Black Friday 2020 – Where To Buy Fitness Equipment During The Pandemic Lockdown

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Where can you buy home gym equipment during the pandemic lock down?

We’ve got the most comprehensive list of in-stock equipment pages from all the best vendors.

What about Black Friday 2020?

Don’t expect any massive sales – everyone is out of equipment due to the unprecedented demand.

Here’s our recommendations for where you should be able to buy in stock fitness equipment for your home gym or garage gym (in no particular order)

Who has fitness equipment in stock? It varies day by day – so bookmark these links and check every day.

Rogue Fitness Rogue makes it all - barbells, dumbbells, benches, and a whole lot more. They sell Concept2 gear like the Model D rower and BikeErg - but also their own great products like the Rogue Echo Bike (Good luck getting your hands on one of those!) Rogue is known for fantastic quality - and a lot of their gear (but not all) is made in the USA.

Rep Fitness Rep Fitness designs their own equipment - and it is made overseas (generally SPEAKING) - so it's priced to be a great value. Rep has significantly ramped up their manufacturing operations since the pandemic - keep an eye on what they have in stock here.

Get RXd Get RXd makes all kinds of equipment for the CrossFit WOD and more. Having trouble finding a rower or assault bike? Check out their Xebex line of gear. It's a bit cheaper than some of the big names, but represents a good value. Also - you gotta buy what's in stock - keep an eye out.

Fringe Sport This scrappy upstart from Texas has all kinds of gear for the CrossFit WOD - and more. Check out their in stock page to see what they have ready to ship!

Vulcan Strength Vulcan Strength is a primary supplier of Olympic weightlifting equipment, Equipment for CrossFit, Home Gym equipment, and Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment.

Force USA Force USA makes some awesome stuff - like functional trainers, cable machines, leg press units, and much more. They also have barbells, benches, and the basics you need to build a home gym.

Kettlebell Kings Kettlebell Kings is our top pick for the best kettlebell you can buy - they have a great selection. Maybe you haven't used KBs before - but now is the time to think outside the box. Good luck finding these in stock - keep an eye on this page.

GORUCK Speaking of thinking outside the box. Have you ever used a sandbag or weighted backpack (or vest) for your workout. Check out all the innovative items from GORUCK. They have doubled down on training gear to help you stay in the game.

Amazon Amazon has a HUGE selection of all kinds of fitness gear. You missed Prime Day, but they still have tons of stuff. Just be ready to buy quick - things will go out of stock quickly!

Read on to find out how each of these vendors is trying to make things better for you.

Where To Buy Fitness Equipment During The Pandemic Lockdown – Overview

It’s no secret – home fitness equipment is sold out all over the place – thanks to the pandemic lockdown.

And the fact is this gym equipment is being sold and shipped as quick as it can be made. There aren’t likely going to be many black friday gym equipment sales this November.

For example, Rogue Fitness has already stated their Matte Black Friday sale will NOT be the normal sale – it will be much more limited in scope.

But, if you need gym equipment to continue on with your fitness goals, there are a great deal of places to shop – you just have to keep an eye on their in-stock pages, and be ready to purchase immediately when new gear shows up in stock.

Let’s take a look now at where each of these vendors is helping to solve the great fitness equipment shortage of 2020.

Rogue Echo Bike - Gray / Red Edition - Matte Black November
The Rogue Echo Bike is a HOT item. Why? It’s the best air bike/fan bike/assault bike on the market – but everyone knows this. Keep an eye on Rogue’s page for these – they occasionally get some in stock and they sell out in 2 hours or less.

Rogue Fitness

Recently, Rogue Fitness announced that their annual Matte Black Friday sale will not be very large – not at all like in the years past.

Why is this? Well – they are making and shipping equipment as fast as they can already!

Rogue Ohio Bar
The Rogue Ohio Bar is a great barbell – but they are currently selling them as fast as they can make them!

Since the lock down they’ve gone to around the clock operations, doubled their staff, expanded their footprint over double, and are consuming a crazy amount of steel on a daily basis – to make more barbells, benches, racks, kettlebells, dumbbells – and more!

Some of the hot items that Rogue sells includes the Echo Bike (the best air bike around!), their tough as nails power racks and rigs, and of course their barbells.

The Ohio bar is the best quality and most versatile barbell for the CrossFit WOD and more.

Air Bikes are in Short Supply Fitness Pandemic Lockdown Where to Buy
Air Bikes / Assault Bikes are sold out all over – but we’ve got a few places where you might find one in stock. You have to be ready to act fast!

Rep Fitness

Like Rogue, Rep Fitness has some very innovative equipment designs.

They build their stuff tough – and it’s made overseas so it is often an outstanding value.

They’ve struggled to keep up with demand as well. But they have: Quadrupled their warehouse space, increased their staff, doubled their production capacity, and are operating their warehouse 16 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Rep Fitness makes some killer benchs – like the AB-5000 shown here. But they have many more options – you just have to find them in stock.

Get RXd

Want a Concept2 Rower or an Assault Air Bike?

Yeah, a lot of people do. But now is the time to think outside the box.

Have you checked out the Xebex line of gear from Get RXd?

It’s good stuff – and it might be available – so keep an eye out.

Xebex Air Bike - on sale from Get Rxd for Black Friday
Xebex Air Bike – OK, it’s not an Echo bike – but you may actually be able to buy one!

Need a rower? Check out the Xebex model.

Xebex Rower - Might Be in Stock
It’s not a Concept2 – but it’s a Xebex Rower. You may be able to find these in stock, from Get RXd.

Where To Buy Fitness Equipment During The Pandemic Lockdown – In Summary

Black Friday ain’t happening – at least not like it has in years past.

If you want to acquire home or garage gym equipment this fall, your best bet is to keep an eye on the in-stock item pages for the major vendors – and be ready to buy as soon as something comes in stock.

Don’t expect deals and discounts – the manufacturers are working overtime and building new facilities just to keep up with demand.

Kettlebell Kings - Kettlebell Set - The Archdukes
Want Kettlebells? Check kettlebell kings.

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The RML-390C is the colored version of Rogue RML-390BT Power Rack. Like the standard model, this unit is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and updates a classic Westside power cage design with 3x3" 11 Gauge Steel in your choice of 10 custom Rogue semi gloss powdercoats. With an interior depth of 24" or 30", the RML-390C is an all-in-one power rack that can improve the efficiency of a small garage gym or major weight training center. With 0.625" hardware and Westside hole spacing, it also provides an appealing middle ground between the Rogue Monster and Rogue Infinity Series power racks. Easy to set-up and install out the box, this rack comes standard with a pair of Monster Lite J-cups, a pin/pipe safety set, four band pegs, and a 43" Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar.
Rogue Fitness Power Rack

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PR-5000 Power Rack
Rep Fitness has power racks.