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Speed Ropes - Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - most advanced jumping rope offered by Rogue Fitness - incredible spin up to 10x better than their other models.  Best speed rope for double unders in CrossFit?

Let’s talk about speed ropes – a variation on the jump rope or skipping rope that spins much faster than a regular rope.

Why a speed rope? The increased speed helps improve coordination and timing.

The super fast spin makes some moves easier – such as the double under or triple under.

But you’ll be turning the rope (it’s a cable really) more , and jumping more – so a speed rope can also be a great improvement on the endurance building aspects of jumping rope.

In a nutshell it makes jumping rope that much more of an intense (and therefore effective) workout.

We’ll look at some options from Rogue Fitness – they have the widest range of speed rope options of any manufacturer.

Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope Simple and cheap - but fast. The bearing system allows for top-end revolutions and the coated cable adds speed and durability.
Froning SR-1F Speed Rope The Froning SR-1F Speed Rope has an aluminum head, high-speed bearings, and a lighter, firmer handle with an extended, diamond-pattern textured grip. And the R logo for Rich Froning - of course.
Rogue Bushing Speed Ropes Sometimes slower is better - and a bushing rope will give you less speed - but that's good for a novice
Rogue SR-2 Speed Rope Made in the USA using aircraft-grade aluminum and a 3/32
Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope The ultimate Rogue speed rope - with a denser cable and incredibly smooth bearings this is a very fast (and expensive) rope.
Struggling to get double unders? Are you struggling to master the double under? The double under is a staple of CrossFit workouts – you have to turn the rope for two complete revolutions for one jump. Guess what makes the best jump rope for double unders? A speed rope! Check the buyer reviews on these items – you’ll see lots of newfound success with double unders when people switch to these ropes.

Rogue Fitness SR-1 Speed Rope

The Rogue Fitness SR-1 Speed Rope is an affordable bearing speed rope - with great speed

We’ll start with Rogue’s most affordable speed rope – the SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope.

The secret to it’s speed?

The coated 3/32″ speed cable is part of it. It’s not a rope. It’s a cable, with a small diameter. That means less air resistance.

And that also means the speed cable is much lighter than a thicker cable.

It’s less effort to spin a lighter cable – so you can go faster.

The other part is that this speed rope makes use of ball bearings for a wicked fast spin.

Ball bearings mean an absolute minimum of friction for the moving parts.

Ok, so this rope will spin fast. What else is good about it?

There’s a wide variety of color selections.

Color options for the Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope

The handgrip part is made from “indestructible glass-filled nylon resin.”

But more importantly there is a Short Handgrip option which has a 5.25″ handgrip – which is 1.5″ shorter than the regular model.

There is also a Long Handgrip option as well, if that’s what you need.

The handle is 7.5″ in length.

Short Handle Speed Rope vs Long Handle Speed Rope – How To Choose To some degree the choice comes down to the size of your hands, but that’s not the only factor. Speed ropes with a long handle tend to give you more leverage – and you get more speed from every movement of your wrist, while the short handles are easier to grip tighter – because they fit better in your hand.
Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope is available in 3 handle options, Short, Long or regular.

The cable, which will wear out eventually can be replaced, and the cable can be trimmed to size for the particular user.

The standard cable is 10 feet long – with an 11 foot model also available for really tall athletes.

Overall the SR-1 Speed Rope is an affordable, high quality entry level speed rope that can help you take your workout to new heights.

Make sure your jump rope is the right length!

Not having much luck with the jump rope? Make sure your rope is the right length. Too short or too long is a show-stopper.

How long should your jump rope be?

Place your foot on the mid-point of the rope, the handles should come up to mid-chest height.

Most of the Rogue jump ropes can be trimmed to the perfect size

Froning SR-1F Speed Rope

Rogue SR-1F Speed Rope is a great bearing speed rope with the Rich Froning R* logo

The Froning SR-1F Speed Rope is the Rich Froning branded version of the SR-1 speed rope.

Handle length is 6.5″ with special molded handgrips.

It’s branded with the R* logo of Rich Froning – four time “Fittest Man on Earth”.

Otherwise it’s all the same specs as the SR-1 series speed rope.

What If a Speed Rope Is Too Fast?

The Rogue Bushing Rope is a fixed length jump rope with bushings and a thicker cable - it is easier for beginners to use.

A lightning fast speed rope may not be the best option for an absolute beginner.

A slower spin and heavier cable or rope can provide the feedback that a jump rope beginner needs.

And for that Rogue offers the Rogue Fixed Length Bushing Speed Rope.

A bushing is another type of load bearing surface to allow parts to move freely – but it’s not as friction-free as ball bearings. So it’s gonna spin slower.

Further, the 3.2 mm PVC coated steel cable is 1.1 mm thicker than the cable used on the SR-1.

That means more weight.

More weight on the cable means more work to spin, but more importantly more “feedback” to the trainee.

This model is non-adjustable, so pick the right length for you – and you’ve got a simple, cheap, but good beginner speed rope.

If you want an adjustable model, take a look at the SR-3 Rogue Bushing Speed Rope.

Same great features, but in a model you can adjust to the perfect length.

Not only is the Rogue SR-3 speed rope adjustable for length, there are 3 different handle options - Short, Long, or Regular.

