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Let’s review the new ISO Arms from Rep Fitness.

The ISO stands for isolateral.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms back lift-crop
What’s an ISO Arm? It’s a device you can attach to your power rack to let you perform isolateral training similar to a strength training machine. Each arm moves independently – which means better balanced training.

ISO Arms give you more exercise options for your home gym or garage gym. It turns your power rack into a versatile strength training machine.

Perhaps even better, these enable isolateral training – you can train each side of your body independently.

That means you can bring up a lagging body part – and avoid training your strong side too much.

Here are some of the options we are going to look at:

ISO Arms ISO Arms - turn your power rack into an isolateral training machine. Each arm moves independently through a 180 degree range of motion.
ISO Arms ISO Arms - with a variety of grip options, and because they are adjustable the Rep ISO Arms add a ton of exercise variations you can do at home.
Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack Need a beefy power rack? The PR-4000 Power Rack and you get 11 gauge, 3" x 3" steel, a 1,000 lb weight rating and a LOT of options for expansion (shown here with MANY additional accessories). This rack is compatible with the ISO Arms.
Rep Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack The PR-5000 Power Rack is the king of the hill in Rep Fitness power rack. Available in 3 heights, with lots of options. This is a commercial quality rack. You can use Rep's ISO Arms with this rack.

ISO Arms – Overview

What’s the Rep Fitness ISO Arm? It’s a set of two levers you can attach to your power rack. Each moves independently through 180 degrees of motion – and has a weight pin and a multi-grip handle.

You can see the basic features of the ISO Arm from these photos – first let’s look at how it attaches to the rack.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms measurement-crop
This schematic shows the basic design and features. Notice that there are several ways to grip (or push) these for maximum versatility.

These attach to the rack using a secure system.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms quarter right upper view half
Showing how the ISO Arms attach to the rack. Notice there is a pin so you can lock these in place up high in two different positions. This makes for a handy way to store them upright and out of the way.
Rep Fitness ISO Arms full view with barbell
Lock them in place for storage out of the way or to do exercises like the L-sit.

These are height adjustable, so you can perform exercises like rows but also overhead exercises like the iso-press.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms front lift
Adjust the arms low to do ISO rows…
Rep Fitness ISO Arms quarter view lift
… or put them up high for overhead exercises like the press. In either case, you are working each arm independently of the other – which means isolateral training.

Notice that you can even PUSH on the handles.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms back lunge
The multi-function handles mean you can do a variety of exercises with these.

Therefore many exercises are possible including belt squats, shoulder and chest presses, hip/glute thrusts (provided you use a leg roller attachment), monolift bench press, twist and press movements, dips, L-sits, pull-ups, banded jumps, and more.

By the way, these ISO arms are compatible with the PR-4000 and PR-5000 power racks. Want to find out more about those? Check out our Rep Fitness Power Racks article.

It is recommended that you have your rack bolted to the floor, or use feet extensions – as shown in most of these photos.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms handle-crop
Rep Fitness ISO Arms – closeup of the handle. Angled grip, straight grip, and you can push on it too.

Another key feature of ISO arms is the built-in eye bolt, which is a great idea. It is perfect to use for belt squats, or when fastened to a chain, you can execute rows with a D-handle.

Here are other main features of ISO arms: – Plastic lining to protect powder coating on your uprights – Two high point secure lock-in positions for extra versatility – Removable and easily adjustable knurled handled – Stainless steel accents – Fit up to seven 45lb iron plates on each arm (which should be PLENTY for the average strength trainee)

Rep Fitness ISO Arms arms store upright position
Rep Fitness ISO Arms arms store upright position

ISO Arms Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the ISO Arms from Rep Fitness.

If you’ve invested in a power rack, why not give yourself even more workout options?

ISO arms can certainly assist you in doing various exercises, particularly if you are looking for new ways to train within a limited space.

This is a good investment any strength trainee can make, especially if you don’t want to go through the hassle of driving to the gym, waiting for equipment, not having enough time, etc.

Looking for more isolateral training options? You might want a functional trainer or cable machine.

Rep Fitness ISO Arms front lift-crop
The design is very low-key and polished with coordinating pins, while the REP logo is prominent on the front. The arms can now be adjusted, giving you endless possibilities. They are assembled with pin and sliding capabilities, which makes them convenient and advantageous to use. The handle improves the arms’ performance when removed, allowing you to perform belt squats, bench press off, or a mixture of other workout moves.

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Rep Fitness ISO Arms bridge
Hip thrusts / Glute thrusts are possible when the arms are mounted low – and provided you use a leg roller attachment. Notice that both bumper plates and bands are being used to provide resistance.

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