GORUCK 60 Lb Sandbag Review

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Here’s my review of the GORUCK 60 lb sandbag – I picked this up to start the GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training program.

GORUCK sandbag review - GORUCK Sandbag in 60 lbs size with Bullet ruck and MACV-1 boots
Here’s the GORUCK Sandbag in 60 lb size. Also shown are the 15L Bullet ruck and MACV-1 boots I used for most of GORUCK’s Sandbag & Ruck Training program.

This is my first sandbag – and I’m pleasantly surprised.

GORUCK Sandbag - what lies inside
What’s inside? a filler bag with a double velcro closure – and 60 lbs of pea gravel. There’s no mess. The wife is pleasantly surprised.

Not only is this training fun – GORUCK makes a great product that is very versatile.

Here’s some of the gear we are going to look at:

GORUCK Sandbag (60 lb) The 60 lb sandbag is the one we tested. It's made with 1000D Cordura and it has handles galore. There's a filler bag that goes inside, and it doesn't make a mess.

GORUCK Sandbag (40 lb) The 40 lb bag might be a better choice for those with less upper body strength. It has all the same great features, but is smaller in size (in case that isn't obvious.)

GORUCK Sandbag (80 lb) There's also an 80 lb bag - it uses two 40 lb filler bags.

GORUCK Sandbag (120 lb) Lastly, there's the 120 lb bag. This basically uses two 60 lb filler bags. This is too much sandbag for me, but I'm sure you can use your imagination and come up with some use for it.

Let’s take a look at what makes this sandbag a versatile piece of training gear.

GORUCK Sandbag Review on YouTube

Want to take a quick look? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

GORUCK 60 Lb Sandbag – Overview

First, let’s take a tour. What features does the GORUCK Sandbag have?

We’re looking here at the 60 lb size. I picked this size because I’m going to primarily use it on my own.

GORUCK Sandbag in 60 lb size with 15L Bullet and 30 lb Expert Ruck Plate
Shown here with a 15L Bullet Ruck and 30 Lb Expert Plate for scale, the GORUCK Sandbag has handles galore.

It’s significantly heavier than my Bullet or GR1 ruck with a 30 lb plate, but not so much that I won’t be able to do high rep activity with it.

The outer shell is made from 1000D (Denier) Cordura. This is a very densely stitched material that is abrasion resistant – and tough.

(But, I won’t recommend dragging the sandbag around on rough surfaces like the stone pavers – as shown in the photos – and similar surfaces like concrete).

As you can see, the outside is festooned with handles. This makes it easy to do a variety of exercises with the sandbag.

GORUCK Sandbag Handles on the top
There’s handles on the top (where the velcro patch panel is).

GORUCK Sandbag handles on the end
There are handles on both ends as well. This make a great place to grab the sandbag for plank pull-throughs.

GORUCK Sandbag handles - box stitched
The handles are robust and stitched in with box stitching. I don’t think they’ll break or come loose.

There’s a double zipper, covered with a protective flap, and inside is where the filler bag goes.

GORUCK Sandbag - Double zipper and cover
Raise the zipper cover up to see the double zipper pulls. Both are made from paracord. The item is labeled as the 60 lb sandbag as well.

GORUCK Sandbag with filler bag inside
The filler bag goes inside, in case that wasn’t clear.

The filler bag is the secret to not making a mess – and keeping the zipper in working order.

In my case, I’ve filled it with 60 lbs of pea gravel. When filled to the point shown in the photos it will be exactly 60 lbs.

GORUCK Sandbag with 60lbs of pea gravel
Fill it up to this point with pea gravel and it will be 60 lbs – right on the money.

GORUCK Sandbag - Double Velcro Closure
When closed properly the double velcro filler bag closure is very secure.

Would sand be better?

I don’t know, I may test that later. But I’m plenty happy with the pea gravel so far.

The double velcro closure works great. It’s secure, and the gravel isn’t coming out.

GORUCK filler bag velcro
Two of the keys to making the filler bag work right is 1) don’t fill it up too much and 2) don’t clog up the velcro with sand or grit.

Having said that, don’t use this like a slam bag – this isn’t a ballistic exercise device.

It’s also got a place for a patch, and it comes with a “GORUCK 60 lb” patch.

GORUCK 60 lb sandbag patch
It’s from GORUCK. Of course you can put a patch on it.