Roque SR-2 Ballistic Speed Rope 2.0

The SR-2 speed rope improves on the SR-1 - same great bearing system and cable specs, but a nicely knurled aluminum handle too.

The next step up in Rogue’s speed rope arsenal is the SR-2 Ballistic Speed Rope 2.0.

Judging by the name, you’d expect the SR-2 improves upon the SR-1 model, and it does.

The SR-2 uses a similar 3/32″ speed cable and ball bearing system like the SR-1.

But it’s got nice grippy aluminum hand grips – featuring a sandblast textured spindle with a fine, knurl-textured grip.

It’s available in 2 handle lengths – the standard 6.75″ or the “Short” model 5.25″.

Rogue SR-2 Handle Options

Also available in a variety of color options, and it’s made in the USA.

The attraction of the SR-2 is really the handles – look at that knurl.

The best knurled handle on a jump rope?  I think we have a winner -the Rogue SR-2 Bearing Speed Rope

Like the SR-1, there’s also special editions.

The SR-2 Speed Rope from Rogue is also available in a Josh Bridges edition with gray cable, OD Green handles - and its got all the other great features of the SR-2 Speed Rope

The Bridges SR-2 Speed Rope 2.0 is available in a nice looking anodized Olive Drab color with exclusive etchings of the Josh Bridges “Stache” logo in white.

Other than that – very similar to the SR-2 regular model – aircraft grade aluminum handles, 3/32″ speed cable that is adjustable, and super-smooth ball bearing spin.

Double-Under Tips

Struggling with the double-unders? They make a frequent appearance in CrossFit WODs – like the 2019 open 2019.2 workout – which requires 50 double-unders.

Here’s some double-under tips, that will work with any rope:

  • Hold your hands slightly in front of your hips
  • Keep your elbows close to your body at all times
  • Jump a few inches off the ground
  • Spin wrists so the rope passes the feet twice with every single jump
  • Be sure to keep your torso upright the entire time

It sounds simple – but can be hard to execute.

Having a speed rope will help with the fast rope movement needed.

It is less work to spin a light rope as compared to a heavy rope.

Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope

The king of speed ropes?  The Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - thin, but dense cable and a custom bearing system makes this rope the fastest speed rope around.

We’ve saved the best speed rope for last.

And that brings us to Rogue’s premium speed rope – the Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope.

Rogue claims this is their most advanced mechanical design for a speed rope.

The SR-343 is made in the USA.

It’s got all the great features of the Rogue SR Speed Rope line – replaceable cable, trim to the perfect size, etc.

How do you customize the length? One end of the cable is secured with a set screw. To customize the size simply loosen the set screw, cut the cable to length as desired and tighten the set screw. You will want to hold on to the small rubber wire cap also.

Set screw used for adjusting the length of the Rogue Mach SR-343 speed rope.   Do not lose it, it is tiny!

The cable is PVC coated – so you’ll need to use this speed rope on forgiving surfaces for best results.

But most importantly, it’s got the most speed.

The speed cable is a dense 5/64″ diameter cable – 10% denser than that of the SR-2.

That means even more speed.

The SR-343’s speed cable is only 38 grams – or 1.3 ounces. That’s as light as it gets.

But the real secret of the SR-343’s speed is the custom designed bearings.

They spin up to 10x better than the SR-2.

The bearings on the SR-343 spin so well it was a challenge to get the handles to sit still for that photo of the set screw. The slightest bit of tension in the cable would send the handles rolling away…

Handle specs for the Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope

The handles are made from aircraft grade aluminum, with the addition of a lightweight urethane grip.

The handles are hollow. You will not want to drop them, if you can help it, because the finish will scratch easily.

The swivel portion of the Rogue SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - fastest jump rope on the planet?

All this advanced technology does come at a price – this is one expensive jump rope.

Compare the price of this to the EVO Speed Ropes (specifically with the Hyper 1.3 oz cable) from RX Smart Gear.

But it is the most advanced, fastest speed rope around.

Don’t believe us? Check the user reviews on Rogue’s website.

For me personally the Rogue SR-343 made an immediate improvement in my jumping – because it’s so light and spins so well.

You DO NOT have to be an expert jump rope user to benefit from this equipment.

The king of speed ropes? The Rogue Fitness SR-343 Mach Speed Rope - thin, but dense cable and a custom bearing system makes this rope the fastest speed rope around.

The SR-343 is also available in colors thanks to Cerakote – an amazing thin-film ceramic coating that is tough, durable, and colorful.

Rogue’s fastest, most mechanically advanced speed rope is now available in a range of exclusive Cerakote color finishes. The SR-343 Mach Speed Rope, Cerakote Edition, utilizes the dynamic, ceramic-based coating first popularized in the gun industry for its remarkable wear-resistance even in thin applications. It’s also a finish that allows for greater versatility in color and design, enabling athletes to customize their rope(s) to match the colors of a gym, team, event, etc.

Here’s a handy comparison showing many of the options for speed ropes from Rogue:

Rogue SR series speed rope handle options

In Summary

Once you’ve gotten the hang of jump rope basics, you can probably benefit by upgrading to a speed rope.

A speed rope will help you perform double unders and triple unders more easily.

But it will also let you work harder, and faster, and to gain more from your training.

Rogue has a diverse set of speed rope options and with the SR-343 Mach Speed Rope has what may be the fastest speed rope money can buy.

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