GORUCK M22 Pack pocket for water bottle
Exercise Equipment

GORUCK M22 Backpack

GORUCK has a new form-factor for a back pack. Here’s the GORUCK M22 Pack. It’s inspired by some gear used in WWII. The GORUCK M22 is inspired by the original M1945 pack system with two packs strapped together. The M1945 was a soldier’s Approach Pack when carried together. Soldiers approached their target carrying this pack, and once they caught their target, the Approach Pack was separated to take only fewer essentials, such as hydration, weaponry, or rations. This was their Assault Bag and was packed out for a victorious attack. GORUCK M22 Backpack: GORUCK M22 Pack – Overview The M1945 was named after the year it was manufactured and issued. It was used for long movements and had more pockets [Read more …]

GORUCK Packing Cube 10l flat in rucker

Packing Cubes

Get organized with these Packing Cubes from GORUCK. Traveling is more fun and less stressful with a little organization. Save yourself time and ease frustration with these versatile Packing Cubes. They are not only simple additions to your travel ruck, but work any place you need organization. Once you use them, they will become essential to your packing routine. GORUCK Packing Cubes keep clothes neat and compressed but can also organize other gear such as hiking supplies, shoes, water bottles and toiletries. Packing Cubes are available in these styles and sizes: Packing Cubes – Overview Packing Cubes from GORUCK allow you to travel with organization and convenience as they keep things in the right place while traveling. They are made [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4 frogskin internal

Rucker with Camo Interior

Let’s take a look at the Rucker with Camo Interior. No other rucksack can match the comfort the Rucker 4 has. It is purpose-built for rucking and rucksack training and is now upgraded to make it even easier to maintain your equipment. Rucker is the tool to get stronger, one rep and one mile at a time if you train hard on dirt, grass, and concrete. From GORUCK: Rucker with Camo Interior – Overview GORUCK replaced the interior zippers with velcro and removed the front exterior zipper pocket, making your rucksack more durable and long-lasting. It has upgraded padding on the top of the plate pocket for bear crawls and has lumbar padding that supports the natural curve of your [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Side Pocket coyote details

Simple Side Pocket for GORUCK

Troubled by the lack of external pockets on your Rucker? Solve that challenge with the Simple Side Pocket from GORUCK. It works with the GR1, GR2 – anything with MOLLE – of course. GORUCK continues to make gear and accessories that make rucking easier. One of them is the Simple Side Pocket. It is an accessory that attaches to your GORUCK packs, such as your GR1, GR2, and other rucksacks, with at least three rows and two columns of webbing. This allows you to have easy access to your essentials while rucking. Simple Side Pocket – From GORUCK: Simple Side Pocket – Overview The Simple Side Pocket is the perfect solution to have quick and easy access to items you [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4 with MTNTOUGH+ Training Program Bundle coyote worn by an athlete

Rucker 4 with MTNTOUGH+ Training Program Bundle

Interested in rucking for fitness, but don’t know where to start? The new MTN Tough Bundle from GORUCK should help. This bundle consists of the Rucker 4 backpack (great for fitness!) plus a year long digital subscription to MTNTOUGH+ – A whole bunch of minimal equipment workout plans that have the outdoor enthusiast in mind. More than an exercise workout program, MTNTOUGH+ is a global online community of thousands of like-minded people committed to physical and mental strength. MTNTOUGH believes mental strength is as crucial as physical strength. This program presents an innovative workout of the day (WOD) program through Daily Minimal Gear workouts consisting of exercises using dumbbells, a kettlebell, a pull-up bar, a step-up box, body weight workout [Read more …]

GORUCK GR0 - 16L Compact Rucksack - Made in the USA challenge


Looking for a smaller rucksack? The GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack is only 16L (Liters). Smaller but in every way tougher, the GORUCK GR0 is made to rock your day hike or any day activity. The craftsmanship of this ruck will tell it will last for a long time and stand up to whatever abuse the gym, mountains, cities, and jungles throw at it. GORUCK GR0 – 16L Compact Rucksack – Made in the USA GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack – Overview GR1 is the toughest rucksack ever built. Now make it smaller, and you get the GORUCK GR0. It was previously known as the Echo and is made for smaller frames and minimalist EDC. GORUCK GR is compact, robust, efficient, and [Read more …]

GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip upper details

GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip

Just in time for the depths of winter weather – here’s the new Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip from GORUCK. The grid fleece is a comfortable fabric because of its lightweight and anti-sweat properties. It is more breathable and less bulky than a standard fleece. It allows more air space against the body for trapping more heat, wicking faster, and compressing smaller. These are some of the reasons why grid fleece is commonly used in apparel for activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and fast-and-light backpacking. Get it now, from GORUCK: GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip – Overview To make the Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip, two of the most solid fabrics come together—the lightweight, hi-tech warmth of the Polartec® Power [Read more …]

GORUCK 24.7 Simple Pants - Midweight coyote brown back

24.7 Simple Pants – Midweight

What’s the big deal with the 24.7 Simple Pants – Midweight? These are GORUCK”s excellent simple pants – but with a heavier, less-revealing thickness of material. Pants matter. They should be versatile enough to be the best pants for traveling, commuting, rucking, and training. And if you are into extreme challenges and intense workouts, pants proven at thousands of GORUCK Events are what you need. Let’s cut right to the chase – how are these different when compared to the Light Simple Pants? The Midweight Simple Pants fabric is 187 GSM – Grams Per Square Meter. The regular (Light) Simple Pants are 125 GSM. That’s almost 50% more material. Why would they do this? The original Simple Pants are incredibly [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 worn by an athlete

GORUCK Holiday Deals – Black Friday Sale 2022

Get great deals during GORUCK Holiday Deals – Black Friday Sale 2022. GR1s, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, and much more! Even at regular prices, rucksacks and other gears from GORUCK sell quickly. That’s because GORUCK gears are tried, tested, and proven to be what they claim to be. Now that they are on sale, take a chance and see if you can be one of the successful customers that can get one of their gear, apparel, and footwear. Get up to 40% discounts when you purchase rucksacks, kettlebells, boots, and other select items during the Black Friday Sale. Get these while you can, from GORUCK: GORUCK Holiday Deals – Black Friday Sale 2022 – Overview GORUCK is notorious for tough and [Read more …]

GORUCK Performance Trucker Hat worn by an athlete

Performance Trucker Hat from GORUCK

GORUCK has a complete line of cover for your rucking needs – and that includes the Performance Trucker Hat. From hats to footwear, GORUCK creates the best and the toughest rucking gear to equip the rucking revolution. Their products are simple and streamlined yet top-notch, durable, and functional. Here are some of them. I like trucker hats – they are super ventilated, but that also means your dome is at risk of sunburn. To that end, we’ll do a whirlwind tour of the other kinds of hats GORUCK has too. The TAC Hat is my personal favorite. Hats from GORUCK: Performance Trucker Hat – Overview A trucker hat is a kind of baseball hat with a brim or bill and [Read more …]