Nike Metcon 5 Release Date

The Nike Metcon 5 isn’t here yet.

The latest rumors are of a July 2019 launch, before the CrossFit Games 2019 (which happens in August 2019.)

But, while we wait, have you seen the Nike Metcon Sport?

Nike Metcon Sport - great new CrossFit shoe for 2019
New for 2019 – the Nike Metcon Sport is the most agile version yet of this great cross training shoe.

In a surprise move, Nike has just released the all-new Nike Metcon Sport.

This is a radical new take on the Nike Metcon shoe line.

The best news? It is available NOW.

Nike Metcon Sport – Red/Black The Red/Black color combo is the same as the pictures shown earlier in this article.
Nike Metcon Sport – Black/Black Black/Black is a great low-profile look. It also helps make the shoes look new for longer – you can’t see stains and wear on black as easily.
Nike Metcon Sport – Grey/Blue Grey/Blue looks a lot like UF Gators colors – but we think that’s just a coincidence.
Nike Metcon Sport – Dark Grey Dark grey is another smart looking color option.
Nike Metcon Sport – White/Sail White/Sail looks great – but I’d be worried these would look dingy quickly after a few trips to the box.

Roadrunner Sports is also carrying all the styles currently available.

You’ll notice there are no laces.

Is that a problem?

No, because they offer a very snug fit. You’ll notice there are pull tabs on both the front and heel of the shoe.

It takes some effort to put these on.

Secondly, the midfoot strap (velcro) let’s you lock the shoe in.

I can confirm it’s great for lifting weights, jumps, and running.

All the styles of the Nike Metcon Sport is the newest cross training shoe from nike for 2019. This radical overhaul to the metcon shoe has all the features you hoped for.
Nike Metcon Sport – here’s all the men’s color options available now

The Nike Metcon Sport is a great shoe. They’ve kept the heart and sole of the Nike Metcon line and finally took a radical leap forward in the styling.

Let’s get back to the upcoming Nike Metcon 5.

When will Nike release the Nike Metcon 5 Cross Training Shoe?

When will the Nike Metcon 5 cross training shoes be released?  That is what every body wants to know - when is the Nike Metcon 5 Release Date

People are very interested to know about possible release dates for the Nike Metcon 5 cross training shoe.

First of all, let me state that Nike has released no official information about the launch date of the Nike Metcon 5 shoe.

Nor do we know what it will look like.

But, there certainly is one coming – There was a Nike Metcon 1, Nike Metcon 2, Nike Metcon 3, and Nike Metcon 4.You know there is going to be a Nike Metcon 5.

It’s a big seller – and people love the shoe.

It garners far more interest than the Nano line (which are excellent, by the way) of official CrossFit shoes, and other competitor shoes like the NOBULL trainer.

Newest Metcon – Nike Metcon 4 XD Find out about the newest Nike Metcon you can buy right now – the Nike Metcon 4 XD

As you’ll see below, Nike Metcons are usually launched in December/January – but January 2019 has come and gone, and all we got was an updated Nike Metcon 4 XD and Nike Metcon 4 Premium.

What we will provide here is information about leaks and rumors regarding the Nike Metcon 5 launch date.

We’ll also analyze the launch info for the last few shoes, and see if we can guess when a Nike Metcon 5 may come out – and what it may look like.

Nike Metcon 5 Rumors

Based on the previous product launches, a December or January launch of the Nike Metcon 5 seemed like a sure thing.

But here we are, late in January 2019, and no new Nike Metcon 5 – only a mid-life revision on the Nike Metcon 4.

In December, there was a brief bit of excitement on reddit when CrossFit athlete Lauren Fisher posted an Instagram photo which seemed to show some new nike mystery shoes.

Shortly thereafter, the photos were edited (cropped) to remove the shoes.

Some people have speculated these were simply the (then un-released) Nike Metcon 4 XDs – but nobody knows for sure.

However, given that the photos were promptly edited – it seems like that’s a big clue.

We believe the Nike Metcon 5 shoes are under active development.

CrossFit athletes Lauren Fisher, Mat Fraser, and Josh Bridges have all been known to be involved in the development phase of Nike Metcon shoes.

Here’s Lauren Fisher with the original Nike MetCon 1 shoe.

Maybe their instagram accounts will leak a clue?

Taking all that into account, a mid-year launch for the Nike Metcon 5 seems like a possibility.

The Nike Metcon 4 XD and Nike Metcon 4 Premium were very minor updates. The only real difference is the print on the upper, and new colorways.

(By the way, I’m not down on them – the Nike Metcon 4 XD are great shoes.)