GORUCK logo on zipper cover
It’s got a sharp looking GORUCK logo and spearhead stitched on the zipper flap/cover.

Some of the other bags use two filler bags – the 80 lb has two 40 lb fillers, and the 120 lb has two 60 lb fillers.

As I mentioned, 60 lbs seemed a good place to start – it’s more than a ruck sack, and the size and shape of the bag make it a challenge in a variety of exercises.

GORUCK Sandbag with MACV-1 boots
GORUCK Sandbag ready for action. That’s the MACV-1 Gen 2 boot in Suede Coyote and Black. All 3 items are highly recommended.

GORUCK 60 Sandbag Review – Lifetime Warranty

Like many of GORUCK’s items the sandbag is covered by the Scars Lifetime Guarantee.

You break it or rip it – and they’ll fix it.

Just don’t do anything dumb with it.

GORUCK Sandbag Workout – Exercises

What sort of workout exercises can you do with a sandbag?

All kinds of stuff – and each of these is painful in their own special way.

Here’s a sneak peak – with more to come.

(This is a time lapse so you don’t die of boredom watching me flail around.)

Sandbag Front Squat

Sandbag Front Squat
Sandbag Front Squat. There’s 30 lbs in the rucksack too.

Sandbag Get Up

Sandbag get-up
This is the beginning of the sandbag get-up.

Sandbag Clean

Sandbag clean
Sandbag clean – this is about the midway point. It’ll end up in the "rack" position.

Sandbag rack position
This is the conclusion of the power clean – the bag is now in the rack position.

Sandbag Overhead Press

Sandbag Deadlift

Sandbag Deadlift

Sandbag Back Squats

Sandbag Back Squat
Back Squat

Sandbag Carry

GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program - suitcase lift
Carry it like a suitcase, this is one of the easier moves.

There’s a lot more too – because you can drape the sandbag over your upper body (either over one shoulder or across your shoulders, or in a bear hug) – the possibilities are endless.

Sandbag versatility
The sandbag is lighter than a barbell – but so much more versatile, because there are numerous ways to carry it.

(But not easy.)

Want a structured workout program? Check out our review of the GORUCK Sandbag & Training Program.

GORUCK Sandbag Handles

As we mentioned, there’s a lot of handles.

GORUCK Sandbag handles
There’s handles on the top, bottom, and sides.

They are made such that they are “flat” – as opposed to the round rubber handles you find on competitor products.

GORUCK Sandbag Handle Closeup
The handles are made from 1000D Cordura and meant to lie flat (or nearly so.)

This makes them robust, and not exert undue pressure when you are carrying the bag across your shoulder, or chest, etc.

But, they are tough on your hands – at least initially.

There’s sort of an “edge” to the material that is very firm, and when the bag is brand new it’ll wreak havoc on your soft, baby-like hands the first two or three times you use this bag.

LONG TERM UPDATE: These handles break-in nicely. One month in, I was no longer getting irritation from the handles – even on high repetition cleans.

GORUCK Sandbag Handle Edge
That edge or ridge will wreak havoc on your hands the first time you use the bag – but they break in nicely after that.

The time lapse video above was my first use of the bag, and the webbing between thumb and index was in pain after that workout.

I think that was primarily due to the sandbag cleans.

GORUCK Sandbag Handles
Another handle closeup.

Since the, I have done many, many cleans – and no longer have that problem.

GORUCK 60 lb Sandbag – In Summary

The sandbag is a great piece of strength building and conditioning gear.

I’ve wanted to pick one up since seeing the GORUCK sandbag on sale – and there’s no better time now that the Sandbag & Ruck Training program has launched.

The GORUCK sandbag is expensive, but is nicely made and has a lifetime guarantee.

It’s got handles galore – which is what you want in a sand bag.

The double velcro closure filler bag works as advertised and helps keep from making a mess.

As I put more time in with this sandbag, I’ll put updates here on durability.

But, I don’t foresee issues, because just like their rucksacks, this thing is GORUCK tough.

(And if it does have problems, Scars has your back.)

Want more options for sandbag training?

GORUCK Sandbag Filler bag
The GORUCK sandbag filler bag is shown here with the double velcro closure in place.

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GORUCK Sandbag and gear
You can do a hell of a lot of working out with everything shown here. Gym be damned.

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GORUCK Sandbag
GORUCK Sandbag


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