Rep Fitness FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench Product Highlight

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Looking for a wide bench for your home or garage gym?

You might want to take a look at the FB-5000 Wide Pad Competition Bench from Rep Fitness.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Floor Level View
It’s a flat bench, it’s got a wide pad, and it’s IPF competition rated – and you won’t believe the price. This is the FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench from Rep Fitness.

This beefy, robust bench is a remarkable piece of equipment for the price you pay.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the features of this competition class gym bench:

FB-5000 with Wide Pad Bench The wide pad on this bench gives you better scapular positioning - and the extra width is especially helpful for bigger guys. This bench is an amazing value for the money - and meets IPF specs - so you know it is tough and will bear the load.

FB-5000 Comp Bench The FB-5000 is Rep's ultimate flat bench in regular width. 11 gauge steel with 1,000 lb weight rating and it meets IPF specs for a flat bench. Wheels and handle for mobility - and available in colors.

Thompson Fat Pad This thicker and wider pad for your flat bench promotes better scapular movement - and less wear and tear on your shoulders. But remember, this is the PAD ONLY - you still need to buy a bench. That said, this is thicker and wider than the Wide Pad on the FB-5000

Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 Here's a similar product from Rogue. How does it stack up? The Monster Utility Bench gets much better in version 2.0 - It has wheels, a tri-post design, and you can store it upright (vertical) when not in use! Great for constrained spaces - like your garage gym.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench – YouTube Video Overview

Rather watch than read? Check out this video on YouTube.

Let’s take a look, courtesy of Rep Fitness:

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench – Why a Wide Pad?

A serious competition and training bench needs a wide pad option – and Rep has it.

A wide pad gives you better scapular positioning – and the extra width is especially helpful for bigger guys.

How wide is it?

With the FB-5000 Wide Pad, you get an extra 2" of width in the pad, compared to the normal 12″ wide pad.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Comparison to Regular
The standard FB-5000 bench is 12" in width, you get an extra 2 inches in pad width with this option.

Other than that, the specs are the same.

Same length, same height, and overall the same pad thickness.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Overhead Comparison
Otherwise, the dimensions are similar ,length, height – and more.

Like it’s normal width sibling, it is 17″ high (at the top of the pad) and 48.5″ long.

It weighs 62 lbs, and the pad is 4" thick.

All the other great features of the FB-5000 are still there, the convenient handle, wheels for easy re-positioning, and of course it is IPF rated.

FB-5000 Wide Bench Versus Thompson Fat Pad

If you are looking at wide (and thick) bench pad options, you’ve seen the Thompson Fat Pad.

What’s the difference between that and the wide pad on this bench?

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Bench Pad
Here’s a closeup of the Wide Pad of the FB-5000 flat bench.

The FB-5000’s wide pad is 1/2″ thinner and narrower than the Thompson Fat Pad.

But, consider this – the Thompson Fat Pad alone costs nearly as much as the entire FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench!

(Not to mention if you buy the Thompson Fat Pad, you still need to find a bench that will fit it.

Lastly, the Wide Pad on this bench is firmer than the Thompson Fat Pad.

You’ll sink into it less – and that includes while you are benching, or doing other things like single arm dumbbell rows, etc.

Thompson Fat Pad
Because the Thompson Fat Pad is wider and thicker than the average bench pad it provides benching benefits, but it is more expensive than the FB-5000.

FB-5000 Wide Bench – Overview

OK, so it is a flat bench with an extra wide pad.

What else can we describe about it?

It meets the IPF specs for height, width, and length.

That 17″ height from floor to top of pad is important. This lets lifters use proper positioning of the feet, and arch the back to push up serious weight with proper form.

(Many find they can use this bench for box squats as well – the height is perfect, and the single post design up front ensures your feet can go where they need to.)

The Heavy-duty 3×3″ 11 gauge steel means this bench is rated to support up to 1,000 lbs.

(Translation: More than enough for you!)

The pad is made with affordable, yet durable vinyl upholstery. The 4″ thick pad uses a plywood base.

The pad material is both tough and grippy – you won’t be slipping or sliding as you bench.

This vinyl is a new formulation – it’s has more grip than what Rep used in the past – and it is just as good when wet and slick with sweat too.

That’s especially important for garage gym workouts – which tend not to have the benefit of air conditioning.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - In Black
The 3 post design means your feet get freedom of positioning. The handle and wheels mean it’s easy to roll it out of the way when needed.

This is a 3 post design. There’s two “feet” in the back and one up front – which means the front post does not get in the way of your foot positioning.

It’s easy to move, because it has wheels, and a convenient handle on the front end.

Easy assembly, 15 minutes with a wrench.

Want to customize for your home gym?

As with many of the Rep products, it is available in multiple colors.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - In Red
Hammertone Red is my personal favorite color for gym equipment.

Colors currently available are: Matte Black, Metallic Black, Metallic Silver, Hammertone Blue, Hammertone Red

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - In Blue
But Hammertone Blue is a really nice shade too…

Here’s some more details on the colors.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Matte Black vs Mettalic Black
Here’s the difference between Matte Black and Metallic Black colors. Both look great!

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench – Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy.

There’s just 10 bolts to be put in place – and you are off to the lifting.

There’s not tools needed other than a wrench – and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Where to buy the FB-5000 Bench?

Where do you buy the FB-5000 competition bench (whether standard or wide?)

It’s not on Amazon – get it right from the source – Rep Fitness.

Rep Fitness is a great company, that makes excellent gear – and the users on reddit agree too.

You won’t have much luck finding this on ebay or facebook marketplace either – it’s a relatively new product and these just aren’t resold that much.

Rep FB-5000 Comp Bench Versus Rogue Monster Utility Bench

Let’s line up this Rep gear with some of the competition – from Rogue Fitness.

How does the FB-5000 compare to the Rogue Monster Utility Bench?

Rogue recently made a version 2.0 of the Monster Utility Bench.

Rogue Monster Utility Bench - Wheels
The Monster Utility Bench is also a tri-post design – and it’s got wheels and handle.

The competition in the bench market has done wonders!

This bench is also tri-post design and it’s very high quality and beefy.

The Rogue unit is equally beefy – it weighs 68 lbs versus 62 for the Rep.

The Rogue bench is made in the USA. We like that.

But, it is significantly more expensive.

Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0
Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 is a tough bench with great features – it’s made in the USA.

There is also a “shorty” and regular option – and a variety of pad options too.

This would be a good way to get that Thompson Fat Pad…

But just remember if you check off all the option boxes, this bench ends up being more than double the price of the FB-5000.

The killer feature of this bench is being able to store it upright (vertical). I don’t have a lot of space in my garage gym – so I love being able to get stuff out of the way – and to make sure it uses a minimum of floor footprint when stored.

Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 can be stored upright (vertical)
Rogue Monster Utility Bench 2.0 can be stored upright (vertical). This is a great option for a space constrained home or garage gym.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench – In Summary

The Rep Fitness FB-5000 Bench is our choice for the best bang for your buck wide flat bench.

The build quality is great, and this equipment is very affordable.

Looking for more bench options from Rep Fitness? – They’ve got a bench to fit every home or garage gym – whether adjustable of flat.

FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench - from Rep Fitness - Side by Side
FB-5000 Wide Pad Bench – a great flat bench option for your home or garage gym.

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