inov-8 Fastlift 360 Weightlifting Shoe worn by an athlete 6
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Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8

Need shoes for heavy lifting? Let’s take a look at the latest Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8. If you see weightlifters wearing weightlifting shoes, it’s because wearing them has benefits. They are developed to increase the force you can deliver into the ground while lifting a heavy weight. Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel that lets you get deeper into your squats and classical lifts in Olympic Weightlifting. Oly lifters from inov-8: Weightlifting Shoes by inov-8 – Overview Weightlifting shoes are different from running or cross-training shoes in many ways. They have a distinct look—having a flat, stiff sole with a raised heel between .5 inch to 1 inch. They are bulky and heavy with a big, thick strap across the [Read more …]

inov-8 Bare-xf 210 V3 Mens with an athlete 6
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inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe

Don’t like training in shoes? If you workout in a gym – you have to wear shoes. It’s usually in the rules. Check out the inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe. It is rare to see athletes going shoeless when running or training, but barefoot training or training with minimal foot coverage offer plenty of benefits. Barefoot training helps build strength in your feet muscles, enhances balance, stability, and coordination, and activates your glutes and core. There are barefoot shoes available if you still want to wear something during training, and they allow you to experience barefoot training with protection from sharp objects. Only from inov-8: inov-8 Bare XF V3 Minimalist Shoe – Overview The inov-8 Bare XF V3 is [Read more …]

Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 Review 35
Cross Training Shoes

Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 New Color

Tne Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 is the ONLY Nike shoe for cross training that combines both React foam and a Zoom Air cushion. There’s now a new color too – check out the Iron Grey/Black/Phantom/Black colorway. Put an adrenalizing speed into your everyday workout with the Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2. Combining stability and responsiveness, this shoe helps you move fast during circuit training, high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, or a squeezed-in cardio workout. New colorways are now available to add energy to your training. The newest Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2: Nike Metcon Zoom Turbo 2 – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. This is a different color, but results will be the [Read more …]

inov-8 F-Lite Fly G 295 Mens Cross Training Shoe worn by an athlete
Cross Training Shoes

F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe

Want a light weight shoe for your CrossFit style workout? Check out the F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe from inov-8. For athletes who want both style and function in their shoes, the F-Lite Fly G 295 is a high-performance cross-training shoe that has both and shines in dynamic movements and running-based workouts. It has a streamlined, lightweight design that feels fast and light when running and has superior stability and support for bodyweight movements. Amazingly light – but tough: Let’s find out more about this amazing light-weight shoe. F-Lite Fly G 295 Men’s Cross Training Shoe – Overview Excelling on explosive-style running and bodyweight exercises, the F-Lite Fly G 295 will be loved by hybrid-focused athletes who [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 5 Cross Trainer Shoe Review 13 2
Cross Training Shoes

Nike Free Metcon 5 Shoe Review

The latest Nike Free Metcon shoe has been a smash hit – it’s very comfortable and it performs well in the gym (or the CrossFit box). Here’s the newest Nike Free Metcon 5 – in a drop-dead gorgeous “Volt” color. Cross-training requires your shoes to do different sports, aerobic movements, and resistance training and should provide you with endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance to do them. The good news is there’s a shoe that can do that and give the support you need as you train. The Nike Free Metcon 5 can meet you in the depths, help you dig deep to find that final ounce of force, and come out of the other side on a high. Get it [Read more …]

Nike Romaleos 4 left side
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Nike Romaleos 4 in Black/Gold

Get these while you still can- the Rogue has the Nike Romaleos 4 in Black/Gold. Nike themselves doesn’t even have this color combo… The Romaleos series is known in the weightlifting world, and the fourth edition is one of the most popular ones. Romaleos 4 is heavy and sturdy for a rooted feeling in the ground, has a highly stable platform and midfoot, and has a wider toe box than the earlier version. Want it? Here’s some of the styles you can get now: Which one is the right option for you? Let’s talk about it… Nike Romaleos 4 Olympic Weightlifting Shoe – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. (Obviously – this isn’t the Black/Gold [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 4 quarter front pair
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Nike Free Metcon 4

Let’s take a look at the Nike Free Metcon 4. Having the power of Metcon, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is ready to tackle different workouts and take you to your fitness destination. This shoe combines the functionality of Metcon and the comfort and versatilty of the Free Metcon with a playful design and look. Get it from Road Runner Sports: Nike Free Metcon 4 – Overview The Nike Free Metcon 4 integrates flexibility with stability, so you can give it your all to your training. It is great for HIIT workouts, short runs, light lifting, jumping, and classes. The shoe has an updated “chain-link” mesh that cools and flexes as you speed through agility drills. It provides ventilation to [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 8 AMP quarter view left
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Nike Metcon 8 AMP

Let’s take a look at the Nike Metcon 8 AMP. Just like all the versions in this series, Metcon 8 AMP is also engineered to the needs of championship athletes. Its features include a lighter upper with enhanced airflow, React foam for supreme comfort and cushioning, grooves in the sole to let your forefoot arch naturally, and lock-down lace tabs to stop unlacing during high-intensity training. These and more features are in your Metcon 8 AMP to keep you going no matter your pace. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 8 AMP – Overview The Nike Metcon 8 AMP is part of the AMP line of shoes showing cosmetic/style upgrades but not performance [Read more …]

Under Armour Mens Project Rock 5 Training Shoes outsole
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Project Rock 5 Training Shoes

Here’s a great shoe for bodybuilding workouts – it’s the Project Rock 5 Training Shoes. “The Project Rock 5s are the most innovative training shoes we’ve ever made—they give you power, energy, and support with an amazing comfort level.” – Dwayne Johnson Though Under Armour has made its way to the apparel world, its footwear is sometimes neglected. With the latest innovation in The Rock’s fitness-focused footwear line, let’s see if it’s time to try it and make it your new training shoe. The Project Rock 5 – training shoe: Project Rock 5 Training Shoes – Overview The Project Rock 5 Training Shoe is ideal for casual cross-training, recreational lifting, athletic-styles sessions, and short runs. It is a well-rounded training [Read more …]

Under Armour Women’s UA TriBase Reign 5 Training Shoes quarter view pair
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UA TriBase Reign 5 Training Shoes

Can you believe it’s already time for another UA shoe announcement? The UA TriBase Reign 5 Training Shoes is the 5th version of UA’s versatile cross training shoe. The TriBase Reign 5 is the fifth and the latest cross-training shoe from Under Armour with some remarkable revisions. This cross-training shoe is perfect for you if you are a lifter and do strength training and CrossFit. It has the versatilty you need for athletic workouts, stability for lifting, and durability for CrossFit. The TriBase Reign 5 – a great shoe for CrossFit-style workouts: UA TriBase Reign 5 Training Shoes – Overview The UA TriBase Reign 5 Training Shoe has a full-length Micro G® foam midsole for ultimate responsive cushioning and provides [Read more …]