It seems like Nike will probably boost sales for a few short months on those new models, and the Nike Metcon 5 will appear by mid-year.

Or maybe not – this is all based on rumors and speculation.

Wait for the Nike Metcon 5?

I can understand the interest level in the Nike Metcon shoes.

But, if you need shoes now – buy the Nike Metcon 4 XDs.

They are great shoes, and a big step up from the Nike Metcon 3.

Find out more about the Nike Metcon 4 XD.

New for 2019 is the Nike Metcon 4 XD - Nikes latest take on its ultra-durable cross training shoe. How does it compare to the Nike Metcon 4?

What Will The Nike Metcon 5 Look Like?

What will the Nike Metcon 5 look like?

Nike Metcon 5 leaks and rumors - what will the Nike Metcon 5 shoe look like?

We simply don’t know.

But, there’s a strong bet it will continue to have the wrap-around outsole – that’s where the tough rubber sole wraps around the mid-foot for rope climbs.

It’ll probably have Flywire – Nike’s innovative Vectran filaments that help lock-in the fit and feel of the shoe.

Will they switch up the outsole? The recent revisions have all used the “tri-star” tread design for traction in all directions – how could they possibly one-up that?

Of course – this is all speculation.

While there have been some leaked photos – the testers of the shoe seem to be using all black on black designs – which makes it very hard to discern any specific features.

The other key question – will the Nike Metcon 5 be a mild tweak of the design or a major re-do?

It’s probably time for a major switch-up in the design of the shoe.

To explain why we think that, let’s look at the history of the shoe.

History of Nike Metcon shoe launches

Previously we mentioned that we thought an end of year / beginning of year launch was a sure thing. Let’s recap why.

Let’s walk through some of the recent product launches.

Nike has released the Nike Metcon 4 XD early in 2019.

The XD is an extra durable (Xtra Durable?) version of the shoe – featuring an all new 3D printed upper.

It’s even tougher than the original Nike Metcon 4.

The Women’s Metcon 4 XD cross-training shoe, available here in white with flash crimson, sail, and racer blue accents, introduces a new 3D-printed upper and rubber-wrapped outsole for enhanced durability. The shoe’s low-profile heel clip rolls up on the sides to help minimize drag, and a sticky rubber forefoot creates reliable traction.

Also late in 2018, Nike released the Nike Metcon 4 Premium. What’s the difference? The Nike Metcon 4 Premium features an updated upper with a haptic shield for durability and stability.

The Nike Metcon 4 Premium features an updated upper with a haptic shield for durability and stability. Flywire technology provides a locked-down fit, while the sticky rubber in the forefoot offers excellent traction for training.

The Nike Metcon 4 Premium was a pretty limited release.

That takes us to the first version of the Nike Metcon 4.

Nike Metcon 4 in Thunder Blue - best cross training shoe of 2018 - it looks great!

The Nike Metcon 4 was launched in December 2017.[1]

There have also been several other Metcon shoes launched since, including the Nike Free X Metcon (blending the “Metcon” features with “Free” running features), and versions made with Flyknit uppers including the Nike Metcon Flyknit 3 in December of 2018.

Nike Metcon 3 Cross Training Shoe

The Nike Metcon 3 was launched in December 2016.[2]

The Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit debuted at the same time, and was pitched as the ideal shoe for the CrossFit “Murph” workout, with the Metcon 3 being pitched as great for the “Fran” workout.

The Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoe

The Nike Metcon 2 was launched in January of 2016.[3]

A special edition “Strong as Steel” was released in March of 2016.

The shoe that started it all - the Nike MetCon 1 - as it was released in 2015.

And finally, the shoe that started it all, the Nike MetCon 1, was released in January of 2015.[4]

So, as you can see, a Nike Metcon 5 release around the beginning of the year was a good guess – but it was wrong.

There’s also rumors that the Nike Metcon 5 will be a major overhaul to the shoe – and not just a slight tweaking.

When you look at the Nike Metcon 3s, 4s, and the XD – you can see more of an “evolution” of the design.

It might be time to really shake things up with a major re-do.

And while that is a distinct possibility, we hope Nike keeps the Nike Metcon 5 in the spirit of the previous shoes – a fantastic weight lifting shoe, that is super-versatile and works for every other part of the WOD as well.

With the evidence we have, we hope Lauren Fisher is working hard to make the new Nike Metcon 5s the best shoes yet, just like she did with the Nike MetCon 1.

CrossFit athlete and games competitor Lauren Fisher has been involved with the development of Nike Metcon shoes since the start - hopefully she is now working on the Nike Metcon 5!






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Nike Metcon 5 leaks and rumors - what will the most anticipated shoe of 2019 look like? When will it be released?

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