more adaptable in all situations and weather. The GR1, GR2, and GR1 Field Pocket are built from the world’s most prevalent laminated pack fabric that is 100% climate neutral. This fabric combines low stretch and waterproof construction technology that perfectly balances weight and durability. The ultimate GR1 is using X-PAC – both tough and slick: X-PAC from GORUCK – Overview GORUCK takes quality and excellence seriously, and when they build their gear, only the materials that are tested, proven, and can endure any condition are chosen. [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 5 Cross Trainer Shoe Review 13 2
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Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review

The latest Nike Free Metcon shoe has been a smash hit – it’s very comfortable and it performs well in the gym (or the CrossFit box). Here’s the newest Nike Free Metcon 5 – in a drop-dead gorgeous “Volt” color. Cross-training requires your shoes to do different sports, aerobic movements, and resistance training and should provide you with endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance to do them. The good news is there’s a shoe that can do that and give the support you need as you train. The Nike Free Metcon 5 can meet you in the depths, help you dig deep to find that final ounce of force, and come out of the other side on a high. Get it [Read more …]

Nike Romaleos 4 left side
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Nike Romaleos 4 in Black/Gold

Get these while you still can- the Rogue has the Nike Romaleos 4 in Black/Gold. Nike themselves doesn’t even have this color combo… The Romaleos series is known in the weightlifting world, and the fourth edition is one of the most popular ones. Romaleos 4 is heavy and sturdy for a rooted feeling in the ground, has a highly stable platform and midfoot, and has a wider toe box than the earlier version. Want it? Here’s some of the styles you can get now: Which one is the right option for you? Let’s talk about it… Nike Romaleos 4 Olympic Weightlifting Shoe – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. (Obviously – this isn’t the Black/Gold [Read more …]

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FT-3000 Compact Functional Trainer 2.0

The original FT-3000 was a big hit – here’s the new and improved version 2.0 – from Rep Fitness: FT-3000 Compact Functional Trainer 2.0. Lessen the time in the gym (or completely forget it!) with the FT-3000 2.0 Compact Functional Trainer. It is an exceptionally versatile cable machine with full commercial-grade capabilities but is compact enough for a home gym. This trainer comes with different attachments, different cable positions, heavy weight stacks, and more. New from Rep Fitness – make your home gym more versatile than ever: FT-3000 Compact Functional Trainer 2.0 – Overview The FT-3000 2.0 has superior components, like a magnetic-tipped pin to lock weight in place and an extra pin to fasten the trolley. The robust frame [Read more …]